Linux test environment Deployment related commands and procedures

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First, manually deploy the test environment:1, Login 172. Xx. Xx. XX Server (pull the latest code) 2, and then enter the cd/xxx/xxx/xxxx hit enter, enter the corresponding module 3, and then enter the SVN up or svn upadte hit enter 4, and then enter LL or LS to hit enter 5, and then enter the corresponding XXX module and the XXX module path The polygon has a corresponding subdirectory (cd XXX module) 6, then enter LL or LS to hit enter 7, for example we want to deploy A, enter LITTLEC-XXX/LITTLEC-ACD littlec-xxx/littlec-a/hit enter 8, Note: If a module does not give the deployment script permission to execute the command to the corresponding module, enter the +x with a space before entering chmod +x hit enter 9, giving the deployment script execute permission after the input./ test-s 172.XX. Xx. XX hit enter key (IP address to deploy to that server) 10, note: Web project deployment, intermediate-e test-s need to remove 11, column such as: We want to deploy Emsweb module (Web Engineering module end with Web is Web Engineering) into the corresponding module path, execute. 172.XX. Xx. XX hit enter key (IP address corresponding to the deployment to that server) second, server fallback deployment1. Find the version cd/xx/littlec/xxx (corresponding module) to be rolled back/backup find the tar package (e.g. Littlec-a-1808282103556.tar) to be rolled back 2, enter the corresponding project directory cd/xxx/xxx/ XXX (corresponding module) 3, copy the corresponding package name CP/XXX/XXX/XXX/BACKUP/LITTLEC-XXX-180828103556.TAR/XXX/XXX/XXX/LITTLEC-A-1808228103556.TAR4 , unzip the TAR package Tar-xvf/xxx/xxx/xxx/littlec-a-1808282103556.tar/cmcc/littlec/xxx/publish (Unzip folder) 5, restart the service into the Publish directory CD CD/ Xxx/xxx/xxx/publish executes the command./ restart restart third, remove the module that has been deployed to the server "careful operation check the correct after the deletion"1, operation steps: Cd/xxx/xxx hit enter 2, then enter LL or LS to hit enter 3, and then enter RM-RF corresponding module name (for example: RM-RF A) Iv. Kill the corresponding process ID in the serverCommand: kill-9 6784 explanation: Kill Kill-9 means force 6784 for the corresponding process ID v. Discontinuation of servicesadvanced to the Publish directory of the corresponding module in the server cd/xxx/xxx/filter/publish./ stop Vi. SearchCommand: PS-EF | grep Tom explained: Ps-ef View process grep filter Tom contains characters tomcat contains Tom Seven, start and stop Nginx (on XX server)After the connection XX server Direct input command, as follows: 1, stop/usr/local/nginx/sbin/nginx-s stop2, start/usr/local/nginx/sbin/nginx-c/usr/local/nginx/conf/ Nginx.conf

Linux test environment Deployment related commands and procedures

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