MongoDB Step by Step (i) Windows XP 32-bit installation MongoDB and its directory structure and configuration

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MongoDB is an open source document database that provides high performance, high availability, and auto-scaling. MongoDB is written by the C + + language.

Document Database (Documentdatabase):

A record is called a document in MongoDB, which is a data structure component of a pair of column values. MongoDB documents are similar to JSON objects (oh, I don't know yet). Column values may include other documents, arrays, or arrays in the document.

more bit and feature reference Introductionto MongoDB:

Current version: mongodb-win32-i386-2.6.5


Document Center:

Install MongoDB on Windows:

the installation of MongoDB is simple.

Unzip the mongodb-win32-i386-2.6.5 to D and change the name:


The MONGODB directory structure is also simple:

To create a directory where the database and error logs are stored:

mkdir D:\MongoDB\data\db

mkdir D:\MongoDB\data\log

Develop the data directory and error log directory to start the MongoDB service and enable journal (equivalent to the transaction log file, which is closed by default):

D:\mongodb\bin>mongod.exe--dbpath=d:\mongodb\data\db--directoryperdb--logpath=d:\mongodb\data\log\ Mongodb.log--logappend--journal

Database directory structure:

Journal: transaction log directory (j._0 log file numbered from 0, recyclable)

mongod.lock : Record the process number of the current Mongod

_tmp: Temporary data file

local.0 : Database file, increment by ordinal, size also multiply (64m-128m-256m-512m-1g-max 2G)

local.ns: Record collection namespaces and Index namespaces

Client-server database connection is connected via TCP/IP socket, the default port is 27017

Connect to MongoDB:

Open a new command-line window: D:\mongodb\bin>mongo.exe

Now change to set the service as the startup of the Windows service:

Create a configuration file (easy to modify parameters):

echo logpath= d:\mongodb\data\log\mongodb.log> "D:\mongodb\mongod.cfg"

echo dbpath= d:\mongodb\data\db>> "D:\mongodb\mongod.cfg"

echo port = 27017>> "D:\mongodb\mongod.cfg"

echo logappend = true>> "D:\mongodb\mongod.cfg"

echo Journal = true>> "D:\mongodb\mongod.cfg"

To create a Windows service:

# Sc.exe Delete MongoDB

Sc.exe create MongoDB binpath= "\" D:\mongodb\bin\mongod.exe\ "--service--config=\" D:\mongodb\mongod.cfg\ "" Displayname= "MongoDB" start= "Auto"

Start the service:

Error starting Service:

FIX: Close the Services window (Computer Management window)

Delete, rebuild service

Run again: D:\mongodb\bin>mongod.exe

Workaround: Discover the created MongoDB service startup parameter, no increase --service (not sure if it's wrong here)

Then close the service window, delete the Rebuild service, and error

Resolution: To view the directory, it should be deleted by me. The first time I wanted to create a service with a command, I found that the service was already there and was deleted directly. So that a subsequent string of errors occurs. Delete the file mongod.exe . Find the installation package and copy it from here!

Start directly at the command line and find it OK. That might be a problem with the steps to create a service!

Check the command, sure enough there is a problem!

The configuration file (mongod.cfg) directory is: D:\mongodb\mongod.cfg, and the command error is: D:\mongodb\bin\mongod.cfg

--config=\ "D:\mongodb\bin\mongod.cfg\" "


--config=\ "D:\mongodb\mongod.cfg\" "

(Note: The command to create the service above has been changed to correct!) ~

Good! Now rebuild the service, success. Start the service, success! ~

But now when you connect to MongoDB, you have to access the bin directory every time you execute the command:


The workaround is to add the directory to the system environment variable:

Add environment variables (note separating each variable with semicolons):

Right-click "My Computer"-"advanced"-"Environment variables"-Find "System variables"-Edit "path"-Append ";D: \mongodb\bin;"

Then change the variable at random on the command line, and then close the command line (for example):

SET Path=c:\

(This is just a variable that changes the current command-line Copy window and does not change the system's actual variable value, causing the system to refresh the variable)

Re-open the command line, enter MONGO, you can connect in!

At this point, it's done! ~

MongoDB Step by Step (i) Windows XP 32-bit installation MongoDB and its directory structure and configuration

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