Memory and disk conditions required for installing DB2 9

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Disk Space Requirements
How much disk space does DB2 9 Data Server require? This is closely related to the options during installation and the file system format set by the operating system on the machine. The Installation Wizard of the DB2 9 product dynamically estimates the approximate size of disk space required for various installation options. On Windows, if the system sets the file storage in the FAT format, more disk space is required than the NTFS format. When estimating disk space, you should not forget to allocate space for tools and communication software related to DB2 9.
Memory space requirements
Running the DB2 9 data server software system requires at least MB of memory. A computer system running the DB2 9 database server and the DB2 9 graphical user management interface tool requires at least MB of memory space. To improve the performance of DB2 9 during runtime, we recommend that you configure a memory of more than 1 GB to run the DB2 9 data server product. If other software needs to be run on the computer, the memory should be increased. Pay attention to the following points when increasing the memory:
1.If the hardware environment that runs DB2 9 is the Intel anteng 2 processor and the second edition HP-UX 11i operating system, the minimum memory needed is 512 MB.
2.The DB2 9 data server runs with the lowest memory configuration. By default, five concurrent client connections are supported. Each increase of five concurrent clients requires an additional 16 MB of memory.
3.In addition to the number of guest users, the memory requirements of the Data Service System are closely related to the frequency of data updates and Optimization in the data system. The new version of DB2 9) introduces an automatic memory allocation optimization mechanism, data actions such as sorting, packaging buffering, list locking, and buffer pool allocation during the running of DB2 9 database products can all be adjusted and allocated using automatic mechanism.
4.In Linux, we recommend that you set the size of swap partition to at least twice the system memory.

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