Methods for LAN wireless routers to limit network speed, wireless LAN traffic monitoring, and lan network speed monitoring

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Methods for LAN wireless routers to limit network speed, wireless LAN traffic monitoring, and lan network speed monitoring
At present, many organizations use wireless routers to access the Internet. Although network access is convenient, the network of mobile devices such as mobile phones and tablets makes it difficult for many network administrators to defend against attacks. Therefore, we need to limit the network speed of the wireless LAN to prevent the network speed and bandwidth theft. So, how can I set the speed limit of a wireless router and the speed limit of a wireless router?
The steps for setting the Router speed limit are as follows:
Method 1: Implement LAN speed control and LAN traffic monitoring through the functions provided by vro

1. First, log on to the vro management interface. Generally, the vro logon address is or You can try it or check the labels on the vro Surface Shell. First, open the browser, enter the vro logon address, and enter the user name and password (admin by default). If not, see the description on the vro housing.
Log on to the vro Management page 2. For example, after entering the vro logon user name and password, click OK to enter the vro configuration center. If your vro supports the speed limit function, then we will see an "IP bandwidth control" on the left side, such:
Vroip IP bandwidth control function 3. For example, click "IP bandwidth control" to enter the vro speed limit settings, as shown in:
Vro speed limit setting Interface Description of IP bandwidth control parameters for vro speed limit setting:
1. bandwidth Conversion Relationship: 1 Mbps = 1000 Kbps;
2. Select the bandwidth line type and fill in the bandwidth duration. Please select and fill in according to the actual situation. If you are not clear, please consult your bandwidth provider (such as China Telecom and China Netcom );
3. After modifying the following configuration items, click "save" to make the configuration items take effect.
4. If you do not set any IP address bandwidth control rules in the "enabled" status, the bandwidth you entered will not work.
Here, the router speed limit settings mainly pay attention to a few places. First, you need to know how many M Network cables you pull, 1 M equals about 1000 K, and then set the bandwidth of the IP segment, in the following example, I use a 4 M China Unicom network and want to provide a minimum speed of 2 M or a maximum speed of 2 M. That is to say, in my own network, set a 2 M exclusive network for yourself, while other users have a 1 M network and a maximum of 2 M. The specific settings are as follows:
The router speed limit settings and the LAN speed control settings of the router are shown in figure. You must pay attention to the above four steps when setting the Router speed limit. The first step is to check "enable IP bandwidth control ", the second step is to select the bandwidth of your own home. The above shows the 4 m network of the author's home. Next, we will set the local IP address to limit the network. The demonstration is that the author intends to design the IP address of his computer as, and the network allocation is at least 2 M, and the maximum is no more than 2 M, to other users, set a minimum of 1 M for users and a minimum of 2 M for them.
Finally, we only need to set the IP address of our computer to You can set the speed limit based on your own situation and for different users, mainly to set the minimum bandwidth and maximum bandwidth resource conditions; it can be set flexibly.
Method 2: through Special LAN traffic control software, lan network speed monitoring software, lan speed limit management software.

Although the LAN speed can be restricted and the bandwidth can be allocated through the router, the router operation is relatively complicated, and the function of limiting the computer speed is also mechanical. Therefore, you can also use specialized LAN speed control software and network traffic restriction software. At present, there are many specialized LAN speed control software and Internet traffic restriction software in China, all of which can achieve certain LAN speed restrictions. For example, there is a "jusheng network management" (: software, you only need to deploy a computer in the LAN can control the network speed and bandwidth of the entire LAN computer, you can also limit the uplink and downlink bandwidths of your computer, as shown in:
Figure: Limiting LAN Computer bandwidth and controlling computer network speed traffic. In addition, a very important reason for slow lan network speed is P2P download, P2P network TV watching, and online video watching, through the jusheng network management software, you can also restrict P2P downloading on the LAN, prohibit Internet TV watching, and shield video websites, to prevent such unrelated online behavior from preempting the lan network speed. As shown in:
Figure: prevents P2P downloads from obtaining the network speed and prohibit P2P uploads. In short, whether it is through a vro or through a dedicated lan network speed control software, or software that limits the network speed of others, can achieve LAN speed control, bandwidth traffic restrictions, but compared with routers, lan network management speed limit software for LAN speed control is more flexible, through effective restrictions on P2P software, you can thoroughly Control LAN bandwidth traffic. Enterprises and institutions can choose based on their own needs.

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