MSDN Webcast Series Course on the MVC 3 Development Practice Series

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Author: User MVC 3 Development Practice Series (1~3): Overview of MVC 3 MVC 3 is the third version of the MVC Pattern Web application Development framework provided by Microsoft. This section focuses on the overall situation of the MVC framework, giving the audience a clearer understanding of MVC. MVC 3 Development Practice Series (4): Overview of MVC 3 Razor View engine
This course is an in-depth study of the Razor view engine based on the last lesson. Learn how to implement razor layout and ASPX view conversion to Razor view. MVC 3 Development Practice Series (5): Overview of MVC 3 controller
Learn the controller features of MVC 3 and require additional attention through simple learning and walkthrough. MVC 3 Development Practice Series (6): Routing and Filters
This course introduces the basic contents and new features of the Routing and filter mechanisms in MVC 3 respectively. MVC 3 Development Practice Series (7): Model
This course describes the basic usage of model in MVC 3 and understands what improvements have been made to model in MVC 3. MVC 3 Development Practice Series (8): Best Practices (ON)
After you have mastered the basics of mvc 3, this course will take you through the best practices for learning MVC 3, and learn how to develop better Web applications. MVC 3 Development Practice Series (9): Best Practices (Next)
Understanding the content of implementing best practices through some development tools and development techniques, mastering the features of Third-party development components, and improving development efficiency and quality. MVC 3 Development Practice Series (10): Performance optimization mvc 3 as the new MVC framework, performance optimization is certainly not negligible. This course introduces the performance optimization strategies of the MVC 3 development Web application from several perspectives, further enhancing the development and deployment skills of MVC applications.


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