Oracle DB 12c new feature: Raw device is no longer supported by bare devices

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Oracle DB 12c new feature: Raw device is no longer supported.

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Announcement of De-support of using RAW devices in Oracle Database Version 12.1 (Doc ID 578455.1)

De-support of Raw
The directory for this article is a notification that the raw device is no longer supported in the Oracle Database 12.1 release.
This means that if you use the Oracle Database 12.1 version, you will not be able to put data files, OCR or voting disk on the raw devices, even if you upgrade to this version.

In the past, clustered databases required raw devices. However raw devices were cumbersome to manage and is no longer required.

Details of the announcement

Starting with Oracle Database version 12.1 (release date TBD), support for storing data files, Spfiles, Controlfiles, Onli NE redo logfiles, OCRs and voting files on raw devices directly would end. This means commands such as the following would report a error while attempting to use raw devices directly in Oracle Data Base Version 12.1:

sql> Create tablespace ABC datafile '/dev/raw/raw1 ' size 2GB;

Note that while the direct use of the raw devices would be de-supported for Oracle Database 12.1, customers can choose to creat E Oracle ASM diskgroups on top of raw devices. While it's recommended to store all shared files on ASM diskgroups, storing those files on NFS or certified cluster file Systems remains supported.
---> see this phrase, although the cluster file system certified by the certification is still supported, such as the Veritas Storage Foundation, who can guarantee that cluster file systems will be supported in future releases? Veritas must have a sense of chunwangchihan to see this sentence.

The following SQL commands would not return a error while attempting to use raw devices. Reason:the RAW devices In the example below is used indirectly via Oracel ASM (no direct use of raw devices here):

Sql>alter diskgroup mydg Add disk '/dev/raw/abc1.dbf '; orsql>create diskgroup MYDB EXTERNAL redundancy disk ' Dev/raw /ABC1.DBF ' then use the following command to create the tablespacesql> create tablespace ABC datafile ' +mydg ' size 2GB;


If raw devices is not being used directly in the current release then no further actions need to be taken. However, if raw devices is being used directly currently, then planning should is performed to migrate respective files O FF RAW devices. There is many choices currently to replace raw devices, including Oracle ASM, NFS, and supported cluster file systems.

For more information on supported NFS or cluster file system,
Go to

This announcement applies to both, Oracle single Instance and Oracle Real application Clusters (RAC) databases.

--No bare devices are supported for both standalone and RAC.

Oracle DB 12c new feature: Raw device is no longer supported by bare devices

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