Linux System Partitioning

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1, Disk partitioning

Disk partitioning is a few logical parts of a disk that are partitioned using the partition editor

Partition type

Primary partition: Can only have up to 4

Extended partition: Up to 1, primary partition and extended partition can only have up to 4, the extended partition cannot write data, can only contain Logitech partition

Logical Partitioning

2. Formatting

Formatting refers to the user-selected file system (FAT32,NTFS,EXT3,EXT4, etc.), in a specific area of the disk to write specific data, in the partition for the file allocation table, directory table, etc. for file management disk space

Writing to the file system divides the entire partition into equal-sized chunks of data, creating a File information table (I node, permissions, modification time) in the partition list. The data must be purged before writing to the file system, which was previously thought to be simply emptying the data, and now knows that emptying is just a matter of formatting to write to the filesystem.

3, Hardware Device file name


Device file name

IDE Hard disk /DEV/HD[A-D]
Drive /dev/cdrom or/DEV/HDC
Floppy disk /DEV/FD[0-1]
Printer (25-pin) /DEV/LP[0-2]
Printer (USB) /DEV/USB/LP[0-15]
Mouse /dev/mouse

Partition Device file name

* Device file name



4, Mount

* Must be partitioned

/root Partition

Swap partition, twice times below 8G, 1 time times more than 8G of the remaining

Recommended partitioning

/boot boot partition, 200MB

File system Structure


Linux System Partitioning

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