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Objective-c, like the C language, provides standard macros that describe the current file, the number of lines in the source file, and the function information. The objective-c itself, however, also provides the associated class type. can be applied to debugging and error-handling logs.

The macros provided by the preprocessor in the C/c++/objective-c language

* __func__%s Current function signature * __line__%d Current number of rows in source code file

* __file__%s Current source code file full path

* __pretty_function__%s is like __func__, but contains stealth type information in C + + code.

Some log information used in the OBJECTIVE-C

* Nsstringfromselector (_cmd)%@ current selector name * Nsstringfromclass ([selfclass])%@ Current object name * [[NSString stringwithutf8string:**file**] lastpathcomponent]%@ source code filename * [Nsthreadcallstacksymbols]%@ an array of readable strings for the current stack. Used only when scheduling.

* * Example code: * *

• #import <foundation/Foundation.h>

• @interface Testobj:nsobject

-(void) Fun: (NSString *) input;

• @end

• @implementation Testobj

-(void) Fun: (NSString *) input {

NSLog (@ "%s:%d:%s:%s", __func__, __line__, __file__,__pretty_function__);

NSLog (@ "%@", Nsstringfromselector (_cmd));

NSLog (@ "%@", Nsstringfromclass ([self class]);

NSLog (@ "%@", [[NSString stringwithutf8string:__file__] lastpathcomponent]);

NSLog (@ "%@", [Nsthread Callstacksymbols]);

NSLog (@ "%@", input);}


int main (int argc, const char * argv[]) {

@autoreleasepool {

Testobj *to = [[Testobj alloc]init];

[To fun:@ ' call '];

[to release];


return 0;


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