Monthly salary: 30 thousand interview questions, monthly salary: 30 thousand interview questions

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Monthly salary: 30 thousand interview questions, monthly salary: 30 thousand interview questions

What is your understanding of MVC?

V is a flesh, a thing to see

M is the skeleton, it is the real thing inside

C is the tendon connecting flesh and bones.


For the requirement of Interface Design variability, MVC divides the composition of the Interaction System into three parts: model, view, and control.



The model component is the internal abstraction of the problem logic processed by the software independent of the external display content and form, and encapsulates the computing relationship of the core data, logic, and functions of the problem, it is independent of specific interface expressions and I/O operations.


The view component displays the information and specific forms of model data, logical relationships, and statuses to users. It obtains the display information from the model and can have multiple different display forms or views for the same information.


The control component is used to process the interaction between users and software. Its responsibility is to control the propagation of any changes in the model and ensure that the user interface corresponds to the relationship between models. It accepts user input, the input is fed back to the model to control the calculation of the model. It is a part of the coordination between the model and the view. A view usually has a controller.


The separation of models, views, and controllers allows a model to have multiple display views. If you change the model data through the controller of a view, all other views dependent on the data should reflect the changes. Therefore, the Controller will notify all views of the changes at any time, resulting in display updates. This is actually a model change-propagation mechanism.

Interview Questions with a monthly salary of 30 thousand

It should be July September 1.
James said: If I don't know, I'm sure I don't know either.
Xiaoqiang is likely to get the 7 and 2 numbers. If he gets the 2 numbers, Xiaoqiang will know his birthday.
James makes sure that he does not know the reason that he did not take the year June or the year December.

Xiaoqiang said: I didn't know either, but now I know.
This statement makes it even more clear that Xiaoqiang did not get the 4th and 7th days because of the exclusion of June and December
For example, for example
Therefore, it is impossible for Xiaoqiang to know the exact birthday. Therefore, it is excluded on the 5th.
The remaining date is January 1, March 4, March 8, September 1.

James said: Oh, I know.
If James received two dates in July and July, then James could not determine the teacher's birthday.
From this, we can draw a conclusion that the teacher's birthday is October 16, September 1.

One interview question with a monthly salary of 30 thousand

The answer is: January 1, September 1.

1. James said, "if I don't know, I'm sure I don't know ".
The subline of this sentence is actually: "I should have guessed it. If I guess it is wrong, Xiaoqiang certainly does not know it ". But James is still not sure whether he guessed it right or not. He needs to confirm it with Jack. What value does M take for James to say so? Obviously, 6 and 12 are not advisable. If M is 6 or 12, N may be 2 or 7. Jack can know Miss Zhang's birthday with 2 or 7 digits. M can only be 3 or 9, while N can only be set to 1, 4, 5, or 8.
If M is 3, N, three values can be obtained, and the result is "If James does not know, Xiaoqiang may know (2--8 ), it may also be unknown (3-5 ). ", In this case, James said, "if I don't know, I'm sure I don't know." James is not so confident.
If M is 9, James knows that N can only be 1 or 5. At this time, James's guess is that N = 1, and N is not 1, James is not sure, if N is not 1 but 5, then James said, "if I don't know, I'm sure I don't know ". At this point, James knows that there are only two possible results: wait for Xiaoqiang to confirm whether N is 5.

2. Xiaoqiang said, "I didn't know either, but now I know ".
Xiaoqiang said, "I didn't know", and verified that N is indeed not 2 or 7. At the same time, Xiaoqiang also knew that "M is not 6 or 12, M is only available for 3 and 9 ". If N is 5, then Xiaoqiang should say "I didn't know, but I still don't know ". According to the inference in Section 1, N = 1, so Xiaoqiang can say "I didn't know, but now I know ".

3. James said, "I know that too"
James waited for a sentence from Xiaoqiang. No matter how Xiaoqiang answered the question, James knew the correct answer. If Xiaoqiang says "I still don't know", then James can still know that "only N = 5 will make Xiaoqiang confused", so the answer is September 5. If Xiaoqiang says "I know ", so it must be September 1.

In fact, James understands from beginning to end. He only needs Xiao Qiang to say A word to verify his guess. For Xiao Ming, it is A non-A (B) choice question. Therefore, according to the story of the question itself, James's third sentence is not needed. Many people use this condition when deriving it, which is a bit like doing a math problem.

Mr. P knows the number of points for this card, but cannot determine what card it is. Obviously, the number of points for this card cannot be J, 8, 2, 7, 3, K, or 6. Because J, 8, 2, 7, 3, K, 6 cards of these seven points, there is only one card in 16 cards. If the number of points for this card is one of the above seven, then Mr. P, with sufficient reasoning ability, can immediately determine what card it is. For example, if Professor John tells Mr. P that the number of points for this card is J, then Mr. P will immediately know that this card is taotao J. We can see that the number of points for this card can only be 4 or 5 or A or Q.
Next, let's analyze what Mr. Q said: "I know you don't know this card.
Mr. Q knows the color of this card and makes a conclusion that "I know you don't know this card". Obviously, this card cannot be a peach or a grass flower. Why? Because if this card is a spam or cahua, Mr. Q will not determine "I know you don't know this card.
Assume that this card is black peach. If this card is a black peach card and the number of points in this card is J, 8, 2, 7, 3, Mr. P can know what card it is; assuming that this card is a treasure, Mr. Q cannot make such a decision, because if the number of points is K or 6, Mr. P can immediately know what the card is, in this case, Mr. Q certainly cannot conclude that "I know you don't know this card. Therefore, we can infer the color of this card, the peach, or the square.
Mr. P, who has sufficient reasoning ability, can also draw conclusions when he hears this sentence from Mr. Q. That is to say, Mr. Q's conclusion that "I know you don't know this card" has objectively indicated the color of this card to Mr. P.
With Mr Q's suggestion, Mr. P concluded that "now I know this card. From this ...... the remaining full text>

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