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Microsoft will launch a new goal-oriented technology framework at the Professional Developers Conference (PDC) in September 2005 to simplify the development of client browser applications.

Microsoft Platform Strategy Group general manager Fitzgerald said that the new technology framework Development code name is atlas, it integrates the old version of IE browser technology, that is, to allow the Web page upgrade in the background to run, rather than continuous contact with the server to refresh the page.

He added that this technique, DHTML and Httpxml, provides the basis for the development of the so-called Ajax (asynchronous JavaScript and xml-Java Description Language and extended identity language). This way of programming allows the application to be dynamically modified on the browser page without changing the server.

The advantage of this approach, he says, is that you can get more interaction and more web responses. Atlas is just a large collection of standard Java description language codes. Many developers can integrate them into Web applications to create richer, more interactive user experiences.

Microsoft officials say DHTML and HTTP XML were the first to appear in IE browsers in 1997, but the technology did not get massive support from developers at the time. Web application development now tends to provide a rich user experience with multimedia, and Microsoft hopes that Atlas will help developers catch up with this programming mainstream.

At the PDC meeting, Microsoft will release the Atals Technology Preview, the full version will be released shortly, but Microsoft officials did not specify the specific release schedule.

Microsoft officials say software developers will be able to use Visual Studio 2005, which will be released on November 8 to build and debug Ajax-generated applications.

Analysts say Microsoft's interest in Ajax is not isolated. The NetBeans Open-source Java tool Project launched by Sun Microsystems also works on the basis of Ajax-style programming calls. For Microsoft, however, the Mozilla fund's Firefox browser, the browser that supports a Jax, is even more worrying.

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