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MongoDB Data Summary topic)

Document directory 1. What is MongoDB? 3. MongoDB hands-on experience sharing 4. MongoDB and open-source projects 5. MongoDB client and tool set 7. MongoDB performance and Optimization 9. MongoDB news Address:

The application and practice of MongoDB in web development

First, what is MongoDB?A set of high-performance, easy-to-develop document database. He holds data in the form of key-value pairs that can hold most data documents, including strings, arrays, data sequences, pictures, videos, and so on. MongoDB's

MongoDB Development Learning

If you have never been familiar with MongoDB or have a little understanding of MongoDB, if you are a C # developer, take a few minutes to read this article. This article will take you step by step to get started easily. Read directory 1:

MongoDB Continuous Development: Release 1.4, 10gen to provide business support

March 25 MongoDB (taken from "Humongous") 1.4 release shortly after its founder Dwight Merriman (formerly DoubleClick Ceo/cto) announced 10gen--open source document database MongoDB behind the company, It will provide business training and

Installing MongoDB under CentOS6.5

MongoDB is currently the most common nosql-non-relational database.This article will show you how to install MongoDB with Yum under CentOS.1. First, under CentOS6.5, edit the MONGO yum Source:Under/ETC/YUM.REPO.D, edit Mongo.repoVim

MongoDB Primer Learning (1)

What is MongoDB?MongoDB is written by the C + + language and is an open source database system based on distributed file storage.In the case of high load, adding more nodes can guarantee the performance of the server.MongoDB is designed to provide

MongoDB Introduction and download and installation

MongoDB is a product between a relational database and a non-relational database, and is the most versatile and most like relational database in a non-relational database. The data structure he supports is very loose and is a JSON-like Bjson format,

What is MongoDB?

What is MongoDB?MongoDB is an open source database system written by the C + + language.In the case of high load, adding more nodes can guarantee the performance of the server.MongoDB is designed to provide scalable, high-performance data storage

Mongodb configuration to Application

I. Mongodb introduction Mongo ( is a high-performance, open-source (DAI zhenjun daniu is studying Mongodb source code. You can go to www. cnblogs. comdaizhj), schema-free document-type database, which can be used in many scenarios to

Installing the MongoDB non-relational database

Installing MongoDB non-relational database MongoDB Basic skills target Understanding the basic concepts of MongoDB database Learn to install MongoDB database MongoDB OverviewMongoDB is an open source document database and is the

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