My.ini optimization in MySQL database 2G memory for the installation of multi-voltage station _mysql

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The larger the physical memory, the larger the setting. The default is 2402, tuned to 512-1024 best
innodb_additional_mem_pool_size=4m defaults to 2M
(set to 0 is to wait until the innodb_log_buffer_size queue is full and then unified storage, the default is 1)
innodb_log_buffer_size=2m defaults to 1M
Innodb_thread_concurrency=8 a few of your server CPUs are set to a few, recommended by default generally 8
key_buffer_size=256m defaults to 218 to 128 best
tmp_table_size=64m defaults to 16M up to 64-256
read_buffer_size=4m defaults to 64K
read_rnd_buffer_size=16m defaults to 256K
sort_buffer_size=32m defaults to 256K
max_connections=1024 defaults to 1210
thread_cache_size=120 defaults to 60

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