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Description: I am using the CentOS installation Docker

First step: Install Docker

sudo yum install-y yum-utils

sudo yum-config-manager     --add-repo     Https://

sudo yum install-y-Q--setopt=obsoletes=0 docker-ce-17.09.1.ce* docker-ce-selinux-17.09.1.ce*

sudo systemctl enable Docker
sudo systemctl start docker
sudo service docker status

Note: This is what I have installed before, so the system does not need to update most of the things.

If you want to install the other version of Linux Docker, you can go to this site to look at the installation command:

Https:// Click on the Open link

Step Two: Configure the Docker accelerator

Under Daocloud (URL for register an account, pull down to the end and click on the accelerator

Copy the code for this configuration accelerator and run

Step Three: Install the Ubuntu system on the Docker

Docker search Ubuntu See what versions of Ubuntu mirrors

Docker search Ubuntu

I use Docker pull Ubuntu to download the first one directly in:

Docker images view downloaded Docker mirrors:

Docker Run-tid--name ubuntu-p 23:22 ubuntu: Name the new Docker as Ubuntu and map to Port 23

NETSTAT-APNL | grep 23 See if Port 23 is open

You can see that port 23 is open.

Docker Exec-ti Ubuntu/bin/bash into the Docker Ubuntu (or use dockerrun-i-t ubuntu/bin/bash), and then modifies the root password through the passwd command.

Fourth step: with SSH login docker container apt install-y vim Install (update) VIM

Because appear unable to locate package, so want to update the source.

Then install OPENSSH-SERVER:APT install-y openssh-server

After successful installation, Vim/etc/ssh/sshd_config, modify the following configuration, so that you can directly use root login: 1 To add permitrootlogin Yes

I'll comment on the sentence above and add permitrootlogin Yes.

2) Add Usepam No

Start SSH services, service Sshstart

Exit Docker, enter Docker Ps-a, and view the Docker ID

Open a new terminal and enter Docker via SSH root@ 23:

Or directly configure a new session in Xshell, add the port number we set before (23), login to enter also.

Remind: I use the server is Aliyun, Aliyun a lot of port default is not open, I set the 23 port also did not open, note to the Aliyun console open, or SSH will not go in.

Step Fifth: We can also store this Ubuntu image:

Using sudo docker save-o ubuntu will be stored in the current directory.

And then on any one of the machines to load mirror like:

Sixth Step: If we do not like the existing mirror, we can also delete:

To view the ID of the installation container

Turn off the Docker container before removing it:

Then delete: Docker RM + installation Container ID

You can see that there is no container at work, so now it is not up.

At this point, the Linux system installs Docker and uses SSH login Docker container configuration complete.

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