NBU expired Media,media ID not found in EMM database

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Subject:when attempting to expire a media in Veritas NetBackup (TM) 6.0 with the Bpexpdate command, the message "requested Media ID was not found in the EMM database ' is received


1. Using Nbemmcmd to list media details is primarily the master server information

[Email protected] admincmd]# Nbemmcmd-listmedia-mediaid DD1083
Nbemmcmd, version:6.5.6
Media guid:a28ad432-f215-11e5-8000-fcf2c0fe6d67
Media id:dd1083
Media Type:hcart2
Volume Group:000_00002_tld
Media flags:1
description:added by Media Manager
Partner Barcode:--------
Last Write host:nhpabk01
created:03/24/2016 15:10
Time assigned:04/07/2016 08:18
First mount:03/25/2016 02:03
Last mount:04/10/2016 19:54
Volume Expiration:-
Data expiration:04/17/2016 19:54
Last written:04/10/2016 19:54
Last Read:-
Robot Type:tld
Robot Control host:nhpabk01
Robot Number:2
Cleanings Remaining:-
Number of mounts:30
Maximum Mounts allowed:0
Media status:active
Valid images:79
Retention period:0
Number of restores:0
Optical Header Size bytes:1024
Optical Sector Size bytes:0
Optical Partition Size bytes:0
Last Header offset:5101164
Adamm guid:00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000
RSM guid:00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000
Origin Host:none
Master host:nhpabk01
Server Group:no_sharing_group
Upgrade Conflicts Flag:
Pool Number:4
Volume pool:emcdd2200
Previous Pool Name:-
Vault Flags:-
Vault Container:-
Vault Name:-
Vault Slots:-
Session ID:-
Date vaulted:-
Return Date:-
Command completed successfully.

2. Check that there is no media ID in the merge table, if any, do not do the operation, contact NBU; if not, continue.

[Email protected] admincmd]# nbemmcmd-listmedia-mergetable
Nbemmcmd, version:6.5.6
The following number of records were found:0
Command completed successfully.

3. Make sure no media is in the merge table, just see if the media ID has an image

Some will list the image and Frag lines (this is the media that has not yet been passed), and there is no way to lose anything (this is media that has expired or is not assigned)

[Email protected] admincmd]# Bpimmedia-mediaid DD1084
IMAGE NHMIX01 8 nhmix01_1465888536 nhcmo_fa_lun_nhmix01_oralog_bl_h_d 4 default-application-backup 2 11 1 1466147736 0 0
FRAG 1 1 256544 0 2 104 DD1084 nhpabk01 65536 5960601 1465614545 one 0 *null* 1466147736 0 1 *null*

[Email protected] admincmd]# Bpimmedia-mediaid DD1083
No entity was found

4. As long as the media ID does not appear in the merge table, you can use the BPTM command to create a full media record for the affected media ID (this is the case that the master server does not exist above, there is no major, By the command to render the media ID master server, the media ID can be expired and unsigned as long as the complete information is available.

The BPTM command needs to know the media id,density,volumn pool number three parameters

[Email protected] admincmd]# bptm-makedbentry-m Dd1083-den hcart2-poolnum 4
Bptm:media DB Entry for DD1083 already exists, aborting
Error-media Manager-system Error occurred
I'm here the media ID already exists in DB entry

5. Next, you can use Bpexpdate media

Bpexpdate–m Dd1083–d 0

NBU expired Media,media ID not found in EMM database

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