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First, using the Memcache top script memcache-top is a Perl-written command-line gadget for real-time access to memcached cache server details, such as cache hit ratio. To the official website to download the script, put in the user directory, directly run.  /home/nihaoya/memcache-top  instance                 usage   hit%   conn    time     evict/s read/s  write/s10.50.11.5:11211        88.8%    69.6%   1123    1.9ms   0.3     13.1k   36.2K        88.7%   69.6%   1175    0.6ms   0.3     12.4k   28.1k        88.8%   69.4%   1148     0.7ms   0.0     16.6k   32.1k         89.3%   81.5%   1460    0.7ms   0.3      17.7k   204.0k        89.4%   69.3%   1174    0.6ms   1.0     28.9k    63.5k        89.3%   69.4%    1158    0.7ms   0.7     166.3k  194.4K        89.3%   71.8%   1472     0.8ms   0.0     37.3k   59.2k         89.4%   69.3%   1143    0.7ms    0.7     44.9k   35.4k      & NBsp; 89.3%   84.5%   1371    0.7ms   0.7      49.0K   187.2k        30.2%   76.3%   259     0.7ms   0.0     243      999        19.2%   60.3%   261     0.7ms   0.0     40       801        17.5%    16.9%   235     0.6ms   0.0     70       600      average:                 72.4%   67.3%   998     0.8ms   0.3     32.2k   70.2k    total:                   23.4GB           11.7k   9.2ms   4.0     386.4k   842.3k   Second, use Telnet mode, can only view a node  [[email protected] ~]# telnet 11211 trying connected to escape character is ' ^] '.  stats stat pid 22362   & Nbsp;//memcache server's process ID   stat uptime 1469315    //The number of seconds the server has been running  STAT Time 1339671194    //Server current UNIX timestamp  stat version 1.4.9    //memcache release  stat Libevent 1.4.9-stable    //libevent version  stat pointer_size The current operating system pointer size (32-bit system is generally 32bit,64 is a 64-bit operating system)  stat Rusage_user 3695.485200    //Process Cumulative User Time  staT Rusage_system 14751.273465    //Process Cumulative system time  stat curr_connections The number of items currently stored by the server  stat total_connections 855430    //The total number of items stored since the server was started  stat Connection_ Structures    //Number of connection constructs allocated by server  stat Reserved_fds    // stat cmd_get 328806688    //get Command (GET) total number of requests  stat cmd_set 75441133    //set Command (SAVE) total requests   stat cmd_flush    //flush command request number  stat Cmd_touch 0    // Touch Command Requests  stat get_hits 253547177    //Total Hits  stat get_misses 75259511    / /total number of misses  stat delete_misses 4    //delete command misses  stat delete_hits 565730    / /delete command hit Count  stat incr_misses 0    //incr command misses  stat incr_hits 0    // INCR command hit Count  stat decr_misses 0    //decr command misses  stat decr_hits 0     //DECR command hit Count  stat cas_misses 0    //cas command misses  stat cas_hits 0         //cas command hit Count  stat cas_badval 0    //Use wipe count  stat touch_hits 0    //touch command misses  stat touch_misses 0    //touch command hit count  stat Auth_cmds 0    //Authentication command processing number of times  stat auth_errors 0    //authentication failures  stat Bytes_read 545701515844        //Total Bytes read (request bytes)  stat Bytes_written 1649639749866     //Total Bytes sent (bytes of result)  stat limit_maxbytes 2147483648        // Memory size allocated to Memcache (bytes)  stat Accepting_conns 1            Whether the  //server has reached the maximum connection (0/1)  stat listen_disabled_num 0    //The number of failed listeners  stat Threads 4         //Current number of threads  stat conn_yields    //Connection Operation active Discard number  stat hash _Power_level    // stat hash_bytes 524288 stat hash_is_expanding 0 STAT expired_ unfetched 30705763 stat evicted_unfetched 0 stat bytes 61380700    //Current storage consumption of bytes  stat Curr_items 28786    //The total number of data currently stored  stat total_items 75441133    //total data stored since startup   STAT Evictions 0    //The number of items deleted for free memory (the space allocated to memcache needs to be removed after the old items are allocated to the new items)  stat Reclaimed 39957976    //An expired data entry to store the number of new data  END  exit: Quit or CTRL +] and then press Q on the line.   Install Telenet method  1, yum install Telnet-server server  2, yum install telnet client  3, vi/etc/xinetd.d/telnet  service Telnet{       flags               = Reuse       socket_type      = Stream              wait  & nbsp;      = No       user         = Root       server              =/usr/sbin/in.telnetd       log_on_failure       += userid       disable            = yes}  Changes the Disable item from Yes to No.   4,/etc/init.d/xinetd restart   Other ways:   pre-project, Linux under memcached start/End Way    By default, memcached is installed under/usr/local/bin.    Enter the installation directory, start memcached:/usr/local/memcached/bin/memcached-d-c 10240-m 1024-u root   get running Status: Echo Stats | NC localhost 11211 (can view PID) or use Ps-ef|grep memcached    stop memcached:kill-9 pid   (-9 means forced kill, PID The process identifier for the process   -d option is to start a daemon,  -m is allocated to memcache using the amount of memory, in megabytes, here is 1024MB, the default is 64mb -u is run mEmcache user, here is Root -l is listening server IP address, default should be native  -p is set memcache listening port, default is 11211, preferably more than 1024 port  -c option is the maximum number of concurrent connections to run, the default is 1024, here set 10240, according to the load of your server set  -P is set to save memcache PID file location  -h printing Help information  -v output warning and error message  -VV Print client request and return information  ps-ef|grep memcached (command description)   grep: Function Description: Find the string that matches the criteria in the file.  |: Pipeline command operator  PS (process status): Function Description: Report the status of the program.   Connect to memcached: telnet IP ports, such as Telnet 11211 stats view status, Flush_all: Clear Cache    To view the basic commands for the memcached status, this command allows you to see the following information:  stat PID 22459                                Process Id stat uptime 1027046                          server running seconds  stat time 1273043062                         Server current UNIX timestamp  stat version 1.4.4                           Server version  stat Pointer_size                         OS Word size (this server is 64-bit)  stat Rusage_user 0.040000                    process Cumulative User Time  stat Rusage_system 0.260000                 Process Cumulative system time  stat curr_connections                     Current number of open connections  stat total_connections-                   Total connections opened  stat connection_structures                number of connection structures allocated by the server  stat cmd_get                               Execute get Command total  stat cmd_set                               total number of execute SET commands  stat Cmd_flush 3                             points to the total number of FLUSH_ALL commands  stat get_hits 9                             get hit count  stat get_misses                           get number of misses  stat delete_misses 5                        delete number of misses  stat delete_hits 1                           delete hit Count  stat incr_misses 0                          INCR Number of Misses  stat incr_hits 0                            INCR hit Count  stat decr_misses 0                           DECR number of misses  stat decr_hits 0                             DECR hit Count  stat Cas_misses 0                           cas number of misses  stat cas_hits 0                              cas hit Count  stat cas_badval 0                            Use wiping times  stat auth_cmds 0 stat auth_errors 0 stat bytes_read 15785        & nbsp;              Read Bytes Total  stat bytes_ Written 15222                     Writing wordsTotal nodes  stat limit_maxbytes 1048576                  amount of memory allocated (bytes)  stat Accepting_conns 1                       number of links currently accepted  stat Listen_disabled_num 0                  stat Threads 4                                thread Count  stat conn_yields 0 stat bytes 0                                  Store Item bytes  stat Curr_items 0                         &nbSp;  item number  stat Total_items             Total             item  stat Evictions 0                              to get the space to delete the total of item   Another example: Start/End  memcached-d-M 10-u root-l -P 11200-c 256-p/tmp/ -d option is to start a daemon,  -m is allocated to memcache using the amount of memory, in megabytes, here is 10mb -u Is the user running memcache, here is Root -l is the server IP address of the listener, if there are more than one address, here specify the IP address of the server -p is set memcache listening port, Here set 12000, preferably more than 1024 port  -c option is the maximum number of concurrent connections, the default is 1024, here set 256, according to the load of your server to set  -P is set to save memcache PID file   Kill ' Cat/tmp/ '   get run status  echo stats | NC 11200 watch "echo Stats | NC 11200 "(real-time status)

Linux View memcached status

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