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This upgrade is more comprehensive, the original version of the v1.0.x (Cmder v1.x version released) after several modifications, although the pattern change is not very big, but for the user, the upgrade is very troublesome, so, I recently to the original version of a series of issues to amend to fundamentally solve the previous version of all the bugs found, the following is a revised list of bugs, the list is incomplete.
    1. calculate paging errors;
    2. The path display error after uploading;
    3. Background database compression error;
    4. Errors that the database cannot download;
    5. Correction of the original L_info table in the database of the actual UBB or HTML format errors;
    6. Modify the JS error generated by the full selection time;

This upgrade is mainly in the scalability of the program to do a major upgrade, mainly in:

    1. Increase the ability to generate static pages of information;
    2. Increase the direct modification of basic parameters, keep to the configuration file, tick the 1.x version of the way to use the cache;
    3. Add a static page to generate a list to maximize the static page;
    4. Increase the control of multilevel columns;
    5. Fixed the column to the global cache;
    6. Add each list, information page JS control, facilitate the upgrade;
    7. Fixed user name can be deleted in batches;
    8. Increase Batch Generation article page, List page;
    9. Can be free to delete columns, delete articles (in addition to the system set up protection column)
    10. Free to generate sitemap files for Google.
    11. Supports free backup and restore of databases.

Test address :

Download Address : Cmder-v2-0.rar

Admin address :/admin

Admin : admin
Password : 000000

First set Admin/default.asp?action=base&that=globalini inside the basic address of this item, that is, access to the URL, does not contain the admin path.

Then modify the Sitemaps.xml file and modify the path.

Please feedback if you have any questions.

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