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Another discussion on the EF core Memory Database Unit test problem

Label:(This article also published in my public number "dotnet daily Essence article", Welcome to the right QR code to pay attention to. ) Preface: What if you encounter an "unreachable object" error while using EF Core's in-memory database for unit testing? The previous tips for using include in EF Core 1.0 briefly talked about how to use the EF Core

Unit testing using the in-memory database

Label:Transferred from: Unit testing Using in-memory MySQL Database on SpringWell the title lied, there's no such thing as in-

Springboot integrates H2 memory databases for unit testing and database independence.

Springboot integrates H2 memory databases for unit testing and database independence.1. Create a spring boot Project When creating a project, you need to add JPA and H2 dependencies. 2. Engineering Structure The pom file dependency is as follows: 3. Compile entity classes Package com. chhliu. springboot. h2.entity; import java. math. bigDecimal; import javax.

Unit Test of Nhibernate with SQLite Memory Database

The unit test for data access code is in an awkward position. If the operation is not performed for a real database, it cannot capture database-specific errors, such as whether the SQL statement syntax is correct, whether the operation violates the database constraints and whether the transaction is correctly committed

Unit test using Effort Memory Database error

You may encounter two errors when you use the Effort memory database in a unit test:1.: "No Entity Framework provider found for the ADO provider with invariant name ' Effort.providerThis error, is to tell us not to quote effort, here may have doubts, I have clearly quoted the effort, why not yet, in fact, due to the version of the problem.The earlier version of t

The basic unit of Oracle Allocated Memory: granule (granularity)

Tags: Available family back middle buffers SOF sel section cache After 9i, the internal component size of the SGA can be dynamically adjusted or automatically managed by the database, and when the memory size is set, the basic unit of allocation is granularity (granule) granule is a contiguous virtual memory, the

Entry-level----black-box testing, white-box testing, manual testing, automated testing, exploratory testing, unit testing, performance testing, database performance, stress testing, security testing, SQL injection, buffer overflow, environmental testing

case. Unit-level performance testing Performance testing is a problem that many companies ignore, or the direction of testing until the program has been developed. Performance test Results Table Name System has a serious performance problem, the corresponding time is slow, memory consumption too much, can not support a large number of data requests, in the case of a large number of users concurrent acc

In-memory: In-memory database

In the last six months after 2016, as the project needed to support fast data updates and high concurrent workloads for multiple users, I tried water SQL Server 2016 for in-memory OLTP, creating a memory database to implement the project's load requirements, and now the project is nearing the end, the system is running stably, writing a blog, Record the experienc

SQL Server 605 attempted to extract a logical page in database%d%s_pgid failed. This logical page belongs to the allocation unit%i64d, not%i64d.

the name of the inserted table and save the result in a different table INSERT into #HK_STK_PRICE_IDX (LIST_DATE,LTTTRDATE,EDATE,PSVPCLNGPRARC,PSVOPNGPRARC,PSVCLNGPRARC,PSVHTPR, Psvltpr,trvol,trto)SELECTc.list_date,b.edate,a.enddate,b.psvpclngprarc,b.psvopngprarc,b.psvclngprarc,b.psvhtpr,b.psvltpr,b.trvol,b. Trto from#TRADE_DAY A CrossAPPLY (SELECT TOP 1 * from#STK_MKTWHEREEDATEA.enddate andList_datea.enddateORDER byEDATEDESC) B CrossAPPLY (SELECT TOP 1 * from#LIST_DATEWHEREList_dateA.endd

In-memory: In-memory database

SQL Server 2016 in-memory OLTP, in layman's terms, is a memory database that is implemented using memory-optimized tables (memory-optimized table, or MOT), and the MOT resides in memory and is accessed using the Hekaton

Research on lightweight Memory Database

operation 1 record: 10 microseconds; One Delete operation record: 93 microseconds; It can be seen that the efficiency of the local memory database has increased by more than an order of magnitude than that of the Oracle database in seconds. 6 conclusion Through the study of the lightweight memory

Design of Embedded Memory Database Engine

. According to this definition, the "working version" (or the entire database) of MMDB is resident in the memory, and no data I/O exists between internal and external memory during the execution of any transaction. Obviously, it requires a certain amount of memory capacity, but does not require the entire

Optimize the memory configuration of the sqlserver Database Server

to expand the virtual memory for users and increase the available memory of SQL Server;(3) If possible, leave some additional memory for the system, so that you can open a service on the server or add a process without changing the memory configuration of the SQL Server, it is generally considered that the minimum run

Oracle Learning Starter Series five memory structures, database structures, processes

Label:The Oracle Learning Primer series Five Memory structure, database structure, process The previous Toad briefly described some of the features of Oracle's database products, other products, and Oracle software. Although the dry goods have but the sincerity is relatively few, this beginning is to dry-based, which is mixed with some of the matter of nonsense.

SSD and in-memory database technology

there is no association between the data can greatly improve the non-sexual, if you need to aggregate operations to access multiple nodes, there is a cost.More details can be found in the article.Oracle 12c "In-memory Database"In-memory is a 12 option that uses column storage to supplement disk-based row-type storage, primarily for Hana. So not all of the data i

Use MongoDB as a pure memory database (Redis style) __ Database

use MongoDB as a pure memory database (Redis style) Basic Ideas The use of MongoDB as a memory database (In-memory db), which is not allowing MongoDB to save data to disk, has aroused more and more people's interest. This usage is very practical for the following applicati

Talking about the strategy of optimizing the memory configuration of SQL Server database servers

not use Tempdbin RAM.4 Matters needing attention(1) It is recommended that SQL Server not set less than 32MB of memory in the production environment, and do not run other applications on the database server as far as possible;(2) Expansion of virtual memory, increase SQL Server available memory, should consider physi

Optimizing the memory configuration policy of the SQLServer database server (2) _ MySQL

Optimizing the memory configuration policy of the SQLServer database server (2) And click "stop". The confirm operation dialog box is displayed; ④ Select "yes" to confirm the operation, and close the dialog box to complete the settings. 3? Optimize Virtual memory When setting Windows NT virtual memory, you n

[Transfer to]oracle Learning series five memory structure, database structure, process

our memory structure.Data blocks are similar to block sizes in an operating system, and the Oracle database block size is usually an integer multiple of the size of the operating system block, with the benefit of not having to say much.Toad's own work experience, in the OLTP model, 4KB, 8KB and 16KB performance difference is not particularly obvious.However, the principle is that the block size is the smal

Indexing technology in the in-memory database

Tags: 32-bit hash optimization One efficiency keyword cache server noteThe traditional database management system puts all the data on disk for management, so it is called a disk database (drdb:disk-resident). The disk database requires frequent access to the disk for data manipulation, and the disk reads and writes much less than the CPU processes the data, so t

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