Load balancing for SOLR clusters using Nginx on Linux

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Load balancing for SOLR clusters using Nginx on Linux

When building the SOLR cluster on Linux, load balancing is required, but there is no F5 big-IP load balancer switch in the test environment, so the WebLogic ProxyServer, and Apache have been tried, and the effect is poor, After two servers have been load balanced, the speed of concurrent response is not as fast as a single load balancer. The final use of nginx, the effect is very good, the following will be installed on the Linux installation steps to describe.

1 Installation Preparation

Nginx software version: Nginx 1.2.5

Installation package: rhel_nginx-1.2.5-1.el5.ngx.x86_64.rpm

Operating system: RedHat 5 64-bit

2 installation Configuration

2.1 Installing Nginx

Using commands

Rpm-i rhel_nginx-1.2.5-1.el5.ngx.x86_64.rpm


The default installation location is:/usr/sbin/

The main profile location is:/etc/nginx/nginx.conf

Other configuration files are located in the/ETC/NGINX/CONF.D directory:

2.2 Configuring Nginx

2.2.1 Configuring ports



Open configuration file

Locate the server segment and modify listen 80 for the required port

2.2.2 Configuring load Balancing



Open configuration file

At the beginning of the file, enter:

upstream <span style= "Background-color:rgb ( 255,255,0) ">nginxproxy</SPAN>{ 
        Server Max_ fails=3 fail_timeout=5h; 
        Server max_fails=3 fail_timeout=5h; 

proxy_connect_timeout   1; 
proxy_send_timeout        300; 
proxy_read_ timeout        300; 

Where the server segment in upstream Bslgis is the server IP and port that needs to be load balanced, if the connection exceeds the Proxy_connect_timeout set time and the number of max_fails settings is exceeded, the server is considered down. The server will no longer be accessed within the time period set by Fail_timeout.

Locate the location segment configuration in the "server{}" section and enter

Proxy_pass Http://nginxproxy;

The final location section is as follows:

Index index.html index.htm;
Proxy_pass Http://nginxproxy;

The complete configuration file is as follows:

2.3 Start Nginx

Start command: Nginx If you are prompted to find a command, try entering the full path:/usr/sbin/nginx

Stop command:nginx-s stop

Restart:nginx-s Reload

Smooth change of Nginx configuration file (without restarting Nginx)

Check that the configuration file is correct:nginx-t


Ps-ef |grep "Nginx:master" |grep-v "grep"

The output is as follows:

Root 3735 1 008:48? 00:00:00 nginx:masterprocess Nginx

ID number of the Nginx master process found, 3735

The Nginx configuration can be updated with command Kill-hup 3735

To view the installation location of Nginx,

RPM-QPL nginx-1.2.5-1.el5.ngx.i386.rpm

Load balancing for SOLR clusters using Nginx on Linux

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