MongoDB Error on window: No connection could be made

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Today in MU class network (very good one IT Technology free website) to learn Nodejs development film website, which used to the MONGO database, but in the execution encountered the following error!

Failed to connect to, reason:errno:10061 No connection could being made because the target machine actively Refused it.


Error:couldn ' t connect to server (, connection attempt failed at src/mongo/shell/mongo.js:146 E Xception:connect failed

The solution was found in Http://, as follows:

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I got same error and fixed it by:

1) mkdir C:\Data

2) CD data

3) Mongod-dbpath.

4) Now in another command window I is able to connect from my client using "MONGO" command.

Try it, use two command lines, one for the receive connection, and one for the send connection. The problem is solved, but still did not find the nature of the problem, if you know, please leave me a message, thank you.

MongoDB Error on window: No connection could be made

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