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Oracle Manufacturing, Oracle Enterprise Management System, and Oracle Financials called Oracle Financial Information System, is a complete set of production, human resources, engineering, finance, distribution as one of the application products.
The system has some of the following features:
1. Integrated Solutions
For an enterprise, the more complete the information, the more competitive. A more complex organization with a growing market demand and a trend towards global development, such enterprises are usually composed of engineering, manufacturing, distribution, sales and service sectors around the world, the effective management of information in such enterprises is a challenge to traditional manufacturing applications, Oracle systems deliver integrated, enterprise-wide applications.
2. Support for hybrid manufacturing environments
Today's changing enterprise environment not only affects the organization of enterprises, but also affects the Enterprise workshop itself. Enterprise Management systems can support a variety of manufacturing environments, such as discrete, repetitive, order-oriented or hybrid manufacturing environments with a combination of three. The enterprise management system can also be used to assemble the final product with the workshop task, and the production of the planned organization and assembly will be made by the production cycle.
3. Support for a variety of hardware environments
If the existing hardware investment is large, but also to purchase new hardware, different platforms may provide better performance and price ratio. In fact, Oracle systems provide advanced support to protect user software investments, regardless of whether they are running on existing equipment or in the future to select other new systems.

Oracle System Modules
The system is divided into two subsystems: enterprise management and Finance, there are dozens of modules.
1. 0racle Enterprise Management System
(1) Sales Order management System
Order management system can improve sales order management and distribution efficiency, and improve customer service level by streamlining sales order entry and management process.
(2) Engineering data management
The Engineering data management system allows engineers to use their tools to quickly transform the design data of new products into production management data, and to easily follow the technical description of the product, while it is a complete engineering change control system to manage product design changes.
(3) Bill of Materials Management
The BOM management system is a comprehensive production management tool that can help manufacturers maximize efficiency, improve product quality and reduce costs.
(4) Master Production plan
The Master planning system is a flexible scheduling tool that helps to accurately forecast sales, manage requirements, and prepare production plans to achieve good customer service objectives.
(5) Material Requirement planning
The MRP system is a time-phased material planning system that helps to balance supply and demand, control costs, and respond quickly to changes in production and customer requirements.
(6) Capacity Requirements management
Competency management systems can help optimize the use of production resources by highlighting "bottlenecks" and simulating changes in production planning and resources.
(7) Workshop production management
Workshop production Management system is a complete production management system, which can help improve productivity and product quality.
(8) Inventory management
The Inventory management system is a complete inventory management solution. It helps to control inventory and ensure that there is sufficient supply in production. At the same time increase the output efficiency of the warehouse.
(9) Purchasing Management
Procurement management System is a modern, fully functional procurement method, it can help to handle purchase requisitions and purchase orders inquiry and rapid reception. Enables managers to focus on handling the relationship between sources and managing the acquisition process.
(l0) Cost management
Cost management system is a complex product accounting, inventory cost, product cost and marginal cost analysis tools, which can help control, management and analysis of business efficiency.
2. Oracle Financial Information System
(1) Account management
The account management system provides you with great flexibility in managing and simplifying accounting processing, you can define multiple fiscal years and chart of accounts structure, generate rules based on your defined ledger accounts, and the account management system automatically adds new accounts.
(2) Account payable Management
The Accounts Payable management system is a highly efficient payment accounting solution that strengthens financial control, maximizes the maximum discounts possible, prevents duplicate payments, and promptly pays for ordered, received goods and services.
(3) Accounts receivable management
The Accounts receivable management system can improve the cash flow of the enterprise and handle all business related to the invoice.
(4) Fixed Assets
Fixed Assets management system is a complete set of fixed Assets management scheme, it helps to accurately maintain assets and equipment, to ensure the best choice of accounting management strategy and tax policy.
3. Human Resource Management
Human resource management system consists of Oraclepersonnel (Personnel Management), Oraclepayroll (payroll management) Two software products, is a complete set of personnel and payroll management Computerization Program, to manage the human resources of enterprises to provide efficient and practical electronic tools.
4. Other Oracle Modules
An early warning system is a flexible, automated exception management and reporting tool that enables management to keep abreast of critical business, help automate workflow processes, and make better and faster decisions.

Oracle ERP Module Segmentation

Financial system module:

  • Oracle General Ledger Management (GL) Ledger
  • Oracle Accounts Payable Management (AP) account payerble
  • Oracle Fixed Asset Management (FA) fixed Assets
  • Oracle Accounts receivable management (AR) account receivable
  • Oracle Cash Management (CE) Cash Entry
  • Oracle Projects Accounting (PA) Project Accounting
  • Oracle Financial Analysis (OFA) Oracle Financial Analyzer

Distribution System module:

  • Oracle Inventory Management (INV) Inventory Management
  • Oracle Procurement Management (PUR) Purchasing
  • Oracle Sales Order Management (OE) Order Entry
  • Oracle Sales & Marketing Management (SM) Sale Management
  • Oracle Sales Compensation Management (SC) Sale Compensate
  • Oracle after-sales service management (SR) service Request
  • Oracle Sales Analytics (OSA) Oracle Sale Analyzer

Manufacturing System Modules:

  • Oracle Program Management (MPS/MRP) Master Production schedule/material Requirement Planning
  • Oracle Competency Program Management (CAP) Capability planning
  • Oracle Manufacturing Data Management (BOM) Bill of Material
  • Oracle Shop Floor Production management (WIP) work in Process
  • Oracle Cost Management (CST) costing Management
  • Oracle Project Manufacturing (PJM), Project manufacturing Management
  • Oracle Quality Management (QM) quality Management

Other system modules:

  • Oracle Device Management (EM) Equipment Management
  • Oracle Personnel Management (HR) Human Resource
  • Oracle Payroll Management (PAYROLL) PAYROLL
  • Oracle Systems Management (System Admin) adminstrator
  • Oracle alert (ALT) alert
  • Oracle multidimensional data analysis/Business Intelligence System (OLAP/BIS) Online Analytical processing/business Intelligence System
  • Oracle Desktop Integration (ADI) application Desktop Integrator
  • DRP Distribution Resource plan distribution Resource planning
  • CRP capacity Demand plan capacity requirement planning

Oracle ERP System Module

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