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Millet 5 renamed Millet 4 Plus is it true? Millet is also a follower of the iphone

Millet products Users still envy others have Plus and their own do not? Do not worry, in fact, millet early in the Rice 1 era has been put forward the concept of "Plus". Recently posted a user @ Ducati in hand when the Millet 1 found, millet 1 mobile phone's battery compartment impressively printed on the "Mi-

Millet mobile phone card where to buy millet phone card can only use the millet phone?

Millet mobile phone card where to buy Millet mobile phone Card first: 1, ldquo; any of our line rdquo; Phone card: support Unicom 2/3/4g Network, telephone 0.1 yuan/min, sms 0.1 yuan/article, Internet 0.1 yuan/mb, permanent free of the monthly fee. No roaming in mainland China, free to receive. Optional Caller ID, 5 yuan/month. Starting September 23. 2, ldquo; eat to fill rdquo; telephone card: support

Millet 3 How to use map navigation? Millet Map Navigation using method (Millet 2s/Red meter note)

1. If we do not open the GPS to open it first, on the phone's main page, and then we pull down the screen above the "Notice bar" open, as shown in the following figure. 2. You see, our GPS is closed. We just click on it to change color and we represent this feature. 3. Now we find in the millet mobile phone "Baidu map" and then click to open the map (Baidu Map is the millet with its own). 4. In the

Millet mobile phone restore mistakenly deleted pictures? method of deleting photo by mistake (Millet 2s/millet 3/Red meter note)

One, open the Millet cloud service Automatic backup album function 1. In the Millet Mobile desktop We click the "Gadgets" button to enter. 2. Find the "Millet cloud service" in gadgets to enter. 3. Here we can choose to automatically back up the album, click on the album. To back up your address book, click on the contact person. 4. Click the Start Clou

Handle connection Millet 3, Millet 3 connection Millet box

Xiaomi 3 connects the Logitech F310 handle via the USB-OTG line, and in the miracast of the Xiaomi box, connect the projection screen to the TV with the Xiaomi 3 phone.Download Modern Warfare 4 (support handle), you can hold the handle to the TV playing game.About handlesDo not know the other handle support is not supported, anyway, my Logitech F310 more than 130, and the north of the 50-block handle is the same, when buying Logitech is for compatibility better.About the Miracast delay.Miracast

What about the visual sense of the millet TV? 40-inch Millet TV 2 hands-on evaluation

March 24 2 o'clock in the afternoon, the millet company officially released a new millet TV, and unexpectedly, millet company did not take out the collection has been a long time "millet TV 3", but a small version of the Millet TV 2, screen size from 49 inches reduced to 40

Millet 5 How one key change machine? Millet 51 Key Change Machine use method

Millet 51 Key Change machine Preparation tools: Millet 5 Mobile phone one, old millet mobile phone. This article to Millet 4, Millet 51 key Machine For example, that is, small set before the use of Millet 4 mobile phones, bought

How about the Millet 4c mobile phone? Introduction of Millet 4c using method

How about the Millet 4C configuration Millet 4C detailed parameters, want to fully understand this millet 4C price, hardware configuration parameters, Time-to-market and other details of the friends, read the following parameter table, all clear. Millet 4C Basic Parameters 1299/1499 yuan

How to use millet loan for millet loan

How to apply for millet loan? Open 1. How to open a loanIf you meet the requirements of the loan application, open the Millet Financial app and confirm the authorization information, you can see the millet loan quota.If the information does not meet the conditions of credit, can be submitted real-name certification or open more services, will have the opportunit

Millet Note Configuration parameters How much does the Millet note rabbit run?

Millet Note Ding version configuration parameters details Gaotong 810,8 nuclear 64-bit processor, sharp/jdi 2K screen, NTSC color gamut up to 95%;4GB LPDDR4 memory +64GB eMMC5.0 storage, support the latest 4G network Lte-cat 9, downlink speed up to 450mbps;3d curved glass, 4.4V high voltage battery; optical stabilization camera, independent hifi module. 3299 Yuan double 4G dual sim card double stay. Gaotong Dragon 810:20nm process, quad-core A57 arc

What's with the millet purse? Introduction to the use of millet wallet

What's the effect of the millet purse? At present, the function of millet wallet is also relatively single, only support the query transactions and balance change reminders, such as basic functions, features are far from paying the treasure purse and micro-letter wallet strong. However, with the function of millet wallet constantly improve, the future

Millet hand ring support which mobile phone millet hand ring support what mobile phone

Millet hand Ring has almost all the basic functions of the intelligent hand ring, in addition to the steps, sleep monitoring, but also provides the answer to the reminders, shaking wake and other functions. By adapting to the Millet mobile phone (or MIUI system), the bracelet also provides a unique "hand ring unlocking" function. As for the lack of time to display the function, this is indeed a pity, but co

Millet Notebook Air 4G version How about the Millet notebook air 4G version good-looking?

Millet notebook air 4G and before the normal version, divided into 12.5-inch small screen core and 13.3-inch display version, a total of 2 versions. The following is the 4G version of Millet air detailed parameters: Millet Notebook Air 4G version configuration Version contrast Millet Noteb

Millet and Sogou to get the base? Millet route Why to carry Sogou prefetch engine?

Engaged in the uproar of the millet route, finally in yesterday's official debut. In the hardware, millet still adhere to the Fever level configuration, but the router this thing and mobile phones are very different, hardware configuration and industrial design is not the core of the key, only enthusiasts care about those, Millet route is to sell to the public, t

Millet TV 3 How much is the Millet TV 3?

How about 3 millet TV?Millet TV 3 uses a 60-inch LG True 4K screen, all-metal ultra-thin fuselage design, with diamond-colored aluminum frame, the upper thickness of 11.6mm, the lower thickness of 36.7mm. Equipped with 6M60 independent image processing chip, can eliminate the drag-tail phenomenon in the motion picture.The reason for the new generation is that the Millet

What's a live millet? How do you play millet live?

Is millet live the live app from Millet company? Millet Live is a millet production of a live application, formerly known as Black Gold Live now officially renamed "Millet Live." Millet Live Support micro-letter, QQ, Micr

Millet Notebook Air 13.3 configuration How about millet notebook air can play games?

Millet notebook air13.3 inch parameter introduction 13.3 "all-metal body, heavy 1.28kg, the thickest 14.8mm,5.59mm Ultra narrow frame, 80.1% screen accounted for, borderless protection glass, Morse hardness up to 7H, with" Full HD glare screen. Nvidia 940MX Standalone graphics + Intel Core i5 processor, 8GB memory +256GB SSD Drive, support hard drive expansion, price 4999 yuan. Millet not

Where is the Millet 3 mobile visitor mode? Millet 3 Visitor Mode Open Tutorial

The Millet Miui is very humanized, the millet MIUI contains the visitor pattern , may let the other people not to see own handset content. But many people do not know how to open the Millet 3 visitor mode ? where is the Millet 3 visitor mode ? What is the Millet 3 visitor m

How about millet 4S? What time does millet 4S go public?

How about Millet 4S? Millet 4S is still the metal box + double-sided glass panel. Slightly different is the Millet 4S back panel to do flat, the overall perception to slightly better than millet 4. On the configuration, the millet 4S is equipped with a Xiao Dragon 808, supp

Millet note cell phone use what kind of cell phone card millet need to cut cards?

Do you want to cut the card? Today's Millet note network support is more special, although the millet note is and millet 4 with the product line of the flagship series of mobile phones, but Millet 4 is Tanka design, and millet note is a dual-card design, and supp

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