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Full-Text Search for SQL 7 is very similar to the Index Server retrieval method.
And, or, not
Logical expressions can be easily used in contains
Select username from member where contains (UserInfo, ' "Writer" and "Carpenter")
Select username from member where contains (UserInfo, ' "Writer" OR "Carpenter")
Select username from member where contains (UserInfo, ' "Writer" and not "Carpenter")
This is a keyword that is not in the normal logical expression, meaning it is very simple, that is to find the nearest two words
Select content from Microsoftrecord where contains (content, ' Bill Gates ')
NEAR "Paul Allen")
This means finding the full text containing Bill Gates and Paul Allen, and two words are not far apart.
Formsof inflectional
This function can look up various forms of words, such as past tense, plural, verb form, noun form, etc. But it's no use to Chinese.
SELECT ProductName from the products WHERE CONTAINS (ProductName, ' formsof (inflectional, dry) ')
This feature can look up the prefix of a word, but it is not useful for Chinese
SELECT ProductName from the products WHERE CONTAINS (ProductName, ' dis* ')
Isabout WEIGHT
This feature can give different weights to different conditions in a composite query to determine the order of the returned recordset
SELECT CategoryName, Description from Categories WHERE CONTAINS (Description, ' isabout
Spread weight (. 8), sauces weight (. 4), relishes weight (. 2))
The value of the weight can be from 0.0 to 1.0
It is used in the same way as contains, and this is no longer repeated here. To mention is that it returns a table for you to query further, not a query condition.
If you use this method, then the query will use the word segmentation technology to achieve fuzzy query, and filter out some non-keywords, more similar to the contains in the formsof, but there is no support for Chinese
SELECT CategoryName from Categories WHERE FREETEXT (Description, ' sweetest candy, bread and
Dry meat ')
The difference between it and FREETEXT is the same as that of contains and containstable.
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