Linux-virtualbox System Installation

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installation process

1 Click New

2 Memory size General 512M can

3 According to the default hard disk space size 8G

4 Select the first VDI

5 Select the fixed size, the system runs fast, high efficiency

6 Save File location

7 After successful creation, click Settings, remove the floppy drive and let the CD drive start first

8 Join CentOS

9 Boot The System (note that the mouse toggle is the lower-right corner of the CTRL key)

10 choose Skip, not to detect all aspects of computer resources, so speed can be fast

11 Choose Simplified Chinese (English, please help yourself >_<!!!! )

12 Select the American keyboard to

13 The device partition table cannot be read because it is not partitioned, it is normal to select Yes

14 Choose to build your own custom partition structure

15 File Type description

16 Create a Swap partition first

17 Create EXT3, all hard disk space allocated to it


19 or next?

20 network devices do not activate first

21 Choose Shanghai (no Beijing ...) )

22 Enter the Administrator account number and password


24 wait for installation to complete

Linux-virtualbox System Installation

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