Mongodb+nodejs additions and deletions of the demo

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1. Start the database

Display after startup is complete

The port number is 27017

2. Create a database to create a database named MyDB

3. First check the users of course, and then add a

4. Create a data table and query all the tables

Db.createcollection ("account")


5. New data

  Db.account.insert ({_id:10, type: "Misc", Item: "Card", qty:15})

Where account is the name of the table


6. Then we can combine Nodejs+mongodb.


This is the structure of this project.

This is the Setting.js file

This is the Result.js file

Base.js file

User.js file

User.js is a model document that does not process data

7. Finding the method in your own project is not the hardest, and it is difficult for me to find my own path.

I added it to the App.js project.

App.use ('/login ', require ('./routes/login '));
This jumps to the login page
App.use ('/users ', require ('./routes/users ')); This is the user information processing of the total JS

It's ugly, but it can be done with basic needs.

This is the code for the page

<!DOCTYPE HTML><HTML><Head>    <title><%=title%></title>    <Linkrel= ' stylesheet 'href= '/stylesheets/style.css '/></Head><Body><H1>Login</H1><P>Warmly welcome</P><formname= "Login"Method= "POST"Action= "/users/loginaction"><Div>Phone Number:<inputtype= "text"name= "mobile"/></Div><Div>Password:<inputtype= "text"name= "Password"/></Div>    <Buttontype= "Submit"value= "Login">Login</Button>    <inputtype= "Submit"formaction= "/users/register"value= "Register" /></form></Body></HTML>

8. Processing business logic to increase users, delete users, query user list (./routes/users)

varExpress = require (' Express ');varRouter =Express. Router (); Console.log ("User.js")varUserentity = require ('.. /models/user '). userentity;varRestresult = require ('.. /result '); ('/register ',function(Req,res,next) {Console.log ("Zhuce")  varRestresult =NewRestresult (); varMobile; varPassword =Req.body.password; if(!password | | Password < 6) {Restresult.errorcode=Restresult.illegal_argument_error_code; Restresult.errorreason= "Password length cannot be less than 6 pull";    Res.send (Restresult); return; }  //FindOne method, the first parameter number condition, the second parameter is the field projection, the third parameter is the callback functionUserentity.findone ({mobile:mobile}, ' _id ',function(err,user) {if(Err) {}if(user) {Restresult.errorcode=Restresult.business_error_code; Restresult.errorreason= "Mobile number registered";      Res.send (Restresult); return; }    varRegisterUser =Newuserentity ({mobile:mobile,password:password}); (function(err,row) {if(Err) {Restresult.errorcode=Restresult.server_exception_error_code; Restresult.errorreason= "Server has a problem";        Res.send (Restresult); return; } console.log ("Insert Succeeded");    Res.send (Restresult); })}) Router.get (‘/‘,function(req, res, next) {Res.render (' Login ', {title: ' Express ' });}); ('/remove ',function(req,res,next) {varID; Console.log (' ID: ' +ID); Userentity.remove ({_id:id},function() {Console.log (' Delete succeeded ') Res.send ({code:1}); })})//Landing ('/loginaction ',function(Req,res,next) {Console.log ("Sign In"); varRestresult =NewRestresult (); varMobile; Console.log ("Mobile:" +mobile) Console.log ("Password:" +mobile)if(!/1\d{10}/.test (MOBILE)) {//mobile phone number format CheckRestresult.errorcode =Restresult.illegal_argument_error_code; Restresult.errorreason= "Please fill in the True phone format";    Res.send (Restresult); return; }  varPassword =Req.body.password; if(!password) {Restresult.errorcode=Restresult.illegal_argument_error_code; Restresult.errorreason= "Password cannot be empty";    Res.send (Restresult); return; } userentity.findone ({mobile:mobile,password:password},{password:0},function(err,user) {if(Err) {Restresult.errorcode=Restresult.server_exception_error_code; Restresult.errorreason= "Server Exception";      Res.send (Restresult); return; }    if(!user) {Restresult.errorcode=Restresult.business_error_code; Restresult.errorreason= "User name or password error";      Res.send (Restresult); return; }  /*restresult.returnvalue = user; Res.send (Restresult);*/userentity.find ({},{},function(E,docs) {Res.render (' UserList ',{        "UserList":d OCS});    }); //Update last Login timeUserentity.update ({_id:user._id},{$set: {lastlogintime:NewDate ()}}).  exec (); });}); Module.exports= Router;

9, last look at the effect

Mongodb+nodejs additions and deletions of the demo

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