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Love Card Car Network President Zhangjingqiu, 2,732 handcart Network President Deng Fulang, the two in the new and old car market, their respective businessmen, because a failed merger and acquisition, became a mutual appreciation of friends.

So far, Deng Fulang still remember six months ago to know Zhangjingqiu scene, he did not think, the phone repeatedly said to acquire their own 2,732 handcart site, incredibly young like a college student. After several exchanges, Zhangjingqiu abandoned the acquisition of 2,732 handcart NET to enter the second-hand market of the plan.

"273 created a new model for second-hand car trading, and their offline business was too strong, and it was far from a simple second-hand car network platform. "Zhangjingqiu lamented. He believes that the ultimate direction of Deng Fulang is the prospect of a wide range of second-hand car chain entity business, and its own love Card automotive network of the media nature does not fit.

And Deng Fulang did not cooperate with Zhangjingqiu the reason is very simple, he does not want to be hard to build 273 years into a media platform. He is doing is relying on 273 network platform, the main line of trading, and to build a second-hand car chain operation entity.

Rare is, in the face of Sina, Sohu, NetEase and other major portals continue to invest huge sums of money to expand the fierce competition in the car network, love card, 2,732 of network companies rely on their own characteristics of business, in the subdivision area to dig for the maximum profit, live very moist.

Zhangjingqiu: New car Business

After last year's US CNET Networks International media merger, the Love Card car network Zhangjingqiu, the president of Love card and CNET vice president of China two jobs, a more job is to help the new team to find and love card complementary car media, because the acquisition of Love Card car network is CNET into the Chinese Automotive media field logo, " There will be new acquisitions soon, and negotiations are under way. "Zhangjingqiu revealed.

Zhangjingqiu Car Network is currently the world's largest car theme community-with 182 car clubs, in 32 regions in the country with branches, and built more than 40 topic zoning. Nearly 90 of the 110 club-mates that are divided by brand and model are the largest in the country.

In the Love Card network community, more than millions of registered members of the real car, with the vehicle experience, become love Card's greatest wealth. It is because of the end user's favor, Love card car net profit margin of more than 40%, the source of profit from the initial relevant services to the fragmented Commission has become more than 80% of the advertising revenue, supplemented by offline Toruk macto called activities planning revenue and large user-mandated investigation fees. Of course, the nature of the enterprise from the early simple car club into the backing of the club community of the car media, its advertising revenue is growing at a rate of 50% a year.

The original intention of starting the love card was due to the painful experience of Zhangjingqiu in 2001 when he bought his own car. "At that time, the car market environment is far worse than the present, not only a small number of cars, vehicle information is also very scarce, many of them to see English introduction." Zhangjingqiu said, "So I thought of running such a website to meet the needs of the car buyers." "August 2002, Zhangjingqiu and people jointly created a simple Car forum (BBS), began to provide users with models, quotes and other information.

At the beginning of the venture, they have no experience to follow in the face of a blank market. But they seized a rare opportunity, when the newly established FAW-Toyota announced the introduction of a 100,000-yuan price of the Granville, the first to enter the 100,000-yuan range of the family car caused widespread concern. In order to gather popularity, Eckar will be the main push for the current model.

From spy photos, configuration table to pricing, Time-to-market, a time of love card online about the car's all-round tracking reports raging. More and more "fans" are attracted to the love card as a communication model information, to publish the view of the base camp, Love card's popularity soared. October 8 After the listing, many of the car owners in love card online exchange their own car experience and driving experience, Love Card club heat continues to heat up. In February 2003, the Love Card club's Granville car Friends (AU) has developed into the country's largest vehicle owners organization, Beijing's first Toyota 4S store also began to provide love card car technical support.

It is this 4S store let Zhangjingqiu Amoy to the first bucket of venture gold-4000 yuan advertising fees. "We didn't even have an ad," Zhangjingqiu still remembers. This advertising fee virtually lays the change of love card from club to auto media.

Since then, love card according to the needs of the car friends launched the Bora, the Dragon divided into models of the club, but also the fit, Elantra and other models listed on the main push report. September 16, 2003 fit off the line, Love Card's "Fit Car Club" community even appeared thousands of car friends at the same time online pomp. Affixed with the "Love Card" vehicle marked by all kinds of cars shuttle in the streets, become a unique landscape in the city.

At the same time, love Card also began to contact the car friends sealing glaze, foil and other car beauty maintenance projects, high quality and cheap service so that car friends participate enthusiastically. November 2003, Love card for the first time involved in the whole vehicle Group Purchase service, just one months below the price below the market prices from the regular 4S shop car 80 vehicles, to achieve the cheyou and distributors of the "double win".

Love Card's vigorous development also attracted more and more auto manufacturers and distributors of concern, popular page chuan, Shenlong Beijing-Tianjin, General Service and other well-known Beijing car dealers have established a partnership with Love Card, and on the Love card site ads, become the main source of income card.

2006, Love Card network by the international media tycoon CNET Fancy, cast tens of millions of dollars mergers and acquisitions, created the second transformation of Zhangjingqiu.

"Our foundation is everything around the user, from the user where we are dime." Zhangjingqiu summed up the reasons for his success.

Deng Fulang: Used Cars abacus

From the bank director, lawyers to second-hand car operators, Fujian Deng Fulang has not been to the harvest season, although he and Zhangjingqiu entrepreneurial almost at the same time, but is still in a lot of capital investment stage.

"I am optimistic about e-commerce in this field, more bullish on China's huge second-hand car market." In recent years, the second-hand car market has increased by more than 40%, even more than the speed of new cars. "Deng Fulang's entrepreneurial goals are clear.

Unlike the Eckar final shift to auto media, Deng Fulang's plan is to make a 2,732 handcart network into a second-hand car business entity with its own brand. "For a long time, the sales of second-hand cars will be profitable, and the subsequent service profits will be greater, this is not a site to provide information simply to earn advertising costs can match." "Deng Fulang thinks.

It is based on this idea that China's largest second-hand car trading platform known as the 273 Chinese second-hand car trading network, creating a new trading model, both fast and efficient accumulation of information on both parties, but also combined with the online second-hand car evaluation and trading stores, to solve the current situation of second-hand car transactions through the Internet is difficult to directly realize the status quo- Online under the organic combination of the way to let 273 brands quickly spread, while allowing second-hand car trading and the Internet to exchange the advantages of real interaction.

Now Deng Fulang is gradually liberalized second-hand car business, created a "273" second-hand car chain brand, to encourage the conditions of the second-hand car dealers to join together to carry out chain operations.

According to statistics, 273 landing trading service Network has nearly 40, distributed in Guangzhou, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Shenzhen, Dongguan, Fuzhou, Zhangzhou, Xiamen and other fields. Chain to rely on the site, while the integration of second-hand car appraisal and evaluation, acquisition and sales, second-hand car replacement, spare parts supply, maintenance, auto credit, leasing, auction as a whole, united nearly hundred cities of second-hand vehicle dealers, and jointly developed into a domestic professional engaged in second-hand car operating Network service brand. This is the line that makes Zhangjingqiu greatly emotion.

Now, the problem that Deng Fulang needs to face is the whole situation of the second-hand car market--seemingly huge space, but by the influence of money, service, policy and so on, the competitor has not really prospered yet, but the competitors are rushing in.

"The future of the second-hand market cake can reach tens of billions of dollars, a few percentage points, not to mention we may become a giant, after all, we are prepared early." "For the future, Deng Fulang confidence firmly."

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