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Author: kgezhi Wang 2009-12-16 reprinted please indicate the source, thank you.


This article describes how to quickly build a media stream server that complies with the 3GPP standard and use a built-in player (such as RealPlayer) on your mobile phone for Vod. This article introduces mainstream Real Helix and Apple Darwin respectively.

1. Helix Streaming Server

First, we will introduce the helix streaming server of real. Real provides a complete set of solutions from helix mobile producer, helix streaming server, and RealPlayer, this allows you to easily build a mobile streaming media server application platform, and supports a wide range of formats (including Real Media, Windows Media, QuickTime, and MPEG4 ). However, because the license is expensive and not open-source, helix is only suitable for general developers. However, we will briefly introduce how to build a Helix Server.


Step 1:Download Helix Server 11 for Windows. The corresponding Client Version is RealPlayer 11. installer.

Note: The default RTSP port is 554 and the default http port is 80. Note that RTSP 554 may cause UDP-based RTP packets to fail through the firewall of the carrier. The RTSP port can be larger. If the server runs security guard/thunder and other programs on the server, the user may not be able to access the HTTP service of Helix Server, you can change the http port to 8080.


Step 2:Start Helix Server and copy the file you want to broadcast to the path C:/program files/real/Helix Server/content. Input rtsp: // localhost/mpg4video.mp4 in the browser to start RealPlayer playback.


Step 3:If your computer is on the Intranet, you need to set static port ing or DMZ (expose the local computer to the WAN completely for bidirectional communication ). Of course, you need to have the Administrator account of the vro :).


 Step 4:The change of the Internet IP address of the router often causes inconvenience to the client. You can register a Domain Name Service for a peanut shell and bind your peanut shell account to the "Dynamic DNS" of the router so that you can use a second-level domain name like


Step 5:Use the client on your mobile phone to perform on-demand video. Enter an address similar to rtsp: // For example, the built-in RealPlayer of Nokia can be installed or viewed on WM mobile phones.



1. If the RealPlayer cannot be connected or the system prompts "insufficient bandwidth", it means that the file type you want for VOD is too high and cannot be transmitted normally under GPRS/edge. You can reduce the bit rate and frame rate of a file to the point where it can be played.


2. if the prompt "The MPEG-4 must be added before it is published by the server" means that the test file is not "streaming" (index creation), the solution is to download mp4box, enter the command line mp4box test.3gp-hint.


2. Darwin Streaming Server

Darwin is an open source Streaming Media Server launched by Apple, with high scalability. Next, I will repost an article from Boyou, which describes how to set up and use Darwin. His blog address:



Recently I have studied how to set up a streaming media server on a mobile phone to watch online videos on 3G mobile phones.

At the beginning, I studied the Tudou mobile phone version, but it didn't implement online playback, because the video address is HTTP. I have read many articles and finally learned how to use RTSP and MMS.

RTSP has an open-source project from Apple: Darwin Streaming Server (DSS)

DSS is a cross-platform software that can be deployed on Linux, Mac OSX, or windows.

1. DSS Windows Installation Tutorial:
  1. Download DSS for Windows from: (5.5 only)
  2. Download and decompress the package. A file named install. bat is displayed. Run the file directly and install it to C:/program files/Darwin Streaming Server/ And a number will be added to the system service.Darwin Streaming ServerService Program. This is DSS.
  3. Next you will install the perl interpreter, which can be downloaded from the and then installed
  4. After Perl is installed, run the program using Perl **. pl in cmd.
  5. Next, perform the following operations in cmd:
    • # Create a WebAdmin account and password as prompted
    • C:/program files/Darwin Streaming Server> Perl winpasswdassistant. pl
    • # Run the WebAdmin Manager
    • C:/program files/Darwin Streaming Server> Perl streamingadminserver. pl
    • # Now you can open http: // 1220/to manage the DSS server.
  6. Modify general settings-> media directory in DSS WebAdmin to change it to your media directory. You can also use the default one to put your own video file in C: /program files/Darwin Streaming Server/movies
  7. Now you can use quicktime or VLC to open rtsp: // 554/sample_100kbit.mp4 To test the video.
    Sample_100kbit.mp4 is a video of DSS 5.5.5)
2. How can I convert my video into a streaming media format?

It took me a lot to study this thing. I didn't know at first that there was a video dedicated to streaming media, so I thought that as long as I used mediaco to convert the video into a suitable format, for example: MPEG4 + AAC + MP4/MPEG4 + AAC + 3GP can be put on the server repeatedly for testing. Neither VLC nor QuickTime can be enabled. So I used a tool to open several examples of videos that come with DSS to view their formats. I tried to convert different video and audio codes and shells repeatedly, but I still couldn't. I am so depressed.

I found related articles in the DSS email list and found that it seems to be necessary to use special tools for videoHintNext, you can use it on the RTSP. You can use quicktime pro or VLC for conversion. I tried it with VLC. the File menu is called "stream (s) ", but it still does not work. No changes have been seen in the file.

So again along the hint keyword in Google above to find the article, find the Nokia Forum inside, see this article: T = 125540 indicates that you can use mp4box to perform video

So I downloaded the mp4box IN THE (don't download the GUI, just use the command line operation, just use a name)

After downloading to the decompressed file, there will be mp4box.exe, which is used to run the command line

C:/program files/Darwin Streaming Server/movies> mp4box mymovie.mp4-hint


Hinting file with Path-MTU 1450 bytes
Hinting track ID 201-type "mp4v: mp4v" (MP4V-ES)-BW 33 kbps
Hinting track ID 101-type "mp4a: mp4a" (mpeg4-generic)-BW 64 Kbps
Saving mymovie.mp4: 0.500 secs interleaving

The streaming media video is converted, and the file size changes and increases.

Then, use VLC or Quicktime to enable rtsp: // 554/mymovie.mp4 and try playing the video! If you have a 3G mobile phone, you can use your mobile phone to open the address and try it out.


3. Additional resources
  • Apple's Darwin Streaming Server on centos 5.2 (how to install DSS under centos 5.2)
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