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Logical Thinking interview questions-java backend interview-,-java backend
(-1) Preface

I recently participated in an interview and was very interested in the pen questions. I will return to Baidu. Thinking about these questions reminds me of the association in modeling. I feel that it would be better to test logical thinking from 1 to 100 if these questions are not touched, in addition, the simple programming model is input-> Program-> output. This is a bit like a person hiding something for you to find and analyze the characteristics of this question, where to start and where to start, new conditions are introduced based on existing conditions to select the correct answer. It reminds me of my bottleneck. A program is like an alchemy medicine. The materials are available, the formula is available, and the time required for different Dan medicines is different. How to control the fire is the key!

(0) answer question 1

4 2 12 28 80 write the number behind

A.124 B .96 C.216 D.348

Positive Solution C

28 = (12 + 2) * 2

80 = (12 + 28) * 2

216 = (80 + 28) * 2

Question 2

A, B, C, D, and E play the same chess game. for each two game disks, the number of game disks is counted: 4 in ., three in B and two in C. d. Game 1. then, what are the number of game series?

Match A and B with A-B

_ Answers from pig and Billet

A Game 4 A-B, A-C, A-D, A-E

D Game 1 and match D with A-D

Look at B game 3 in addition to A, D can B-C, B-E

C has confirmed two sets of matches before the competition

Knowledge: E and A, B game total 2

Answer from pmltt129: Baidu Knows

Question 3

At a certain time, the clock hour is between and. After six minutes, the minute hand is in the opposite direction and in a straight line with the hour hand three minutes ago, what is the time point?

The hourly hour is 30 degrees, and the hourly hour is 0.5 degrees.

The minute of the needle distribution goes 6 degrees

Now, assume that is 0 degrees.

Assume that the current time is X

The current hour is: 10*30 + X * 0.5 = 300 + X/2 (degree)

Current split position: X * 6 = 6X (degree)

After 6 minutes, the probe position is (X + 6) * 6 = 6X + 36 (degree)

3 minutes ago, the hour hands were 10*30 + (X-3) * 0.5 = 298.5 + X/2 (degrees)

Because after 6 minutes, the minute hand is in the opposite direction and is in a straight line with the hour hand three minutes ago, the minute hand is 180 degrees different, so there are:

298.5 + X/2-180 = 6X + 36

5.5X = 82.5

X = 15

So now it's.

UgGU89IU62's answer

Question 4

A person has been working for 24 consecutive days and earned 190 yuan (daily salary: 10 yuan, half-day work on Saturday, half-day salary; rest on Sunday, no salary ). It is known that he started working on a certain day in December late January, and the first day of the month is Sunday. Q: What day is the end of this employee's work on January 1, February? ()

A 16

B 17

C 18

D 19



Answer C

A turnover of 55 RMB for one job, with a total profit of * 3 + 25 = RMB is two working days plus one Saturday. If the 25 RMB is earned in March, the remaining days cannot be combined into three whole weeks (there must be Monday, Tuesday before Thursday ..), so this person started to work on Thursday, late January.

January 1 is Sunday, so the 5th, 12th, 19th, and 26th are Thursday. If it is on the 19th, July 31-19 + 1 = 13, there was obviously no answer after 11 days in December February, so this person started to work on December 31, January 26, with 31-26 + 1 = 6 months and 24-6 = 18 months.

Question 5

It takes four minutes to split a steel pipe into two segments.

A saw is required for two segments, and a saw for three segments is required for two times. Likewise, a saw for eight ends needs to be saw for seven times.

4*7 = 28

Question 6

There is a farm where 27 cows are known to have enough grass to eat in 6 days. 23 cattle are raised, and the grass is exhausted in 9 days. If 21 cattle are raised, how many days can the grass on the farm be exhausted? And the grass on the farm continues to grow ."

For example, if you eat grass for one day

27*6 = 162 original grassland with 6-day length

23*9 = 207 original grassland with a length of 9 days

The original grassland has x, which is y every day.

Y + 6x = 162

Y + 9x = 207

Y = 72 x = 15

Likewise, 21 cows can eat for z days.

21z = 72 + 15z

Z = 12.

Geographic ** tornado **

Question 7

Each plane has only one fuel tank, and the planes can refuel each other (note that there is no fuel dispenser). A box of oil can provide an airplane with half a lap around the Earth. The problem is: how many planes should be dispatched to bring at least one plane around the Earth back to the airport when it was flying? (All planes take off from the same airport and must return to the airport safely.

The three ABC racks take off at the same time, and C fill AB with oil, C Return, 1/8, B fill A with oil, B Return, and A reach 1/4, c. Take off from the airport to the other direction. For example, C is equal to A of the empty fuel tank. For B, take off from the airport. For AC to 3/4, the remaining fuel is equal to B, three planes return at the same time. So it was five flights.



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