Multi-functional integrated environment build PHP website on Windows Server, build PHP website on server

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Server version: Windows server R2 Enterprise

Usually build PHP website, can build on Linux server, also can build on Windows Server, mainly look at your personal needs , today we demonstrate is to use Phpwamp Green integrated Environment in Windows Server build PHP website.

This Phpwamp green integrated environment also belongs to the Wamp kit, you know what is Wamp it?

apache+mysql+php under Windows, called Wamp.

Wamp kits actually have a lot, such as Wampserver, Apmserv, xampp and so on, these wamp environment each have characteristics.

This article demonstrates the Pure Green PHP integrated environment Phpwamp, which I found on the Internet.

The version number used is version of 2016, see the official website introduction, 2017 of the version of the estimate is almost out.

Why use the Phpwamp integration environment instead of other integrated environments?

1, because Phpwamp decompression can be used, you do not even need to install VC runtime can also run directly, and other integrated environment requires you to install the VC runtime, download time, installation also time.

2, Phpwamp The default integration of the various components are the latest version, and is the full version, it is more suitable for running on the server (other integrated environment is often used to test, the integration of components castrated, a lot smaller) of course phpwamp is also suitable for local testing, if including 32-bit and 64-bit, Thread-safe and non-thread-safe PHP version, a total of more than 700 PHP versions you switch.

3, Phpwamp can run various versions of the PHP site at the same time, is very suitable for comparative testing. Multi-version running also suitable for running on the server of the PHP version of the more stringent requirements of the PHP program, you can run a different PHP version of the Web program on the server.

4, the key to the goods can also be a key to remove the port number behind the domain name, to achieve with Apache, Nginx, IIS and other Web server coexistence, remove the port number behind the domain name.

5, compatibility is very strong, compatible with XP system, Windows7, WINDOWS8, WINDOWS10 can also be perfectly compatible, on each Windows Server compatibility is also strong.

6, Phpwamp integration environment can coexist with any other environment, do not affect each other, the port number of visual modification, forced to remove port occupancy and so on.

7, has the force to kill all environmental barriers, a key force to unload any PHP environment, instant blast off the obstruction (will not affect the system), simple rough, so that you save time to complete the site immediately configuration.

8, switch PHP version is convenient, also can customize PHP version, provide 700 PHP version for you to change, in time to meet the needs of various programs for different versions.

9, on the official website of phpMyAdmin, you can see that the various versions of phpMyAdmin have prompted the version of PHP compatible with the version of the database, and Phpwamp's own database management tools phpMyAdmin undergone special modifications, Can be perfectly compatible with any PHP version, whether you switch any PHP version, can be used normally, and will not be like some PHP environment, upgrade or change version, phpMyAdmin will be a problem.

10, Phpwamp has automatic periodic restart of the server, automatically periodically restart Apache, MySQL and other services features.

The following is a demonstration of the process of building a PHP Web site on a server, such as the server version showing Windows Server R2 Enterprise

After any IDC service provider buys a server, open a Remote Desktop Connection here on the local computer point to connect to the remote server

Then enter the information about the server you purchased in the interface, such as

It is the appearance after landing, now we can operate this server.

Then use the server's own browser to download the Phpwamp integration environment, Baidu search "Phpwamp", find the official website to download.

Open software after decompression

Change the port of the main interface to 80

Switch to any PHP version and open Apache2.4 site management

After adding the site, we start to generate the corresponding hosts in one click

Click this button to start the website

Perfect start, the site program itself can be configured, this will not, you can use Baidu Phpwamp tutorial

To this step, the site can only be viewed on the server, others through the internet is not access, because there is an important step to do, that is the domain name resolution, the domain name resolution to this server, the network name across the country can be accessed through the Internet you this site, below we show how to parse.

Find an IDC service provider on the street, buy a domain name, and then enter the domain name management system for domain name resolution

Analysis, analytic management system will usually have a hint, take a serious look will be, really do not call to ask relevant customer service personnel related website.

Add two of these parsing records as follows

Wait a moment, all over the country network name will be able to access your website through the domain name you bind.

Multi-functional integrated environment build PHP website on Windows Server, build PHP website on server

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