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Make Bitcoin
Bitcoin is booming and is being sought after by a large number of internet people and financiers, and there is no doubt that this is a social experiment on money, and the number of participants is already around tens of millions of people worldwide.

It is not difficult to issue and develop a virtual currency similar to Bitcoin, and our team now has a proven approach, from wallet development to mining pool development and official website.

Innovative use of Bcrypt algorithm, has now been iteration of the second version of 0.9.2, the new version to solve the problem of slow synchronization, while the perfect support for new copy of the latest block, to achieve a second synchronization of the powerful features, new people can directly from the official download the latest block (currently 8500, The official update every few days), copy to the Tjcoin Data directory coverage, you can achieve seconds open second synchronization.

Through this version, the solution has been to let people despise the synchronization speed problem, technology emperor can also have the time to respond to the development of counterfeit currency. Special Open this paste, tell you how to come to the cottage currency, how to produce, pure plagiarism and innovative currency difference where, let you dry, through the phenomenon, see the essence of technology value.

You can even try to make a cottage currency yourself through this post. 1. Pure copy of the cottage currency production process (usually based on BTC or LTC), similar to the two, where LTC as an example)

Prerequisite: The best you have to understand the programming, do not understand the words are more difficult, of course, as long as you specialize in, do not understand also can be done, BTC and LTC are C + + source; First step: Prepare the compilation environment.

Code needs to be compiled, so you need to prepare the compilation environment and tools, you need to download MinGW (Imitation Linux Environment Compilation tool), Qtcreator and corresponding SDK, download boost1.5.0 (need to rely on library), OpenSSL, Berkeley DB, MiniUPnP ; Configure system environment variables, QT environment, use MINGW to compile boost library (this will need to compile about 2 hours), OpenSSL, Berkeley DB, MiniUPnP files, compile the command in LTC source code Mingw-unix file in detail.

The whole process, if it is skilled in the program ape about 3 days can be ready, do not understand the people will have to toss for a long time.  Step two: Compile Widows wallet. LTC the source code from the GitHub. Here, the 0.8.5 version is the kernel.

Open the project in Qtcreator, configure the Pro file, configure the compiler, start compiling, at this time you have not modified any code, even the parameters are not adjusted, compiled is the Wright currency of the client, can even be used directly.

The whole process, the familiar estimate is also 3 days can be successfully compiled. Do not understand the same to toss for a long time, all kinds of compiling however.

The third cloth: adjusts the parameter, produces belongs to your cottage currency. Or in the Qtcreator open each source file, find the corresponding local adjustment parameters can be, such as in the Main.cpp adjust the number of dollars, total production, adjust the difficulty, modify the creation of the hash, production time, increase checkpoints, etc., see here you can find, finally compiled, through, produce a SGD, the rest is to release the SGD.

The building doesn't even need testing ... This is the most critical, we all know the birth of a new software is required after a long period of testing, the equivalent of BTC and LTC have been tested for it, direct release, there will be no problem ~ then from the GitHub download off-the-shelf tools (usually support SHA and scrypt algorithm), mining pool, Then change the name compiled, deployment, also directly can be used, the rest is how to convince others to use your currency.

On behalf of the issue of counterfeit currency, you can provide specific needs, such as the number of issues, block number, we help you develop wallets, official website design, and so on, the later operation, marketing by your own responsibility; the development of a variety of algorithms cottage coin wallet production, mining pool, hidden super blocks. Professional teaching to explain development coins one-on-one.

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