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1. Add the parameters of the target form to the call before the form jump, and assign values to the when-New-form-instance.
2. Trigger problem collection
A> sometimes, key-series triggers are famous for controls such as data blocks, forms, and items, but pl Code only contains null ?? What is the purpose of this?
B> Q: When running, the rep-1213: domain 'f _ staffname' is used to reference the column 'staff _ name' at a frequency lower than that of the group '.
A: Because the "frame" should be used when formatting layout is selected, but the rectangular box is selected, this error will be prompted, which can be solved by replacing it with the frame.
C> when running the report, the system prompts "parameter form during running" and selects the report direction (1. Default 2. Landscape 3. Portrait)
The output method (1. Default 2. bitmap. character) should be any one of the rows, but it does not reflect why it is selected as default. It seems that it has stopped.
Dept_record dept % rowtype;
Cursor CEMP is
Select * from Dept;
Vcount number;

Open CEMP;
Vcount: = CEMP % rowcount;
Dbms_output.put_line (vcount );
For I in 1 .. CEMP % rowcount Loop
Fetch CEMP into dept_record;
Dbms_output.put_line (dept_record.dept_code | ''| dept_record.dept_name );
End loop;
Close CEMP;
Display cursor % rowcount attribute definition: returns the number of rows currently retrieved from the activity set.
Why is the return value of % rowcount in this segment 0?

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