MySQL Daemon Startup Parameters

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MySQL assumes that your startup script is/etc/init.d/mysql

So find the $bindir/safe_mysqld line, plus the following parameters

-O max_connections=1000-o wait_timeout=500-o interactive_timeout=500

Of course, it has to be based on your actual situation to modify, but the default value for our company such a load of servers is unimaginable ...

Now, your MySQL startup file might look like this:


$bindir/safe_mysqld--user=mysql--datadir= $datadir--pid-file= $pid _file-o max_connections=1000-o- O interactive_timeout=500&


After the modification is complete, restart MySQL, note that you must first use the Mysqladmin shutdown server.

It is recommended that you configure these parameters in MY.CNF.

If you have the source code version of MySQL, you can find my-huge.cnf in the Support-files directory, my-large.cnf

Open it separately and choose the one that suits you.

To copy a passage:

# You can copy this file to
#/ETC/MY.CNF to set global options,
# MYSQL-DATA-DIR/MY.CNF to set server-specific options
# Installation This directory is @localstatedir @) or
# ~/.MY.CNF to set user-specific options.
# One can in this file with all long options supports.
# If you are want to know which options a program support, run the program
# with--HELP option.

Suggested to add the essence:)

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