Manipulate the YAML library using Python

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Recently saw a lot of use of Yaml file as a configuration file or data file project, then also studied, found that Yaml has several advantages: good readability, and scripting language interactivity (really very good), the use of the implementation of the language data type, have a consistent data model, easy to implement. Yaml is a good thing, whether it's an interface test or UI Automation test, which is often used to store test data. Let's take a look at how to install and use this YAML library.

YAML Installation

1. Download link: Yaml Download portal

2. Select the download version as shown in:

3. Switch to the extract directory below to execute the command: Python3 install as shown:

4. Enter Python interactive mode and run the following code:

Run without error, indicating that the installation was successful!

Yaml Simple Example

Now create a Yaml file locally, containing data, operations:

The instance code is as follows:

Import= open ('e:\\test.yaml','r') Print (Yaml.load (f))

Output Result:

{' Age': 37,'Spouse': {' Age': 25,'name':'Jane Smith'},'Children': [{' Age': 15,'name':'Jimmy Smith'}, {'name1':'Jenny Smith','Age1': 12}],'name':'Tom Smith'}

Get full file path:

ImportYaml,os#get file Full pathfilename = Os.path.join (Os.path.dirname (__file__),'Test.yaml'). Replace ("\\","/")#filename = os.path.join (Os.path.dirname (__file__), ' Test.yaml ')#print (filename)f =open (filename) y=yaml.load (f)Print(y)

The output results are as follows:

{'name':'Tom Smith','Children': [{'name':'Jimmy Smith',' Age': 15}, {'Age1': 12,'name1':'Jenny Smith'}],'Spouse': {'name':'Jane Smith',' Age': 25},' Age': 37}

Reference Document: Http://

Manipulate the YAML library using Python

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