One link between the three-tier architecture and Ajax

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Considering the relationship between the three-layer architecture and Ajax, the customer-server architecture (Client/Server Architecture turalmodel, C/S) is the most typical example. The client integrates most of the logic functions, such as online games. This structure is also called fat-client. The advantage of this structure is that the client has a good experience, the load on the server side is small and the data transmission volume is low. The disadvantage is that the client is heavy and difficult to update and maintain. The second is the Browser/Server structure (Browser/server‑tural model, B/S). This structure focuses most of the logic on the server. The advantage of this structure is that the client is lightweight and does not require maintenance of the client. However, this structure is highly dependent on the network environment and the user experience becomes a problem. The last one is C-B/S. What do you mean? As the name implies, it integrates the features of the first two. The server no longer processes all the logic, but Transmits some logic to the client for execution, obviously, this method integrates all the benefits of C/S and B/S. In fact, there are still many models with such structures, such as flash, Java Applet, and Silverlight, all of which belong to this type and are successful, especially Ajax.


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