List of bugs fixed in SQL Server 2000 Service Pack 4

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314128 FIX: When an RPC call is performed, Access with conflicting values includes an invalid parameter value of one position. 317989 FIX: Sqlakw32.dll may be damaged. SQL statement 319477 FIX: A very large number of user table AWE systems may cause BPool: Map error 328551 used to FIX the tempdb database: Concurrent enhancement function 331885 fixed: update/delete statements will fail, error: 1203 page lock during upgrade 331965 FIX: xp_readmail of the extended storage process overwrites the existing attachment 331968 FIX: xp_readmail and xp_findnextmsg extended storage process unread mail receipt time sequence 332004 FIX: SQL Server scalability may be limited if AWE is enabled, then 891719 FIX: You can execute sorting or CREATE IN when receiving 17803 error messages DEX has several GB of physical RAM, and the 2000 FIX operation on the SQL Server 810026 COMPUTER: the use of the self-join DELETE statement may fail, and you receive the 625 error 810052 when the FIX: a memory leak occurs when the cursor is opened during connection 810072 FIX: merge replication mediation program Stack Overflow 810140 FIX: DECLARE statement Binary Large Object (text/ntext/image) 810163 FIX: an access conflict occurs. If a sp_cursoropen call references an undefined parameter 810526 FIX: A cursor with a long lifetime may cause memory fragmentation 810688 FIX: the Merge Agent can resend the changes made to the filtered release 810920 FIX: when the JOIN query of the trigger involving the inserted or deleted table may return inconsistent results 811052 FIX: When the latch times out 845 The message is used to compress a database or file. 811188 FIX: When the merge replication agent stops responding, use the custom conflict resolution program to execute the merge replication between the SQL Server database and the SQL Server CE database. 811205 FIX: one time, an error message is displayed to perform database or file contraction. 811467 FIX: Unicode LIKE predicates using binary sorting rules may return incorrect results. 811476 error: rollback failed, errors 3314 and 9001 if multiple connections registered in the same transaction 811611 FIX: possible data loss for the Reinitialized SQL Server CE 2.0 subscriber and the inability to converge the 811703 slave part Conversion Based on the aggregation FIX: unexpected results 812250 FIX: an indexed view may cause a processed access conflict. CIndex: SetLevel1Names812393 FIX: UPDATE or DELETE statement fails. The row lock UPDATE 1203 FIX is incorrect during the 812798 period: the union all view may not use indexes. If you delete the partition 812995 FIX during compilation: the query using the aggregate function may fail. 3628 error 813146 FIX: run the UPDATE Statement on the partition column of the partitioned View The scan 813412 FIX: xp_readmail for each partition table may be executed. return NULL in the attachment column if the attachment type is mail format 813494 FIX: Distribution agent failed, the error message "Violation of primary key constraints" 813524 FIX: ole db Conversion error may cause a value of the original string type, this value represents A column of date and time data 813759 FIX: A large number of join column NULL value causes query speed to slow down performance 813769 FIX: when debugging the SQL Server service, you may encounter performance reduction by 813779. FIX: DML operations on large tables may cause performance problems by 814032. FIX: merged publications cannot be synchronized to SQL Server 2000 Service Pack 3814035 FIX: after A full-text filling fails, SQL Server 2000 Service Pack 3814113 FIX: the DTS designer may produce After an access conflict occurs, Install SQL Server 2000 Service Pack 3814460 FIX: After the combined replication with the standby synchronization partner fails, change the 814509 FIX during the retention period: parallel queries with COUNT Aggregate functions may return unexpected results. 814654 FIX: the error may be recorded in the error log on April 9, 1203, or the SQL Server 2000 instance is disconnected after the transaction is committed. 814665 FIX: SQL Server assertion: "nret = FALSE" when you insert or update table data in SQL Server 2000, 814889 will occur. Fix: The join and A DELETE statement may fail, in addition, you receive the 625 error 814893 FIX: error message: "insufficient key column information updates" 2000 FIX in SQL Server 814894 SP3: the stored procedure of xp_readmail only saves the embedded attachments of text. Program (for filtered releases, it may fail. FIX: 814919 FIX: If no message is displayed, the system administrator will log on to the SQL Server Enterprise Manager and set the password to null. 814950 FIX: when a computer may transmit unencrypted data, the client enables the encryption option to use the multi-protocol network library 814997 FIX: header information may not contain 815056 FIX when the query parameter has a COMPUTE clause: the Checkpoint Process of can delay SQL Server database activity, and cannot correctly cause the wrong Scheduler: 17883 occurrence 815057 FIX: SQL Server 2000 uninstall option will not delete all files 815114 FIX: memory consumption of the Optimizer may be generated. For queries with multiple external connections, 815115 FIX: an error message generated by ignoring RAISERROR using global variables in a DTS package 815199 FIX: the event probe does not report the value of the CPU column as RPC: The Event 815249 FIX is correctly completed: The SQL Server instance that restarts after the query performance on the SQL Server SP3 database in the client program is slow: 815476 FIX: when the xp_sendmail and query parameters contain the COMPUTE clause, 815592 is used as the Sub-SELECT function SQL Server 2000 Service Pack 3. The FIX of a predicate after upgrade: Incorrect remote processing 815593 FIX: incorrect base estimation EXISTS predicates do not upgrade to SQL Server 2000 Service Pack 3 after 816039 FIX: Code point comparison semantics SQL _Latin1_General_Cp850_BIN sorting rule 816069 FIX: A query with a large IN clause may cause concurrency problems. 816084 FIX: after running the dbcc dbreindex statement, sysindexes may be damaged. sta Tblob column 816440 FIX: When error 8623 occurs, SQL Server is triggered to compile a complex query. 816503 FIX: floating the query of the histogram to be merged may encounter an exception (error 3628). 816780 FIX: failed to merge agent because index view-defined Article 816834 FIX: Osql.exe may not run batch processing fast other ODBC-based application 816840 FIX: error 17883 may display incorrect message text 816883 FIX: SQL Server Optimizer may underestimate the base number of range queries 816937 FIX: when a memory leak may occur, you must call the COM Object method. Use sp_OAMethod Stored Procedure 816985 FIX: you cannot install SQL Server 2000 SP3817081 on SQL Server 2000 of the Korean version. FIX: when you receive an error message, you can import the data to SQL Se. Rver tables use SQL-DMO BulkCopy object 817186 FIX: a query that can perform join operations between multiple tables may return incorrect results 817262 FIX: complex queries may not create an execution plan 817263 FIX: The SELECT statement on the view may not return a qualified row 817359 FIX: an access conflict, an nText column may run INSERT statement 817368 FIX: One INSERT or UPDATE. The page split result may fail. Error 818817464 FIX: Use the Merge Agent in Sp_executesql to operate 817709 FIX: SQL Server 2000 may produce incorrect external join 817780 FIX for base estimation: a complex query is not successful on a Server with more than 2 GB of memory. 818079 FIX: the SQL event probe is incorrect. The TextData value is displayed at runtime. The stored procedure uses the remote procedure to call 818095 FIX: the cursor plan will not delete the virtual memory used up from the cache. More than 818096 extended disk lock timeouts may occur during the extended disk partition allocation when the FIX: 818097 FIX: an access conflict occurs, the query on the virtual table DBCC DBREINDEX818188 FIX: sysmembers may fail, and the stack overflow 818335 FIX may occur: A query may run slowly if a query contains a multi-table join, one of which is view 818388 FIX: embedding a TRANSACT-SQL statement in the database name run with system administrator privileges 818414 FIX: the Sqldumper.exe file does not generate a userdump file. For Windows service runtime, The 818540 FIX: When the SQL Server Enterprise Manager unexpectedly exits, modify DTS package 818729 FIX: Internal query processor error 8623 When Microsoft SQL Server tries to compile a complex query plan, 818766 intensive SQL Server activities generate a spinloop and wait for FIX: 818767 when transaction logs stop, the log records the FIX of the database: improved CPU usage 818768 FIX: unable to set a specific network relationship for the SQL Server instance 818769 FIX: trace flag-T8002 process similarity like an affinity mask 818772 FIX: failed to set network similarity instance 2000 FIX for SQL Server 818806 Service Pack 3: Disable the named pipe protocol 818897 FIX after some named pipes are disabled: invalid TDS is sent to SQL Server, causing access conflict 818899 FIX: error message 3628 may run a complex query 819100 when SQL Server 2000 SP3a is installed Level MDAC Cliconfg. * file 819248 FIX: if an access conflict exception occurs, the 2000 FIX is inserted in the table referenced by the index view in SQL Server 819662: the distribution purge agent mistakenly clears entries. Anonymous subscription Server 819829 FIX: when you run a program or Web browser script to run a stored procedure that uses the Command object on the SQL Server ADO programming interface, you may receive the "EXECUTE Permission object" in SQL Server 2000... "error message 819955 FIX: using the xp_sendmail COMPUTE clause will cause access conflict 820727 FIX: A long-running cursor extraction may cause assertion failure when attempting to access the SQL Server 2000 database from the application 820835 FIX: it may take a long time for SQL Server to recover 820837 after a sudden or unexpected Server is shut down. FIX: The allocation cache mechanism enables faster allocation of pages to objects 821280 SQL Server 2000 64-bit: ms03-031 security patch 821334 FIX: issues addressed in SQL Server 2000 generate 8.00.0859821337 FIX: the localized version of the SQL mail and Web Assistant wizard may not work as expected in SQL Server 2000 64-bit 821535 FIX: merging and copying failed. Error 207 821537 FIX: A deadlock condition may occur when SQL Server 2000 performs the UPDATE operation or the remote OLE DB Provider performs the delete operation 821548 FIX: A parallel query may cause access conflicts. After installing SQL Server 2000 SP3, The 821688 FIX: Query filtering conditions with the LEFT OUTER JOIN clause may cause incorrect row counts. Estimated query execution plan 82 1740 ms dtc transaction commit operation stop itself FIX: 821741 in DeadlockMonitor: ResolveDeadlock FIX: Lock monitor exception 821806 FIX: SQL Server may generate incorrect SQL scripts with table constraints. The 822033 FIX is used in enterprise manager to generate SQL script options: A parameterized stored procedure returns incorrect internal results for the UNION query 822641 added to the diagnosis SQL Server for A long time running or canceled database auto-growth operations for other diagnostic programs 822668 patch: "When the connection is busy with the result of another command, an error message is displayed on the server running the link. 822746 when the union operation and the FIX of variables or parameters are used in a parallel query: incorrect result 822747 FIX: Error 644 or 8646, an update 822757 FIX may appear for a DELETE statement or for a table containing a Unicode column with Latin1_General_BIN sorting rule: insert selection commands with OPENXML and SQL _VARIANT types may cause errors. 2537823429 when you receive the error message, you can use the Distributed Query as the query parameter xp_sendmail stored procedure or sp_makewebtask stored procedure in SQL Server 2000 7410 FIX: 823455 FIX: When Visual Basic causes a syntax error, you attempt to compile and save the file 823514 FIX: Generate 8.00.0837: the query containing the relevant subquery is slow. 823877 FIX: when an access conflict occurs, 32,000 FIX may occur when you run a query that contains 824018 OR more OR clauses: a parallel query that uses a column of an index may return incorrect results 824027 FIX: A parameter of a large object and a cursor may cause access conflicts. CStmtCond: XretExecute on 824028 FIX: A reverse hash role followed by a spill will result in an OUTER or $ semi-trailer JOIN query may return incorrect results 824227 FIX: a select statement containing the values of the computed column and invalid filter conditions may cause access conflicts. 824430 FIX: performance degradation. As you back up the files in SQL Server 2000, 825019 FIX: the connection to the Server Query failed. The error message "[statement] may not be" in the prepared SQL Server 2000825025 cannot be copied to the Publishing Server and a duplicate re-Publishing Server to synchronize the FIX: 825042 FIX: the non-system administrator user SQL Server job may not be started. 825043 FIX: When a row is accidentally deleted, the Server table 825045 FIX of the link is deleted or updated when a distributed query is run: it takes a long time to merge the agent program. It will download the new data 825197 FIX when running on the new anonymous subscription: you receive error 3624 and mark the user database as suspicious SQL Server 2000 after performing the large-capacity insert operation 825225 FIX: when you receive an error message, you run the parallel query and use the aggregate function or the group by clause 825854 FIX: no exclusive lock. If the DisAllowsPageLocks value is set to true825883 FIX: SP: stmtStarting event and SP: StmtCompleted event TextData this column displays dynamic TRANSACT-SQL statements, even if the encrypted Stored Procedure 825884 appears during the encrypted stored procedure of the query execution plan: the dynamic query statement 826080 FIX: SQL Server 2000 Protocol encryption applies to JDBC client 826161 FIX: after your password is confirmed, you are prompted to change the standard SQL Server login 826364 FIX: use Hungarian SQL Server sorting rule 826376 FIX when comparing a query with LIKE to lead to an unoptimal query plan: When an access conflict occurs, you may be able to delete all elements cached from the linked server through an interrupted Remote Access Connection 826433 added to the detected I/O problems PRB: other SQL Server diagnostics 826754 FIX: a deadlock occurs. If you run an explicit update statistics command 826815 FIX: when you receive the 8623 error message, SQL Server, when you try to run a query with multiple related subqueries 826822 FIX: db_accessadmin fixed database role members can create dbo special user alias 826860 FIX: the linked server query may return NULL if it executes the 827175 FIX: Incorrect Parameter number through the keyset cursor, the custom stored procedure is generated with the sp_scriptpublicationcustomprocs Stored Procedure 827178 FIX: when you run concurrent transactions on the stack, you may receive a 644 error message 827714 FIX: a query may fail, and when you retail the assertions, use the NOLOCK prompt or uncommitted read isolation level 827954 FIX: when the execution time is slow, you may run the DML statement 828096 FIX on the table with cascading reference Integrity: keep the key lock 828269 FIX until the statement that does not pass the filtering condition row ends: A view-based TRANSACT-SQL query may be intended for foreign failures in SQL Server 2000 SP3 with the 828308 FIX: When you access metadata information by using dts SQL Server Enterprise Manager, 828637 FIX occurs when an Internet Explorer Script Error occurs: You can control the compensated change process and run DBCC UPDATEUSAGE828945 FIX on the database with multiple objects in the case of an access conflict in the merged copy 828699 FIX: you cannot use the SQLBulkOperations function or the SQLSetPos ODBC function to insert SQL Server 2000829183 FIX in the ID column of the SQL Server table explicitly: in the xp_sendmail extended storage process, an incorrect result set column width is returned. The data in a result set column contains the DBCS character SQL Server 2000 when 829205 FIX: the query performance may be slow, IN addition, when you run a query, while another query that contains many IN operators may be inconsistent during compilation, 829386 FIX: if you do not run $ Server service, you cannot install MSDE 2000829444 FIX: an exception occurs during the query optimization of A floating point. 830262 FIX: unconditional updates may not lock the new key value. 830298 FIX: SQL Server 2000 SP3 may generate A slow query plan and A poor base estimate. 830366 FIX: when a security update ms03-031 is installed in SQL Server 2000 during access, a large number of locally shared memory connections will occur after the 830375 FIX: global variable @ ERROR might be incorrect, A remote process call 830382 FIX will be returned: distributed queries may mistakenly use SQL Server to start account permissions. When running in fiber mode, SQL Server830395 FIX: an access conflict occurs. during compilation, if the table contains the statistical information of the calculated columns, 830466 FIX: when you run a TRANSACT-SQL SELECT statement on a view that has many subqueries in SQL Server 2000, you may receive an "Internal SQL Server error" error message 830588 when you trace a key set by using the SQL event Probe driven cursor FIX: access conflict 830596 FIX: You can receive an error message. 830767 FIX: When the xp_logininfo extended storage process is running: the SQL query analyzer may close the query window or open the file 830773 FIX: when receiving the prediction_access_violation error message, you can try to save the 2000 FIX of the DTS package in SQL Server 830860: the performance of computers running SQL Server 2000 reduces the query execution plan for temporary tables and keeps the 830887 FIX during high-speed cache: some external connections on the left and a query filtered by is null run more slowly Install SQL Server 2000 SP3 FIX after 830912 FIX: from the dynamic attribute task. the key names read in the ini file may be truncated. 831302 FIX: SQL Server can underestimate the base number and query performance of the query expression. 831675 FIX: when you run a query that contains the union all operator, a TOP clause, and an order by clause, you may get an incorrect result 831950 FIX: you receive error message 3456 when you try to apply the transaction log 831997 FIX to the Server: An invalid cursor status occurs after the application patch 8.00.0859 or later. SQL Server 2000831999 FIX: an AWE system can use more memory for sorting or hashing than the non-AWE System 2000 FIX in SQL Server 832437: after a checkdb statement report is corrupted, SQL Server transfers the data in SQL _variant SQL Server 2000 with the 832977 FIX: dbcc pss command, which may cause access conflicts and errors. 17805 SQL Server 2000833045 FIX: xp_sendmail of the extended stored procedure fails to run in SQL Server 2000 SP2 or later version 833406 FIX: The base value of the text outside the histogram area is estimated to be very low 833547 FIX: restoring SQL Server 7.0 Service Pack 3 (SP3) in SQL Server 2000 database backup may cause an asserted error Xdes. 833710 FIX in cpp file: When you receive an error message, you try to restore the database backup across multiple devices 834290 FIX: when receiving error 644, you can run an UPDATE statement and set the isolation level to uncommitted read. 834451 FIX: it takes a longer time to restore the transaction log file than expected in SQL Server 2000. 834453 FIX: the Snapshot agent after you change the schema of the basic table of the publication may fail. 834688 FIX: if you query functions, derived tables, and connections that contain user-defined functions, you may receive a 913 error message. 834720 FIX: errors in Remote Procedure Calls do not roll back local operations. 834798 FIX: if many users attempt to log on to SQL Server when trying to start SQL Server, SQL Server 2000834923 FIX: SQL Server cluster resources may be marked as failed attempts to make it offline with the 835864 FIX: intermittent query bottleneck and corresponding high CPU usage 836096 FIX: when you run a query plan query with a nested loop join policy, you may receive a 625 error message 836136 FIX: for SQL Server SP3 version 836141 with a query that uses at least an external join, the Compilation Time may be greater: When an access conflict exception occurs, SQL Server may run multiple parallel query processing operations on a multi-processor computer 836839 FIX: the extended storage process in SQL Server 2000 may take longer to run the extended storage process for multiple users at the same time. 837231 FIX: After you add or remove a column of published projects, the distribution agent may fail. 837401 FIX: The bulk insert command is used to INSERT row 837890 FIX when the row is not successfully inserted into the table: the CPU column in The sysprocesses system table contains a negative value or an exception variant of some processes 837957 FIX: when you perform an operation with a large iteration using the TRANSACT-SQL cursor variable, memory leakage may occur in SQL Server 2000837969 FIX: You may receive access conflict CRowsetTraceData: FGetNextRow function 837970 FIX: when you run the dbcc checkconstraints TRANSACT-SQL statement on a table in SQL Server 2000, you may receive the "invalid object name" error message 838409 FIX: SQL Server 2000 Service Pack 1 (SP1) and later versions may not generate a query execution plan. You will receive the error message 8623838459 FIX: You may receive a BPool when creating or using the enable de facto configuration option to regenerate the index :: map warning 838460 FIX: The xp_logininfo process may fail. When an error or a later version 8198 FIX occurs after Q825042 is installed on SQL Server 8.00.0840 839096 or any patch is installed, the SQL Server of several instances may once collect performance data using PDH api839280 FIX: SQL debugging does not work in Visual after installing Windows XP Service Pack 2 with 839458 FIX: an access conflict exception may occur when you try to import data in batches and insert data 839523 FIX in the table with SQL Server: an access conflict exception may result in a text bar update using SQL Server 2000 stored procedures 839529 FIX: 8621 error may cause SQL Server 2000 64-bit accidental closure 839589 FIX: thread priority 839688 for some threads in parallel query: the RPC event truncation event of the event probe has 16 characters for A text data type parameter 839884 FIX: A System. when an ExecutionEngineException occurs, you try to access the DTS DynamicPropertiesTaskAssignments set 840166 FIX: When dynamic snapshots are used for merged releases in SQL Server 2000, the dynamic snapshot agent may fail 840208 FIX: when you receive the error message "message 8649", SQL Server 2000 Service Pack 3 (SP3) executes the DBCC CHECKDB statement 840406 FIX: queries added to a view may run slowly. If the view contains an external join 840856 FIX: MSSQLServer Service unexpectedly exits SQL Server 2000 Service Pack 3841401 FIX: you may find that SQL Server 2000 does not have the correct value of the active transaction counter when multiple transaction records are executed on the instance running on the SMP computer. 841404 FIX: you may receive an error message when a query processor fails to generate a query plan. In the error message, SQL Server runs a query 841627 FIX that contains multiple subqueries using a self-join: SQL Server 2000 may underestimate the base 841776 FIX of the query expression in some cases: other diagnostic programs have been added to SQL Server 2000 to detect unreported read operations failed 843263 FIX: when you try to run a complex query on an SQL Server instance, you may receive the 8623 error message 843266 FIX: the shared page lock ends until the transaction ends and may cause blocking or performance problems. SQL Server 2000 Service Pack 3 (SP3) 843267 FIX: dynamic cursors retrieve the same value when two times in the same row update non-clustered index key 843282 FIX: The Osql.exe utility does not run a TRANSACT-SQL script if you start the program from a remote session, by using the background service, and then deregistering the console session 843534 FIX: You may receive the 3628 error SQL Server 2000 when querying many items with an IN clause: the stored procedure is incorrectly extended. The @ date_received parameter in xp_readmail returns the sender 2000 FIX in SQL Server 867878 submitted by email of the date and time: the Log Reader Agent program of may cause the 17883 error message. The 867879 merged copy cannot converge and the SQL Server CE subscribers FIX: 867880 the Merge Agent may fail with the error message "invalid characters in the forced conversion specification" FIX: 870972 FIX: when the trigger execution plan is re-compiled, the performance of the DML operation that triggers the trigger may be reduced by 870994. FIX: When an access conflict exception occurs, when a query is run, the following error occurs: a checkdb statement reports A 2537 corruption error. After SQL Server transfers data to the SQL _variant column 2000 FIX: in SQL Server 872843, the Log Reader Agent may fail, and you receive the asserted error message 873446 FIX: When an access conflict exception occurs, multiple users may attempt to modify data, at the same time, to trigger reference of a deleted or inserted Table SQL Server 2000 running SMP machine trigger 873482 repair: the restoration process may take longer for SQL Server 2000 to restore the transaction log file as part of the log transfer process to complete the 875445 FIX: an access conflict exception may occur when you try to access SQL Server 878500 on a computer running in the case of insufficient memory. FIX: the permission of an audit object is not a truncate table statement 878501 FIX when an event is generated: You run a SET IDENTITY_INSERT ON statement ON the TABLE, then, when you try to insert rows into the SQL Server 2000 table, you may receive an error message 883415 FIX: a user-defined function returns an incorrect query result 884554 FIX: a spid stops responding to a request with a NETWORKIO (0x800) waittype SQL Server Enterprise Manager that processes fragmented TDS network packets and tries SQL Server884772 FIX: when you execute a complex selection query in SQL Server 2000 generation 856 or later, you may receive a 1203 error message 884850 FIX: when you run a special query in Microsoft SQL Server 2000, in particular, the query processing performance may be reduced by 884853 FIX: when the speed is slow, the update uses the 2000 FIX of the subscription table on a subscription Server in SQL Server 884854 in queue: you can receive an error message indicating that the stored procedure could not be found. Execute the 2000 FIX with queuing to update transaction replication in SQL Server 884855: you can receive an error message containing the 2000 FIX when running the Statement on the SQL Server 884856 trigger table: the non-clustered index after performing the self-update query in SQL Server 2000 is damaged. 884864 FIX: when you run a query in SQL Server 2000, you may get incorrect results. 885158 FIX: when the section name is truncated to the total length of 254 characters, use the data conversion service to create a dynamic attribute task and add one in SQL Server 2000. ini file 885290 FIX: when data is inserted to multiple connections of an instance of SQL Server in the same row in the table, the 885442 FIX occurs when an asserted error occurs: you receive a "Server: Message 8624, level 16, 1, status Row 3 Internal SQL Server error "when you compile the delete query 2000 FIX that contains the subquery of SQL Server 886708 that uses the NOT IN clause: it takes a long time to insert a large amount of text, ntext, or image data into SQL Server 2000 through multiple concurrent connections. 887974 FIX: the 2000 FIX in SQL Server 888008 Service Pack 3 is returned when a read on a dynamic cursor may cause unexpected results: full-text query using the NEAR operator may return different results. If the NEAR operand is used to charge the SQL Server 2000 888429 FIX: LIKE pattern matching may be considered equal even if width-sensitive sorting rules are specified for the half width and full width character 888444 FIX: when you receive the 17883 error or SQL Server 2000 Service Pack 3a SQL Server 2000 Service Pack 3, the working thread becomes attached to the Registry and calls the 888998 FIX: A data type column of smalldatetime that is connected to two tables may produce incorrect results in SQL Server 2000. 889166 FIX: when you receive the error message "message 3628", SQL Server 2000 runs an internal join query 889170 FIX: When "not enough storage is available to complete this operation, receive error message SQL Server 2000 run data conversion service package 889239 FIX: Start Time in SQL event probe is different audit in SQL Server 2000: Login and logout audit: Event 889266 FIX: database A has been marked as suspicious when the SQL Server 2000 opens the database 889314 FIX: Non-convergence will appear in the merged replication topology master Publishing Server connection disconnected 890200 FIX: SQL Server 2000 stops listening for new TCP/IP socket connections. After an accident, the 17882 error message is written to SQL Server 2000 Error Log 890637 FIX: the SQL Server 2000 Error Log is written with the 17883 error and does not correctly generate any LogWriter component 890730 FIX: you can receive the 17883 error message when SQL Server 2000 performs A large sort operation in memory 890755 FIX: A "Server: in the error log, message 7105 is recorded repeatedly. The error message, the error log may record the assertions, and you receive a "Server: in SQL Server 2000 message 8929" error message 890767 FIX: you receive a "server: Message 107, level 16 Status 3, during the process of TEMP_VIEW_Merge Row 1 ", the total length of the column names in the merged publishing of the error message exceeds 2000 characters in SQL Server 4,000 890768. FIX: you can experience the failure to converge to cancel publishing in the replication topology, or the 2000 FIX when columns are dynamically filtered out for publishing from SQL Server 890925: @ ERROR the system function may return an incorrect value when executing a TRANSACT-SQL statement or SQL Server 2000 64-bit SQL Server 2000 32-bit using the 890942 FIX of the Parallel Execution Plan: after some complex queries are slow, Install SQL Server 2000 Service Pack 2 or $ SQL Server 2000 Service Pack 3891017 FIX: when SQL Server 2000 is used, it may stop responding to other requests and execute large unallocation operations. 891201 FIX: performance will greatly reduce the setting trace flag to avoid error messages in SQL Server 2000, 601, 9134 FIX: when you receive A 17883 error message and SQL Server 2000 may stop responding to other requests for A large sort operation in memory, 891707 FIX: A reduces the number of temporary queries during processing, many special queries may be submitted without using the defined parameters in SQL Server 2000. 892406 FIX: when setting the precision and decimal places from the output parameter of the data returned by the stored procedure is (2000), SQL Server 892451 returns the null value error: when you receive the "EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION" error message, SQL Server 2000 uses the right OUTER JOIN clause 892924 FIX: when receiving a 7619 error message, you can run a full-text query to include strings of certain Japanese characters on an SQL Server 2000 instance running on a Windows 2000-based computer.
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