Modify time zone under Linux (TIMEZONE)

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Today, using virtual machines to do experiments, ntpdate countless times, time or wrong. Finally found is the time zone setting is New YORK!!!

Just record the way to modify the time zone.

1. View your system time zone

Method 1:

[Email protected] ~]# Date-rthu, 2016 11:57:27 +0800

Method 2:

[Email protected] ~]# cat/etc/sysconfig/clock zone= "Asia/shanghai"

Here we see that our time zone is in New York.

To modify:

[[email protected] ~]# echo ' zone= "Asia/shanghai" ' >/etc/sysconfig/clock[[email protected] ~]# cat/etc/sysconfig/ Clockzone= "Asia/shanghai

The Linux clock setup file is:/etc/localtime, which is actually a symbolic connection to the file in the/usr/share/zoneinfo directory. Assuming we are in Shanghai, you can set the time zone as long as you run the following command.

[Email protected] ~]# ln-sf/usr/share/zoneinfo/asia/shanghai/etc/localtime[[email protected] ~]# ntpdate #这个ntp服务器是北京大学的21 Jul 12:03:13 ntpdate[1883]: Adjust time server offset 0.052517 sec

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Modify time zone under Linux (TIMEZONE)

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