Local database (SQL Server) Remote connection server-side server

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SQL Server R2 How to open a remote connection to a database

The local database (SQL Server 2012) connects to the extranet server's database, and the server side of the extranet needs to be configured as follows:

1. First, the Configuration management tool to open the data

2. Configure the associated client protocol to turn on TCP/IP

3. The default remote port of the database is 1433, but is not secure, you can manually change the port, the IP of the client protocol

Here we need to find the bottom of the IPAll, then modify the port, after the modification, Restart the database service----------------------------------------------------------------------------

4. After the configuration is done, then log in to the database locally, then right-click on the properties in the database service and select "link", tick allow remote

5. After this, continue to right-click on the database service, select "Register", register a database service

You can test it, save it, test it successfully, and prove that you can use the account to log in remotely-------------------------

6. After completing the above steps, you need to modify the firewall settings, of course, if the server is directly shut down, you do not need to configure, but generally speaking, security, the server still do not shut down the firewall.

(1). The first is to add a port to the firewall (here is the server port number you set, default 1433)

Open Control Panel--Windows firewall--Advanced settings--right-click on the stack, new rule--Select port----Set specific local port number--Allow link--tick all items-- Set name--Finish


(2). After the first step, the firewall continues to create a new stack rule, this time choose Add Program, add D:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\mssql10_50.mssqlserver\mssql\binn\ Sqlservr.exe

The sqlservr.exe here is in the folder where you installed the database.

Add the steps as above

Then, through the above configuration, we can again local access to the external network database, just enter the corresponding IP address and port number, login name, password on the line

It is important to note that the database server format: IP address, port number

The ', ' separated by the IP address and port number used

Local database (SQL Server) Remote connection server-side server

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