Oracle error prompt List)

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ORA-00001: violation of unique constraints (.) ORA-00017: Request session to set trace event ORA-00018: exceeds Max sessions ORA-00019: exceeds Max session licenses ORA-00020: exceeds Max processes () ORA-00021: Session is attached to some other processes; failed to switch session ORA-00022: Invalid session ID; Access Denied ORA-00023:

ORA-00001: violation of unique constraints (.) ORA-00017: Request session to set trace event ORA-00018: exceeds Max sessions ORA-00019: exceeds Max session licenses ORA-00020: exceeds Max processes () ORA-00021: Session is attached to some other processes; failed to switch session ORA-00022: Invalid session ID; Access Denied ORA-00023:

ORA-00001: violation of unique constraints (.) ORA-00017: Request session to set trace event ORA-00018: exceeds Max sessions ORA-00019: exceeds Max session licenses ORA-00020: exceeds Max processes () ORA-00021: Session is attached to some other processes; unable to convert session ORA-00022: Invalid session ID; Access Denied ORA-00023: Session reference process private memory; unable to detach session ORA-00024: ORA-00025 cannot be registered from multiple processes in single process mode: unable to assign ORA-00026: lost or invalid session IDORA-00027: Unable to delete current session ORA-00028: Your session has been deleted ORA-00029: session not user session ORA-00030: user session ID does not exist. ORA-00031: Tag session ORA-00032 to delete: Invalid session port password ORA-00033: current session has empty port password ORA-00034: cannot ORA-00035 in current PL/SQL session: LICENSE_MAX_USERS cannot be less than current user ORA-00036: exceeds recursive SQL () Maximum ORA-00037: cannot be converted to session ORA-00038 that belongs to different server groups: Unable to create session: server group belongs to other user ORA-00050: get operating system error ORA-00051: Waiting for resource timeout ORA-00052: exceeds maximum number of queued resources () ORA-00053: exceeds maximum number of queued resources ORA-00054: resource is busy, requires a specified NOWAITORA-00055: exceeds the maximum number of DML locks ORA-00056: object '. 'ddl lock on hangs the ORA-00057 in incompatible mode: exceeds the maximum number of temporary table locks ORA -00058: DB_BLOCK_SIZE is required to install this database (not) ORA-00059: exceeds the maximum ORA-00060 of DB_FILES: deadlock ORA-00061 detected while waiting for resources: another routine sets a different DML_LOCKSORA-00062: unable to get DML full table lock; DML_LOCKS is 0ORA-00063: exceeds the maximum number of LOG_FILES ORA-00064: the object is too large to be assigned in this O/S (,) ORA-00065: FIXED_DATE initialization failure ORA-00066: LOG_FILES is, but must be, compatible with ORA-00067: Value Pair parameters are invalid; at least ORA-00068: Value Pair parameters are invalid and must be ORA-00069 between and: unable to get lock -- disabled table lock ORA-00070: Command invalid ORA-00071: Process number must be between 1 and ORA -00072: Process "" not active ORA-00073: Use ORA-00074 when the command is between and parameters: Process ORA-00075 not specified: process not found in this routine "" ORA-00076: Dump ORA-00077 not found: dump invalid ORA-00078: Unable to dump variable ORA-00079 by name: Variable ORA-00080 not found: level specified global region invalid ORA-00081: address range [,) unreadable ORA-00082: the memory size of is not in a valid set [1], [2], ORA-00083 within [4]: warning: the SGA ORA-00084 that may corrupt the ing: The global region must be PGA, SGA, or UGAORA-00085: current call does not exist ORA-00086: User call does not exist ORA-00087: command cannot execute ORA-00088 on remote routine: Shared Server Cannot Execute Command ORA-00089: ORADEBUG command Invalid routines ORA-00090: failed to allocate memory to clustered database ORADEBUG command ORA-00091: LARGE_POOL_SIZE must at least be ORA-00092: LARGE_POOL_SIZE must be greater than LARGE_POOL_MIN_ALLOCORA-00093: must be between and ORA-00094: requires an integer ORA-00096: value Pair parameter is invalid, it must come from between ORA-00097: using Oracle SQL features not in SQL92 ORA-00099: timeout occurred while waiting for resources, possibly caused by PDML deadlock ORA-00100: Data ORA-00101 not found: invalid description of system parameter DISPATCHERS ORA-00102: scheduler unable to use network protocol ORA-00103: Invalid network protocol; standby ORA-00104 For Scheduler: deadlock detected; all public servers locked wait resource ORA-001 05: scheduling mechanism ORA-00106 without network protocol configured: unable to start/close database ORA-00107 when connected to Scheduler: Unable to connect to ORACLE listener process ORA-00108: unable to set Scheduler for synchronous connection ORA-00111: because the number of servers is limited, not all server ORA-00112 is started: up to (up to) scheduling program ORA-00113 can be created: Protocol Name Too Long ORA-00114: A value ORA-00115 with the system parameter SERVICE_NAMES missing: connection denied; scheduler connector table full ORA-00116: SERVICE_NAMES Name Too Long ORA-00117: system parameter SERVICE_NAMES value out of range ORA-00118: system parameter DISPATCHERS value out of range ORA-00119: system parameter description invalid ORA-00120: scheduling ORA-00121 not enabled or installed: in the absence of D SHARED_SERVERSORA-00122: Unable to initialize network configuration ORA-00123: idle public server termination ORA-00124: DISPATCHERSORA-00125 specified when MAX_SHARED_SERVERS is missing; invalid presentation ORA-00126: connection denied; invalid duplicate ORA-00127: scheduling process does not exist ORA-00128: This Command requires scheduling process name ORA-00129: Listener address Verification Failed ''ORA-00130: listener address ''invalid ORA-00131: network protocol does not support registration'' ORA-00132: syntax error or unresolvable network name ''ORA-00150: duplicate transaction processing IDORA-00151: invalid transaction processing IDORA-00152: current session does not match the requested session ORA-00153: Internal error ORA in XA Library -00154: Protocol errors in transaction processing monitor ORA-00155: unable to execute work outside global transaction processing ORA-00160: The global transaction processing length exceeds the maximum () ORA-00161: the branch length of the transaction processing is invalid (the maximum allowed length is) ORA-00162: the length of the external dbid exceeds the maximum value () ORA-00163: the length of the internal database name exceeds the maximum value () ORA-00164: independent Transaction Processing ORA-00165 is not allowed in Distributed Transaction Processing: portable remote operations are not allowed Distributed Autonomous transformation ORA-00200: cannot create control file ORA-00201: control File version incompatible with ORACLE version ORA-00202: Control File: ''ora-00203: Error Using control file ORA-00204: Error reading control file (Block, # block) ORA-00205: identity control file error, for details, check warning log ORA-00206: Write control text Component-time error (Block, # block) ORA-00207: control file cannot be used for the same database ORA-00208: Number of control file names exceeds limit ORA-00209: Control File block size mismatch for details, check the warning log ORA-00210: Unable to open the specified control file ORA-00211: the control file does not match the previous control file ORA-00212: The block size is below the required minimum size (bytes) ORA-00213: the control file cannot be reused; the original file size is, ORA-00214 is also required: the control file ''version is inconsistent with the file'' version ORA-00215: at least one control file ORA-00216 must exist: unable to retune control file size ported from 8.0.2 ORA-00217: porting from 9.0.1 cannot retune control file size ORA-00218: Control File block size does not match DB_BLOCK_SIZE () ORA-00219: the size of the requested control file exceeds Maximum allowed ORA-00220: The first routine has no control file installed. For details, check the warning log ORA-00221: Write control file error ORA-00222: the Operation will re-use the name ORA-00223 of the currently installed control file: Invalid conversion file or version incorrect ORA-00224: Control File reset size attempt using illegal record type () ORA-00225: the expected size of the control file is different from the actual size of the ORA-00226: the standby control file is not allowed to operate when opened ORA-00227: the control file detected corrupt blocks: (blocks, # Blocks) ORA-00228: alternate control file name length exceeds maximum length ORA-00229: operation not allowed: suspended snapshot control file queued ORA-00230: operation not allowed: unable to use snapshot control file queued ORA-00231: Snapshot control file unnamed ORA-00232: snapshot control file does not exist, corrupt or unable to read ORA-00233: control file copy corrupt or unreadable ORA-00234: An error occurred when identifying or opening a snapshot or replicating a control file ORA-00235: Control File fixed tables are inconsistent due to concurrent updates ORA-00236: Snapshot operation not allowed: mounted control files are backup file ORA-00237: snapshot operation not allowed: control file new ORA-00238: operation will reuse file name ORA-00250 that is part of the database: not started archive ORA-00251: LOG_ARCHIVE_DUPLEX_DEST cannot be the destination ORA-00252 that is the same as the string: logs are empty on the thread and cannot archive ORA-00253: character Limited, archive destination string exceeds this limit ORA-00254: Error ORA-00255 when archiving control string '': archive log (thread, sequence #) error ORA-00256: unable to translate archive destination string ORA-00257: Archive error. Limited to internal connection ORA-00258 before release: manual archive in NOARCHIVELOG mode must identify the log ORA-00259: log (Open thread) is the current log, unable to archive ORA-00260: unable to locate online log sequence (thread) ORA-00261: archiving or modifying log (thread) ORA-00262: Current Log (Off thread) failed to switch ORA-00263: Thread No record ORA-00264 to be archived: Recovery ORA-00265 not required: recovery routine recovery required, unable to set ARCHIVELOG mode ORA-00266: Need to archive log file name ORA-00267: No need to archive log file name ORA-00268: the specified log file does not exist ''ora-00269: the specified log file is part of the thread (not) ORA-00270: Error creating archive log ORA-00271: no log ORA-00272 to archive: Error ORA-002 when writing archive log 73: Media recovery ORA-00274 for unrecorded direct loading data: Invalid recovery option ORA-00275: Media recovery started ORA-00276: CHANGE keyword specified but no change id ORA-00277: UNTIL recovery flag's invalid option ORA-00278: This recovery no longer requires the log file ''ORA-00279: Change (generated) is a required ORA-00280 for the thread: change ORA-00281 that is performed by sequence # For threads: cannot recover ORA-00282 with scheduled process execution medium: UPI call is not supported, use alter database RECOVERORA-00283: resume session cancel ORA-00284 due to errors: recovering session is still in ORA-00285: TIME is not given ORA-00286 as a String constant: no available Member, or member has no valid data ORA-00287: specified change number not found (in thread) ORA-0028 8: To continue recovery, type alter database recover CONTINUEORA-00289: Recommended: ORA-00290: the operating system has an archive error. See the following error ORA-00291: PARALLEL option requires a numeric value ORA-00292: PARALLEL Recovery feature ORA-00293 not installed: control file and redo log do not synchronize ORA-00294: invalid archive log format identifier ''ora-00295: the data file number is invalid and must be between 1 and ORA-00296: the maximum number of files that have exceeded the recover datafile list () ORA-00297: you must specify the recover datafile LISTORA-00298: lost or invalid TIMEOUT interval ORA-00299 before recover datafile start: You must RECOVER the ORA-00300 with file-level media on the data file: the specified redo log block size is invalid-exceeds limit ORA-00301: An error occurred while adding Log File ''-failed to create file ORA-00302: log exceeds limit ORA-00303: unable to process multiple times Interrupted redo ORA-00304: Requested INSTANCE_NUMBER in use ORA-00305: log (thread) inconsistent; belong to another database ORA-00306: routines in this database limit ORA-00307: Requested INSTANCE_NUMBER exceeds limit, maximum ORA-00308: Unable to open archive log ''ORA-00309: log is a wrong database ORA-00310: archive log inclusion sequence; require sequence ORA-00311: unable to read title ORA-00312 from archive log: online log thread: ''ora-00313: Unable to open the member ORA-00314 of the log group (thread): log (thread), estimated serial number and mismatched ORA-00315: log (thread ), thread in title # error ORA-00316: log (thread), type in title is not log file ORA-00317: file type in title is not log file ORA- 00318: log (thread), estimated file size with unmatched ORA-00319: log (thread) has wrong log reset status ORA-00320: unable to read file title ORA-00321 from log (thread: log (thread), unable to update log file title ORA-00322: log (thread) not current copy ORA-00323: current log of thread is unavailable and all other logs need to archive ORA-00324: log File ''translation name'' too long, character exceeds limit ORA-00325: logs of archived threads, threads in the title # error ORA-00326: log starting at change, requires an earlier change to the ORA-00327: log (thread), actual size less than the required ORA-00328: archiving logs ends at the end of the change and requires a later change to the ORA-00329: archiving logs starts at the beginning of the change and needs to change the ORA-00330: archiving logs ends with changes and ORA-00331 needs to be changed: Log version incompatible with ORACLE version ORA-00332: archive log too small-possibly not fully archived ORA-00333: redo log read block count error ORA-00334: archive log: ''ora-00335: Online log: logs without this number, logs do not exist ORA-00336: log files with size smaller than minimum ORA-00337: Log File ''does not exist and no size specified ORA-00338: log (thread) than control file update ORA-00339: archiving logs do not contain any redo ORA-00340: I/O errors occur when processing online logs (threads) ORA-00341: logs (threads), logs in the title # error ORA-00342: archive log create package ORA-00343 before previous RESETLOGS: too many errors, closed log member ORA-00344: Unable to recreate online log ''ORA-00345: redo log write block count Error ORA-00346: log member flag as STALEORA-00347: log (thread), expected block size and mismatched ORA-00348: single process redo failed; must abort routine ORA-00349: unable to get ''block size ORA-00350: Need to archive ORA-00351 in log (thread): recover-to time invalid ORA-00352: All logs of the thread need to be archived-cannot enable ORA-00353: log corruption approaching block change time ORA-00354: Corrupt redo log block title ORA-00355: Change number unordered ORA-00356: length inconsistencies in change description ORA-00357: log files specify too many members, maximum ORA-00358: too many file members are specified, maximum: ORA-00359: Log File Group does not exist ORA-00360: Non-Log File Member: ORA-00361: Unable to delete the last log member (Group) ORA-00 362: Valid log files in the group require input member ORA-00363: log not archive version ORA-00364: unable to write title to new log builder ORA-00365: Specify the next log ORA-00366 where the log is not correct: log (thread), checksum error ORA-00367 in file title: Checksum error ORA-00368 in log file title: redo checksum error ORA-00369 in log block: the current log of the thread is unavailable and other logs have been cleared ORA-00370: a deadlock ORA-00371 may occur during the Rcbchange operation: the Shared Pool memory is insufficient ORA-00372: The file ORA-00373 cannot be modified at this time: online log version and ORACLE version incompatible ORA-00374: parameter db_block_size = invalid; it must be a multiple, range of [..] ORA-00375: cannot get default db_block_sizeORA-00376: Not at this time Read File ORA-00377: frequent file backups cause write operation delay ORA-00378: failed to create buffer pool ORA-00379 by specified: idle buffer pool ORA-00380 that cannot provide K block size in buffer pool: failed to specify db_k_cache_size, because K is the standard block size ORA-00381: the New and Old parameters cannot be used together with the buffer cache size description ORA-00382: Not a valid block size, valid range is [..] ORA-00383: DEFAULT cache block size cannot be reduced to zero ORA-00384: There is not enough Memory to increase the cache size ORA-00385: cannot enable Very Large Memory with new buffer cache parametersORA-00390: the log (thread) is being cleared and cannot be the current log ORA-00391: All threads must be converted to a new log format ORA-00 at the same time 392: log (thread) is being cleared, not allowed to operate ORA-00393: Recovery of offline data files requires log (thread) ORA-00394: re-use online log ORA-00395 when attempting to archive: the 'clone' database's online log must be renamed ORA-00396: errors need to be returned to a single traversal recovery ORA-00397: for files (blocks), The ORA-00398 for detecting write loss: thread recovery ORA-00399 aborted due to reconfiguration: Change instructions in redo log corrupt ORA-00400: Invalid Version value (for parameter) ORA-00401: This version does not support the value ORA-00402 of the parameter: version database changes cannot be used for version ORA-00403: () different from other routines () ORA-00404: the conversion file not found: ''ora-00405: compatible type "" ORA-00406: the COMPATIBLE parameter needs to be a larger ORA-00407: Not allowed from version. To. rolling upgrade ORA-00408: the parameter is set to TRUEORA-00409: COMPATIBLE must be or higher to use auto segment space MANAGEMENTORA-00436: no ORACLE software privilege, contact Oracle for help ORA-00437: no ORACLE software functionality available, contact Oracle for help ORA-00438: not installed option ORA-00439: not enabled properties: ORA-00443: background process "" not started ORA-00444: background process "" failed at startup ORA-00445: background process "still not starting ORA-00446 after seconds: background process unexpected start ORA-00447: background process fatal error ORA-00448: background process normal end ORA-00449: background process ''terminate ORA-00470 due to error exception: LGWR End ORA-00471 due to errors: DBWR process terminated ORA-00472 due to errors: PMON process terminated ORA-00473 due to errors: ARCH process terminated ORA-00474 due to errors: SMON process terminated ORA-00475 due to errors: TRWR process terminated by error ORA-00476: RECO process terminated by error ORA-00477: SNP * process terminated by error ORA-00478: SMON process terminated by error ORA-00480: LCK * Process Termination ORA-00481 due to errors: LMON Process Termination ORA-00482 due to errors: LMD * Process Termination ORA-00483 due to errors: Stopping Abnormal Termination ORA-00484 during process: LMS * Process Termination ORA-00485 due to errors: DIAG Process Termination ORA-00486 due to errors: feature unavailable ORA-00568: exceeds the maximum number of Interrupt handlers ORA-00574: osndnt: $ CANCEL failed (Interrupt) ORA-00575: osndnt: $ QIO failed (send out-of-band interrupt) ORA-00576: in-band interrupt Protocol Error ORA-00577: out-of-band interrupt Protocol Error ORA-00578: reset Protocol Error ORA-00579: osndnt: Server received connection request format incorrect ORA-00580: Protocol Version mismatch ORA-00581: osndnt: Unable to assign context region ORA-00582: osndnt: Unable to undo distribution context region ORA-00583: osndnt: $ TRNLOG failed ORA-00584: unable to close connection ORA-00585: Host Name format error ORA-00586: osndnt: LIB $ ASN_WTH_MBX failed ORA-00587: Unable to connect to remote host ORA-00588: messages from hosts too short ORA-00589: information Data Length error ORA-0059 from host 0: Message Type Error from host ORA-00591: number of bytes written error ORA-00592: osndnt: $ QIO failed (mailbox Queue) ORA-00593: osndnt: $ DASSGN failed (network device) ORA-00594: osndnt: $ DASSGN failed (Mail) ORA-00595: osndnt: $ QIO failed (receive) ORA-00596: osndnt: $ QIO failed (send) ORA-00597: osndnt: $ QIO failed (mail queue) ORA-00598: osndnt: $ qio io failure (email read) ORA-00600: Internal error code, parameter: [], [], [], [], [], [], [], [], [] ORA-00601: clear lock conflict ORA-00602: internal programming Exception error ORA-00603: ORACLE Server session terminated ORA-00604 due to fatal error: Recursion SQL layer error ORA-00606: Internal error code ORA-00607: Internal error ORA-00701 when changing data blocks: unable to change the object ORA-00702 required for hot boot database: bootstrap version'' and version'' inconsistent ORA-00703: Maximum number of super travel cache routine locks ORA-00704: bootstrap process failure ORA-00705: inconsistent status during startup; please restart ORA-00706 after closing the routine: changing the format of file ''error ORA-00816: Error Message failed conversion ORA-00900: Invalid SQL statement ORA-00901: Invalid CREATE Command ORA-00902: Invalid Data Type ORA-00903: table Name invalid ORA-00904: Invalid identifier ORA-00905: Missing keyword ORA-00906: Missing left bracket ORA-00907: missing right bracket ORA-00908: Missing NULL keyword ORA-00 909: number of arguments invalid ORA-00910: the specified length is too long for data type ORA-00911: Invalid character ORA-00913: Too Many ORA-00914: Missing ADD keyword ORA-00915: The network is currently not allowed to access dictionary table ORA-00917: missing comma ORA-00918: column ORA-00919 not explicitly defined: Invalid function ORA-00920: Invalid relational operator ORA-00921: Unexpected SQL command end ORA-00922: Missing or invalid option ORA-00923: expected FROM keyword ORA-00924 not found: missing BY keyword ORA-00925: Missing INTO keyword ORA-00926: Missing VALUES keyword ORA-00927: Missing equals ORA-00928: Missing SELECT keyword ORA-00929: missing periods ORA-00930: Missing asterisks ORA-00931: missing identification ORA-009 32: inconsistent data type: required is ORA-00933: SQL command does not end ORA-00934 correctly: grouping function ORA-00935 is not allowed here: grouping function Nesting is too deep ORA-00936: missing expression ORA-00937: non-single component group function ORA-00938: function does not have enough parameter ORA-00939: function parameters too much ORA-00940: Invalid ALTER command ORA-00941: Cluster name missing ORA-00942: Table or view does not exist ORA-00943: the CLUSTER does not exist ORA-00944: there are not enough clustering columns ORA-00945: the specified clustering column does not exist ORA-00946: The TO keyword ORA-00947 is missing: there are not enough values ORA-00948: the alter cluster statement ORA-00949 is no longer supported: invalid reference remote database ORA-00950: Invalid DROP option ORA-00951: Cluster non-empty ORA -00952: missing GROUP keyword ORA-00953: Missing or invalid index name ORA-00954: Missing IDENTIFIED keyword ORA-00955: name used by existing object ORA-00956: Missing or invalid audit option ORA-00957: column name duplicate ORA-00958: missing CHECK keyword ORA-00959: tablespace ''does not exist ORA-00960: Selecting names in the list ambiguous ORA-00961: incorrect date/interval value ORA-00962: group-by/order-by expression too many ORA-00963: unsupported Interval Type ORA-00964: TABLE name not in FROM list ORA-00965: column alias not allowed '*' ORA-00966: Missing TABLE keyword ORA-00967: Missing WHERE keyword ORA-00968: missing INDEX keyword ORA-00969: missing ON keyword ORA-0 0970: missing WITH keyword ORA-00971: Missing SET keyword ORA-00972: identification too long ORA-00973: Invalid Number of rows estimated ORA-00974: Invalid PCTFREE value (percentage) ORA-00975: date not allowed + date ORA-00976: LEVEL, PRIOR, or ROWNUMORA-00977: duplicate audit option ORA-00978: Nested grouping function no GROUT BYORA-00979: Not group by expression ORA-00980: synonym conversion no longer valid ORA-00981: cannot mix tables and System Audit options ORA-00982: The plus ORA-00984 missing: column here does not allow ORA-00985: Invalid program name ORA-00986: Missing or invalid group name ORA-00987: missing or invalid username ORA-00988: Missing or invalid password ORA-00989: given username Too many passwords ORA-00990: Missing or invalid permission ORA-00991: process only MAC permission ORA-00992: REVOKE Command Format invalid ORA-00993: Missing GRANT keyword ORA-00994: missing OPTION keyword ORA-00995: Missing or invalid synonym identity ORA-00996: the connection operator is | not | ORA-00997: Invalid use of LONG data type ORA-00998: this expression ORA-00999 must be named using a column alias: Invalid view name ORA-01000: exceeds the maximum number of ORA-01001 that opens the cursor: invalid cursor ORA-01002: Read violation order ORA-01003: statement not syntax analysis ORA-01004: Default User Name properties not supported; login denied ORA-01005: No Password given; login denied ORA-01006: assign variable does not exist ORA-01007: No variable ORA-01008 in the selection list: Not all variables are associated with ORA-01009: missing legal parameter ORA-01010: Invalid OCI operation ORA-01011: unable to use 6th compatible mode ORA-01012: no login ORA-01013: user request cancel current operation ORA-01014: ORACLE is shutting down ORA-01015: loop login request ORA-01016: this function can only call ORA-01017 after reading: invalid username/password; login rejected ORA-01018: A column does not have a LONG data type ORA-01019: unable to allocate memory ORA-01020 in the User: Unknown context state ORA-01021: the specified context size is invalid ORA-01022: database operation ORA-01023 is not supported in this Configuration: cursor context not found (invalid cursor number) ORA-01024: Data Type in OCI call invalid ORA-01025: UPI parameter out range ORA- 01026: the assignment list contains multiple buffer ORA-01027 sizes> 4000: The variable assignment ORA-01028 is not allowed in data definition operations: Internal duplex error ORA-01029: Internal duplex error ORA-01030: SELECT... INTO variable does not exist ORA-01031: insufficient ORA-01032: there is no such user identity ORA-01033: ORACLE is initializing or shutting down ORA-01034: ORACLE is not available ORA-01035: ORACLE only allows users with restricted session permissions to use ORA-01036: Invalid variable name/number ORA-01037: exceeds maximum cursor memory ORA-01038: cannot write database file version (using ORACLE version) ORA-01039: view basic object with insufficient permissions ORA-01040: invalid characters in password; login denied ORA-01041: Internal error, hos Tdef extension does not exist ORA-01042: cannot use open cursor separation session ORA-01043: User Memory Corruption [], [], [], [] ORA-01044: buffer size (associated with variables) maximum limit ORA-01045 exceeded: the user has no create session permission; login denied ORA-01046: Space ORA-01047 not available for extended context Region: The above error appears in schema =, package =, procedure = ORA-01048 in: the specified process ORA-01049 could not be found in the given context: A named ORA-01050 is not supported in flow RPC: A Space ORA-01051 that opens the context area cannot be obtained: delayed rpc buffer format invalid ORA-01052: the required destination LOG_ARCHIVE_DUPLEX_DESTORA-01053 not specified: unable to read user storage address ORA-01054: unable to write User storage address ORA-01057: block referenced in the user exit. field invalid or ambiguous ORA-01058: Internal New Upi interface error ORA-01059: syntax analysis ORA-01060 prior to assignment or execution: array assignment not allowed or ORA-01061: unable to start version 7th server ORA-01062 with version 8th client application: unable to allocate the memory ORA-01070 required for defining the buffer: the server uses an earlier version of Oracle ORA-01071: unable to execute an operational ORA-01072 without starting ORACLE: unable to stop ORACLE; Because ORACLE is not running ORA-01073: Fatal connection error: Unrecognized call type ORA-01074: unable to close ORACLE; please first log out ORA-01075 in registration session: you are logged on to the ORA-01076 now: Multi-login ORA-01077 per process not supported: background process initialization failure ORA-01 078: Processing System Parameters failed ORA-01079: ORALCE database not properly created, Action abort ORA-01080: Error ORA-01081 when closing ORACLE: unable to start ORACLE that is already running --- Close the ORA-01082 first: 'row _ locking = always 'requires that the value of the transaction processing option ORA-01083: parameter "is inconsistent with the value of the corresponding parameter for other programs. ORA-01084: parameters in the OCI call are invalid ORA-01085: delay rpc ".. "previous error ORA-01086: never created retained point ''ora-01087: cannot start ORALCE --- now logged on ORA-01088: cannot close ORACLEORA-01089 when an active process exists: urgent close in progress-do not allow any action ORA-01090: close in progress --- do not allow connection ORA-01091: Force start error ORA-01092: ORACLE routine termination. Force disconnect ORA-01093: alter database close only allows ORA-01094: alter database close in progress when no session is connected. Connection ORA-01095 not allowed: the DML statement handles zero rows of ORA-01096: The program version () is incompatible with the routine () ORA-01097: cannot close during transaction processing-submit or return the ORA-01098 first: A program interface error occurs during Long Insert ORA-01099: If started in single process mode, the database ORA-01100 cannot be installed in SHARED Mode: the database has ORA-01101 installed: the database to be created is currently being installed with the ORA-01102 by another routine: Unable to install the database ORA-01103 in EXCLUSIVE mode: the database name ''In the control file is not ''ora-01104: Number of control files () not equal to ORA-01105: installation not compatible with other routines ORA-01106: You must close the database ORA-01107 before removing: You must install the database for media recovery ORA-01108: ORA-01109: Database not open ORA-01110: Data File: ''ora-01111: data file name unknown-Rename to correct file ORA-01112: media recovery ORA-01113 not started: file requires media recovery ORA-01114: IO error (block #) when writing block to file: IO error (block #) when reading block from file ORA-01115: an error occurred while opening the database file ORA-01117: Adding invalid block size to file '':; limit to ORA-01118: unable to add any other database file: exceed limit ORA-01119: error creating database file ''ORA-01120: Unable to delete online database file ORA-01121: Unable to rename database file-file in use or in recovery ORA-01122: database file Verification Failed ORA-01123: unable to start online backup; media recovery ORA-01124 not enabled: unable to recover data files-files in use or in recovery ORA-01125: Unable to disable media recovery-files set online backup ORA-01126: for this operation, the database must be installed in EXCLUSIVE mode and the ORA-01127 is not opened: the database name ''exceeds the character limit ORA-01128: online backup cannot be started-the file is offline ORA-01129: user default or temporary tablespace does not exist ORA-01130: database file version is incompatible with ORACLE version ORA-01131: DB_FILES system parameter value exceeds limit ORA-01132: Database filename ''length exceeds character limit ORA-01133: the length of the log filename ''exceeds the limit of characters ORA-01134: the database has been independently installed by other routines ORA-01135: files accessed by DML/query are offline ORA-01136: files (blocks) the specified size is less than the original size of the block ORA-01137: the data file is still offline


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