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After almost two months of hard work, it was almost possible to find a job.

Although the final result is not bad, I believe all the job friends will feel it.

. I have been in Jiaotong University for more than six years and have never used BBs. I also became a newbie in bbs at this critical moment. I visited most of them.

Of course, it is the job version. Therefore, I am writing these experiences today, hoping to send them to all xdjm who want to get satisfactory work.

Wave point residual heat LA.

I think I am still a person with a clear goal, and I have a little confidence in my own strength, so

The submitted resumes are concentrated (to be honest, people around me are still shaken a little when they vote for the four major websites.

Said), mainly those industries written on the title, and also invested in several favorite marketing ate to prevent unexpected, unexpected

The most amazing thing about Bs is that it was just the opportunity given to me by the two companies. At that time, I thought that there was no way to go.

I am a little biased, and now I want to talk about things again.

Investment Bank 1

Investment banks only invest in CICC and Goldman Sachs, but they still feel quite different. CICC has been involved since the first round.

Professional questions (even those who don't read finance to me), and questions from Goldman Sachs until final are still relatively simple.


CICC is the first interview in my job hunting. Because I am not vigilant, the interview is still poor.

When I asked my resume, I answered all my questions. (at that time, I thought they thought my resume was compiled.

). Jack Ma entered the written test. The main reason is that you can write three articles after reading the materials: one is Chinese and the other is true.

2005 Views on the U.S. economy. The other two articles are in English. One article is about the factors that affect IPO pricing, and the other is about how to calculate several indicators.

Analyze the financial status of a company. I feel that I am doing a general job, And I think CICC should prefer professional people because

It is not surprising that after the written test, the following content will be absent.

In the interview with Goldman Sachs, I met three people from Tel interview to the second round, and then I went to final to Beijing to meet three people.

Even though they have similar questions, they ask your experience and some simple professional knowledge.

This is why I am not asking for help.

2. Consulting

The consulting experience is rich, with a total of mck, BCG, Lek, Bain, boozallen, monitor, and Roland be

Rger and ATK.

In addition to mck, all companies have given me one or more opportunities for pretalk (while mck has not given me workshop, it also has a direct impact

Although mck is not my favorite on Roland Berger and BCG final, it is still visible

Influence of mck: P)

Except Roland Berger, all companies gave me the next round of opportunities after one side or pretalk.

Except for monitor, I entered final of all companies.

In addition to BCG, I got the offer shortly after final round-Bain, boozallen, ATK

D Lek-I'm glad that there is my favorite Bain.

A) pre-talk

After reading a post from the predecessors, I have a detailed summary of pretalk. I think it is really appropriate to write it. For me

I have worked as an intern at a famous consulting company, so my pretalk is mainly asking me what I did during my internship.

What, what are the gains, whether there are any difficulties, and what are the advantages of consulting?

This is especially weird.

B) case interview

Case interview depends on your usual accumulation, but it is also very important to play on-site (I mean that

Some cases that you did at that time are very simple.

There is another opportunity. The interview results only depend on your current performance ). In general, case interview mainly examines

Your three capabilities-business sense, logical thinking and problem-solving capability


Sometimes you may also test your ability to resist stress. For example, when you are interviewing, the interviewer will be very uncooperative.

Or very impatient, or give you a feeling that you are doing very poorly, to see if you will be confused, nothing

Done. Another possibility is that it will make you feel very good, whether you will be happy or not, and then be proud to forget it.

In case interview.

Of course, the interview results depend largely on the interviewer's style. The style mentioned here does not refer to the previous post.

The interviewer in the Child liked you or not (as far as I know, one of my interviewers in the first round of ATK didn't like me very much, but she

I still passed the interview, so most of the time, the interviewer's evaluation of your interview performance is fair ),

It refers to the style that the interviewer prefers to use for case. For example, if an interviewer gives you a case

It is also free to give, so as long as you have a decent analysis, you can justify yourself, he will generally be more satisfied

The other interviewer may have some thoughts on the case you have provided. I hope you can follow his or her advice.

If you do not follow his or her own ideas, it may be relatively dangerous. For the last interviewer, some will give

You should give a prompt to guide you on his ideas. Some of them will basically say nothing, even when you ask a question.

Let's ask you a question, "What do you think?". This is a typical tough interviewer, so you have

Self-satisfied :)

However, it doesn't mean that you won't be able to survive when the interviewer is cold to you. I have met someone who feels like interv.

Iewer is nice, and the result is rejected relentlessly. In short, your main goal during the interview is to solve a relative customer

View the case, rather than being influenced by subjective interviewer expressions or behaviors. In addition, sometimes

Interviewer will propose at the end that you still have some important points not mentioned. At this moment, you must first be modest

Thank you for your comments.

It was mentioned that, for example, the time limit, or you thought of it but thought it was a little less important.

Do not be too far-fetched; otherwise, it would be better to accept it modestly.

Handle errors in case interview. I personally think it can be admitted generously (generally, interviewer will immediately

Question or point out), and then correct it. Basically, this will not have much negative impact on your interview results.

Even people will make some mistakes. But if you have too many errors during the interview, then ......

At the company level, I think that BCG prefers you to solve this case. Other companies do not seem to have this feeling.

Jue. In addition, I personally think we should participate in some practical topics (especially for SS ).

And I will talk to you more.

Appendix: do not add any notes to the interview cases of various consulting companies.

In chronological order, the number of rounds is no longer specified. Generally, there are two rounds)


1. Market sizing of pulp in China Market

2. A third-party logistics company that ships cars, its customers complained that their prices were too high and asked if their prices were true.

If so, how can we lower the price?

3. Determine the sales team size of a juice company

4. a us components distributor (mainly high-end component) China market entry



1. Market sizing of weight-losing products in China Market

2. China market entry demo-, an auto parts manufacturer that produces high-grade logs

3. Location Selection

4. Our customer is a small Chain Retailer. Recently, Wal-Mart has merged some small retailers in the industry.

Will this affect our customers? If so, what should our customers do?

5. Market sizing of mobile phone subscribers in China Market

6. situational questions: What if you and your team leader have different ways of working? If you are

What should I do if I find that your partner is wrong on resentation?


1. How to Increase the proportion of genuine operating systems installed by dealers on bare metal instead of pirated operating systems?

2. Beer manufacturers want to enter the wine market, market entry demo-

3. Market sizing of Gas Station in Shanghai & Lenovo acquired IBM's PC business

Two Cases)


1. Market sizing of Gas Station in Shanghai

2. Introduce some tea concept and use product-oriented approach or service-oriented appr.


(Boozallen final does not do case)


1. Whether or not a private equity company invests in Dept.

2. An auto parts manufacturer has the advantages of Quality and Technology, and the disadvantage is the price. It wants to keep its market share from the present in five years.

5% to 25%. How can this problem be solved?

3. Select cases that meet market needs in different places (as mentioned in previous posts)

4. A household appliance manufacturer mainly produces TV sets and mobile devices. Its market expansion strategy

Tri-foreign bank

Since there are several offers, the bank will not continue to face it. Let's provide you with some experiences.

Citi: the first round consists of three parts: numerical test and group discussion

There are many restrictions on the flight from one place to another, such as the crew and oil. We want you to discuss the best.

And attitude test; the second round of meeting with HR manager, mainly for your resume

All the things I wrote and did not write will be carefully asked, mainly to see teamwork and leadership;

In three rounds, I saw HR ctor and business people.

HSBC: the first round of numerical and verbal test, the second round is also to see HR, chat experience Blablabla, emphasizing the East

The West is also similar; the third round is to create an online occupational performance questionaire;

Is final's assessment center.

Standard Chartered: numerical and Attitude Test are all done during online application, so we can see HR directly.


I wrote a lot in the hope that it will be helpful to everyone. It is the best souvenir for me to say goodbye to my job. Pai_^

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