Linux Skip login Modify user password

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Linux system default is 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 Boot level

The most common is the level of more than 3 users who can connect to the network

5 Graphical User interface

6 is a reboot, if enabled, will restart automatically when the boot is complete.

1 is a single-user level

What if the configuration is wrong and the boot level is changed to 6? Or did you forget your password?

Don't worry: You can follow the steps below

That is, when Linux starts, the keyboard presses the letter e until it appears

Reference centos6.4

This interface (there may be only one line of information, then click on the e will appear this message)

Then use the up and down keys to select the second line, press E to enter the space and 1

Return to the top of the first step after the picture shows the look

Then press the B keyboard

The system will go into a single-user level boot

This time to start the completion of no need to enter a password to operate Linux, you can use passwd after the user name to modify the corresponding user's password, of course, the root user's password can also be modified

Modify and then modify the boot level in the Vi/etc/ininttab configuration file, change to the usual 3 mode, and then reboot restart, so you bypass the user login to modify the user's password and can be restarted

I use the modified password directly to the Linux system to operate, is not very bad, haha

Once this is done, you will not be able to use the Linux system for others. Unless he will, you changed the password, he changed back, haha, feel good to give a praise oh.

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Linux Skip login Modify user password

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