Native app development and web App development (native and web development pros and cons)

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Native app Development

Native app Development is what we call the traditional app development model (native app development model), which is developed for different languages and frameworks for different mobile phone operating systems, such as iOS and Android, which is usually made up of "cloud Server data +app application Client" Part two, All UI elements, data content, and logical frames are installed on the mobile terminal.

Web app Development

Web app Development is a framework-based app development model (HTML5 App Framework development model), which has a cross-platform advantage, typically composed of "HTML5 Cloud Web site +app application Client" two parts, app client only need to install the application framework part, And the app's data is every time you open the app, go to the cloud to get the data presented to the mobile users.

The Web App app presents the following features:

(1) Every time you open the app, you should use the app framework to get the UI and data from the cloud website;

(2) Mobile users cannot access the data in the app.

(3) The frame type app cannot call the device of the mobile terminal (voice, camera, SMS, GPS, Bluetooth, gravity sensor, etc.)

(4) Frame-type app access speed is limited by the mobile phone terminal Internet access, each use will consume a certain amount of mobile internet traffic;

(5) The installation package of frame-type app is small, only contains frame files, and a large number of UI elements, data content just stored in the cloud;

(6) Every time the app user can access the latest cloud data in real time;

(7) App users do not need to update the app frequently, and the cloud realizes real-time data interaction;

Applicable enterprises: E-commerce, finance, news, enterprise groups need to constantly update the content of the app.

The Native app (native app) presents the following features:

(1) Every time you get the latest app features, you need to upgrade your app.

(2) The installation package of native app is relatively large, including UI element, data content, logical framework;

(3) Mobile phone users are not able to access the Internet or the data previously downloaded in the app app.

(4) Native app can call hardware device of mobile terminal (voice, camera, SMS, GPS, Bluetooth, gravity sensor, etc.)

(5) The app updates new features that involve submitting audits to each store every time.

Suitable for enterprises: games, E-magazines, management applications, the Internet of things, etc. without the need to constantly update the application framework of the app.

Mobile Web is ubiquitous, mobile web is currently the only platform to support a variety of device access, like the desktop web, mobile Web support a variety of standard protocols. Mobile Web is also the only platform for developers to publish mobile apps, which effectively connects various mobile interactions with desktop tasks, while developing Native apps can take advantage of the features of the device, which is often not available in a Web browser, so for a product itself, Native App is the best choice.

Summary sentence: Development budget 100w+,native APP, otherwise app/hybird app/applet

Native app development and web App development (native and web development pros and cons)

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