Linux system Gentoo installation KDE5 how to set up

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Linux system Gentoo installation KDE5 how to set up

Configuration method:

1, add KDE overlay:

Layman-a KDE

Echo-e "-qt5" >>/etc/portage/profile/use.stable.mask

Or add QT5 to the/etc/portage/make.conf use.

2, the lifting of Kde5 mask

Method One: Make soft links in the official wiki:




Method Two: A simple and rude way (not recommended):



Method III: Add the Mask bag to the/etc/portage/package.unmask (note: Modify the parameters according to the actual situation):

cat/var/lib/layman/kde/profiles/package.mask/plasma-5.3.0 >>/etc/portage/package.unmask

cat/var/lib/layman/kde/profiles/package.mask/kde-apps-15.04.0 >>/etc/portage/package.unmask

Sed-i "S/~//g;s/-15.04.0//g;s/-5.9.0//g;s/-5.3.0//g"/etc/portage/package.unmask

I'm using method three.

3. Installation of frameworks and plasma

Emerge @kde-frameworks @kde-plasma

This step is the most troublesome, you will encounter a number of package block or collisions, the use of simple and rough method can be encountered which package has problems to kill it.

Another problem is that Gentoo developers will write KDE5 's ebuild ahead of KDE's official release, such as plasma-5.3.0 now, which needs to be dealt with on its own.

4, the installation of KDE5 components

Now KDE5 application transplant is not complete, some software even the beta version is not, had to be compatible with KDE4, such as kde-apps-14.12.3 in this form of the package appears. The beta software I use currently has (Cat/etc/portage/package.keywords):

=kde-apps/dolphin-9999 * *

=kde-apps/libkonq-5.9999 * *

=kde-apps/kcalc-9999 * *

=kde-apps/ksnapshot-5.9999 * *

=kde-apps/okular-5.9999 * *

=kde-apps/libkexiv2-5.9999 * *

=kde-apps/kmix-5.9999 * *

=kde-apps/ark-5.9999 * *

Where the KDE-APPS/LIBKONQ package is a package supported by the Dolphin Add right menu.

After the package has been added to Package.keywords, the installation is as follows:

Emerge-av =kde-apps/ark-5.9999

5, System tray icon problem

Qt4 program in KDE5 without system tray, need to install SNI-QT this package, such as Qbittorrent software.

GTK program and WINEQQ need to install Wmsystemtray (you need to install Font-misc-misc this font pack) this package to implement the tray, but not to the system tray.

6, KDE5 can not use KDM to guide the desktop environment, install SDDM, replace KDM.

Emerge-av SDDM

7, set Qt5 as the default QT compiler


RM default.conf

Ln-s qt5.conf default.conf

8, Input method, FCITX need to install Gentoo-zh overlay in the FCITX-QT5 this package:

Emerge Fcitx-qt5

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