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To install MongoDB self-search, I offer here a GUI version similar to Navicat.

1. Database level

Show DBS #查看服务器上的数据库 [local 0.000GB]

Use test #切换到指定数据库 if test does not exist in the database, the test database will be created

DB #查看当前数据库 [test]

Db.dropdatabase ()  #删除当前使用的数据库 [{"Dropped": "Test", "OK": 1}]
2. Collection level
Db.createcollection ("book")  #新建一个名叫book的collection

Show Collections #查看当前数据库中的所有集合 () #删除名叫book的collection ("Book2") #将book renamed to Book2 ({id:1})   #在book集合上, establish an index to the ID field, 1 for ascending ()      #获取book集合上的索引 ({id:1})    #删除book集合上的索引
=============db.collection.update (criteria, objnew, Upsert, Multi) ======
Update () parameter description:
The criteria:update query condition is equivalent to the WHERE Condition clause in SQL update
Objnew:  updated object and some update operations, can be understood as set column= ' value '
Upsert: If no record of update is present, insert objnew True to insert, false does not insert
Multi:mongodb default False, update only the first record found, if this parameter is true, you can find out all the records are updated by criteria
======================================================================== ({},{$rename: {"BookName": "Bookname2"}},false,true)   #将book集合中的所有记录的bookname字段的名字修改为bookname2 ({},{$set: {"Price", "}},false,true")   #为book集合的每一条记录添加一个字段, and assigned a value of 50 ({},{"$unset": {"price": 1}},false,true)    #删除集合中的所有记录的price字段 ({"BookName": "Introduction to Algorithms", "Price": ""} ")    #向book集合中插入两条记录 ({"Bookename": "Data Structure", "Price": "$"})     #和insert一样也能插入一条记录 ()      #查询出book集合中所有的记录数

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