Metricbeat deployment and monitoring of Linux system metrics summary

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Metricbeat Light-weight indicator collector

Used to collect metrics from systems and services. From CPU to memory, from Redis to Nginx,metricbeat, you can deliver a variety of system and service statistics in a light-weight way.

System-level monitoring, more concise

Deploy Metricbeat to all your Linux, Windows, and MAC hosts and connect it to Elasticsearch: you get system-level CPU usage, memory, file system, disk IO and network IO statistics, and get the same Statistics for each process similar to the top command on the system. Explore [Online Demo] ( ()

Installing Metricbeat
tar -zxvf metricbeat-6.3.2-linux-x86_64.tar.gz
mv metricbeat-6.3.2-linux-x86_64 metricbeat
Configure Metricbeat
   path: $ {path.config} /modules.d / *. yml
   reload.enabled: false
   index.number_of_shards: 1
   index.codec: best_compression
   host: "localhost: 5602"
   hosts: [""]
## Enable sytem monitoring
$ cat modules.d / system.yml
-module: system
   period: 10s
   processes: [‘. *‘]
     by_cpu: 5 # include top 5 processes by CPU
     by_memory: 5 # include top 5 processes by memory

-module: system
   period: 1m
       system.filesystem.mount_point: ‘^ / (sys | cgroup | proc | dev | etc | host | lib) ($ | /) ′

-module: system
   period: 1m
Start Kibana, ES, metricbeat
/usr/local/metricbeat/metricbeat -e -c /usr/local/metricbeat/metricbeat.yml
Collect summaries using Granfan visual system metrics
Indicator Type Indicators indicator meaning
Cpu Total CPU Usage Percentage
Cpu System.cpu.cores Number of CPU Cores
Cpu system.cpu.iowait.pct Percentage of CPU time waiting for input and output
Cpu system.cpu.user.pct Percentage of CPU occupied by user space
Cpu system.cpu.system.pct Percentage of CPU consumed by kernel space
Cpu system.cpu.nice.pct Process changes consume CPU percentage
Cpu system.cpu.idle.pct Percentage of idle CPU
Memory System.memory.used.bytes Memory usage Size
Memory system.memory.used.pct Memory usage percent
Memory Memory remaining size
Memory Total Memory Size
Memory system.memory.swap.used.pct Swap memory usage percent
Memory System.memory.swap.used.bytes Swap memory usage Size
Memory Swap remaining memory
Memory Total Swap Memory size
Network Nic Name
Network Number of network card ingress packages
Network NIC Ingress error Packet number
Network Network card ingress reject packet number
Network Network Card Entry Package size
Network Number of network card egress NIC Packets
Network Network card egress Packet size
Network Network card egress Error packet number
Network Number of rejection packets for network card egress
Load System.load.1 1-minute system average load
Load System.load.5 5-minute system average load
Load system.load.15 15-minute system average load
Process_summary system.process.summary.stopped Stop process
Process_summary System.process.summary.zombie Zombie Process
Process_summary System.process.summary.unknown Stateless process
Process_summary Total number of processes
Process_summary System.process.summary.sleeping Hibernation process
Process_summary System.process.summary.running Running processes
Uptime System Run time
Socket System.socket.local.ip Native IP
Diskio Amount of data read from the device (drive expressed) per second (kb_read/s)
Diskio System.diskio.iostat.write.per_sec.bytes Amount of data written to the device (drive expressed) per second (KB_WRTN/S)
Diskio Number of sectors read per second (RSEC/S)
Diskio System.diskio.iostat.write.request.per_sec Number of sectors written per second (wsec/s)
Diskio How much of this device-dependent read request is merge (rrqm/s) per second
Diskio System.diskio.iostat.write.request.merges_per_sec How much of this device-dependent write request is merge (wrqm/s) per second
Diskio System.diskio.iostat.await Average time (in microseconds) of processing per IO request
Diskio Total amount of data read (Kb_read)
Diskio System.diskio.write.bytes Total amount of data written (KB_WRTN)
FileSystem System.filesystem.device_name File System device Name
FileSystem Disk space remaining
FileSystem System.filesystem.mount_point Disk Mount Partition
FileSystem Total disk size
FileSystem system.filesystem.used.pct Disk usage
FileSystem System.filesystem.used.bytes Disk usage Size
FileSystem System.filesystem.used.bytes Disk usage Size
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Metricbeat deployment and monitoring of Linux system metrics summary

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