Mac installs Android development platform

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1. Download the eclipse IDE
2. Download the Android SDK
3. Configuring the ADT Plug-in

A. The next download of Eclipse

To the website:, because we are developed in Java, the steps are as follows:

    1. Find "Eclipse IDE for Java developers" here the upper right corner is automatically selected based on the system you are currently using, and the bit "Mac OS X (Cocoa)" is automatically selected under Mac.
    2. Then click on the right of "Mac OS X 64bit" (Here my Pro is the i5 processor can be used in 64-bit), depending on your machine can also choose "Mac OS X 32bit" to download.

Two Installing ADT

ADT is the development environment for Android applications

Online installation, there would have been an offline installation, but I tried to download the offline installation package but did not find a place to download, so here I mainly describe how to install online.

    1. In the menu, click help--> Install New software?;
    2. In the pop-up dialog there is a "work with" and enter it in the right input field: then a "Developer Tools" will be pending. Tick on, then the next go down can be installed to complete.

three. setting up ADT

In the menu bar refactor if you can see the Android label indicates that the ADT installation was successful.

1 Download Android SDK

Open Web site: Select the SDK version of Mac OS X (Intel) for download (because my Pro is Intel's i5 processor)

2 Installing the Android SDK

Just download the SDK file for Mac version is: "Android-sdk-mac_x86.rar" file, unzip it out, then run Tools/android, in the popup Android SDK and AVD Manager dialog box, select installed packages on the left and the SDK currently installed is listed on the right, click "Update All" below and then step by step to download all versions of the Android SDK and install it.

Then in the menu bar eclipse-> Preferences (preferences), will pop up a Preferences dialog box, choose Android, and then fill in the SDK loaction the path of the SDK just downloaded or click on the right of the browser selection.

3 Build Simulator

The menu bar window-> Android SDK and AVD Manger will pop up the dialog, then select New in the dialog box to start creating the simulator as you want, and you're done!

Installing ADT In the past is not a problem at all, but it is a big problem now.
cannot be accessed properly and will prompt Android ADT unable to connect to repository Http://
Problem description Two: Problems with SDK Manager update failed to fetch URL, Reason: Connection to refusedfailed to fetch URL _list-1.xml, reason:connection to Http:// refused
At first, it was thought that the eclipse version of the problem could not adapt to the new ADT version, after trying several versions and discovering that it was not at all.
Obviously, the domestic network has been a harmonious drop of Google this server, can be forced to point to the next hosts----Australian Google Australia Sydney data Center IP address, the following is the add content:
#Google主页203.208.46.146 This line is to facilitate the opening of the Android development website now it seems that FQ can also open The updated content is downloaded from the following address
# or using this
How to do: directory: C:\windows\system32\drivers\etc found the Hosts file, is actually a plain text file, Linux users open the/etc/hosts file. 1, open with Notepad 2, will: added to the hosts file the last line 3, save shut hosts, restart Eclipse4. Launch Eclipse, click on the menu to enter Help, Install New software, click the Add button in the window that appears, then enter your custom name in name, enter in location:


If not, you can use https://... Instead of http://.... Anyway, try it out a little bit.

Pay special attention to update ADT using the HTTP protocol instead of the HTTPS protocol, because the HTTPS protocol is encrypted, the mainland because it can not be reviewed, directly sealed, and the HTTP protocol is filtered, if you do not access the messy things, the operation steps:

Under SDK manager tools->options Open SDK Manager settings, select "Force https://... sources to be fetched using http://...", Enforces the use of the HTTP protocol.
While updating the ADT plugin, use URL instead of Https://, This is also described in the official development documentation.

     We know that access to the Web site on the network, first through the DNS server to the network domain name (www. domain name. com) to the Xxx.XXX.XXX.XXX IP address, our computer can access. For each domain request we have to wait for the DNS server to return IP information, so that the efficiency of access to the network will be reduced, and the hosts file can improve the resolution efficiency. According to the Windows system, before a DNS request is made, the Windows system will first check if there is an address mapping relationship in its Hosts file, and if so, call this IP address mapping if no domain name resolution is presented to the known DNS server. This means that the hosts request level is higher than DNS. is the IP address of Australian Google Australia's Sydney data Center, which is not a wall, so use the hosts to map Google's official Android ADT download server to the Australian Google Center, so you can.

Mac installs Android development platform

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