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I press: For a rising star, people in the judgement of its merits, often will be the most thorough analysis. It looks like a lot of inscrutable data, or convoluted words, let people fall into the fog, unclear so. But in fact, whether the data or the piling up of the text, are just unreal. And the real bearer of the future is still the initial goal and phase of the implementation of the Force. Of course, it is inseparable from the cooperation of the big environment.

Le Vision and Millet court events, instantly ignited the passion of the entire internet industry. Just like the 3Q World War, 300, the two big stars, le Vision and Millet, became the "enemy of confrontation." At the same time, people are clear about the "intrigue" behind it. But it seems that a more critical issue is overlooked: The battle is only temporary, and who can laugh in the future is the real winner.

On the face of it, Xiaomi is no doubt more likely to win-more fans, more products, more Internet marketing tools. But in fact, it is not so, Millet's advantage at any time may be turned to defeat their own disadvantage (a powder top ten Black has become a classic quote). Contrary to the view of the music, but in the step by step to build their own ecological circle--completely different from the millet self-thought of a strong ecological system. The two-male dispute, will continue in a short time, but in the future, may be more likely to win the lottery.

Millet fall, powerless against the music vision into

In the 2014, Xiaomi's decline has become more and more gradual. The first is the Xiaomi series of mobile phones still lack of capacity, which makes the pro-pain, revenge fast. Second, along with other domestic handset manufacturers such as Meizu, such as the step-by-step approach, Xiaomi had to use the way to reduce the price to deal with. This is enough to prove that the millet series of mobile phones, the most "force" of the killer-cost-effective has ceased to exist. And in the 4G wave of the current, Xiaomi 4G mobile phone has been absent, the results of backyard fire, was cool, ZTE and other manufacturers to very cost-effective low-end 4G mobile phone pulled the jackpot. Once this important battlefield is lost, Xiaomi will be more difficult to regain.

Other products, millet routers still maintain their "noble cool" appearance, but I do not know even now low-cost, I am afraid that few buyers. Millet TV has been out to the second generation, but the content level is still not open the short board, will only walk in the edge of law to play a ball of the border-millet box facing the same embarrassment. Coupled with the defections of many fans, the internet marketing means of lack, and so on, millet finally exposed the tiger skin under the sheep.

But the recent music vision but again set off against Xiaomi attack frenzy, let Millet unable to deal with. Whether it is in Xiaomi's old line-smartphones, or targeted attacks on Xiaomi's short board-content, or the first to enter the smart home market, the millet feel heavy pressure.

The hard-to-see soft of many big pits millet

Recently, le Vision for Xiaomi aggressive denounced, absolutely is prepared for millet cloth under one can not jump out of the big pit. From the present situation, le Vision not only started to target millet, and even for the future competition of the two to bury the foreshadowing. Le Vision first sued Xiaomi for infringement at the end of June, and the result was a resounding victory. The result is that it captures Xiaomi's short handle and sore spot-a lack of content that makes Xiaomi lose money and apologize.

Then in early July, the establishment of Le Vision Mobile intelligence company, production, development of hand-made smartphones. and the establishment of this company has long been digging the corner of millet, has now dug away a lot of millet backbone (of course, there are meizu and other manufacturers of employees). Predictably, Xiaomi is also about to be hit by a vision sniper in the smartphone market.

More importantly, at the beginning of July, le Vision has been working with its small partners to build smart home systems and intelligent communities. This makes in the smart home market is still in the groping stage of millet more unable to deal with, originally wanted to do the Internet enterprise large-scale into the smart home market of the first person's millet, but was the music to rob first.

To sum up, in the battle with Le Vision, Xiaomi is losing, because of its innate lack of content. And Xiaomi has always been a product, even the proud miui can not get rid of the hard label. Relatively speaking, the music of the grasp of the content of resources, into the offensive, back can be kept, there is great leeway. Now the music to play the Horn of attack, millet to take the bet must lose more than win less.

The competition of Ecology Circle, the music view is more perfect

From the perspective of the future, Le Vision obviously hopes to walk on two legs to create the perfect ecological circle, so as to achieve balanced development. At present, Le Vision by virtue of its music video site, music TV, just set up the mobile terminal Company, teamed up to create a smart home system, the construction of its ecological circle has begun to take shape, the embryonic has been apparent. Even though the current smartphone market is weak, smartphones are still an integral part of the ecosystem. And the music as the establishment of intelligent Terminal Company, it is the popularity of millet series of mobile phones decline in the soft rib, suddenly exerting force, the intention to gain a breakthrough to expand the market.

The anti-millet, although a lot of hardware products, but still no one can play the role of the flag-bearer. Even the most concerned about the users of the Xiaomi series of mobile phones, in the first quarter of the domestic mobile phone shipments fell 24.7% in the big environment, is not ideal. The so-called eco-circle construction, although Xiaomi has been shouting for a long time, also still no improvement. Its products are fighting each other and not well integrated. The most important reason is that the lack of content, the most important lubricant, can be said that no core content advantage of millet in the Internet ecosystem construction can only be empty talk.

If a little high-end point, Xiaomi is like a Hero Complex enterprise, will Reixi as its core development. This model, which relies on personal attractiveness, is extremely advantageous at the beginning of the enterprise's development. Can rely on the leader's personal charm and resources, the rapid cohesion of the passion and feelings of employees, the industry and users to resonate. However, in the process of enterprise gradually bigger, constantly began to appear problems. Constantly spread large enterprises so that the leader's energy is difficult to fully balance, once a product or link is not done, will let users have a chain reaction.

In addition, in the emphasis on the middle of the country, millet high-profile and rebel has become a thorn in many people, there is little to cooperate with the target. Even if there is, it is only in the Internet marketing level of cooperation. This has led to its short board in content and resources that has never been able to compensate-and who doesn't want to have an opponent who is likely to subvert himself.

It can be said that in the construction process of the ecological circle, the content, resources, contacts, funds and so on can not be less. Compared with millet, le Vision in the resources, capital does not take the wind, and in content and resources is more than. Under such a confrontation, Xiaomi wants to recklessly with the future as a bet. (New discoveries of science and Technology, Constantine/Wen)

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