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Oracle Gold Technical Services for customers include:
1. Telephone Service (7x24)
Hotline Support Phone 800-810-0081
24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the Beijing Technical Support Center is staffed every day. To ensure timely communication with customers. Solve your users ' problems with the fastest speed.
Oracle-certified Technical experts talk directly to customers to help solve difficult problems that customers ask.

2. Upgrading of software products
Users during the service period have the right to upgrade the purchased software products. Party B will provide free upgrade software products with new features, major maintenance versions of the upgrade software products, and the software patching package media as per user's request.

3. Remote Access Service
Bronze Tripod through Oracle Certified engineers to provide users with 24-hour free remote access services, to solve problems for users.
In addition to the above with the original service Content equivalent remote services, we can also provide professional on-site technical support. Mainly include installation and commissioning services, on-site emergency services, regular inspection.

4. Installation and Commissioning Services
When purchasing the software sold by the company, the company assigns engineers to the site installation, according to the current situation of the user, in full protection of the user has invested in the case, and the existing system to do a comprehensive, overall planning, in order to improve the security and availability of the system under the premise of debugging the corresponding software to meet customer application requirements.

5. On-Site emergency services
Oracle's senior technical support engineers are dedicated to providing customers with 24x7 professional consulting services to help them solve critical and urgent tasks.
Provide 7x24 telephone, e-mail or web-style technical advisory services
Provide remote database performance check and monitoring services to identify issues and notify customers in a timely manner.
Non-working hours are supported by Oracle Technology Senior Support engineers to answer technical questions that need to be addressed.
The emergency service starts when the following conditions occur:
Database outage, data block corruption and other problems affecting the business can not be normal connection to the database, for the above accident, need to do the service, unlimited on-site emergency. The response time is within 4 hours and the resolution period is within 24 hours of the completion of the system environment.
For general faults, the response time is within 4 hours and the resolution period is within 48 hours.

6. Health Monitoring and diagnostics
According to the requirements of the user, the database Health monitoring service and fault diagnosis can be provided, and the user's data will be kept confidential. Appoint professional and experienced engineers to provide remote on-line monitoring and diagnostics to inform customers of anomalies in Oracle database and assist customers in the first time.

7. Regular Inspection Service (quarterly)
The Bronze tripod company arranges the engineer periodically to the user site, carries on the examination to the database system, examines the content including: the database running state, the operation efficiency, whether exists the security hidden danger, the backup method is reasonable, the backup data is recoverable. Specific as follows:
Assist customer staff to check the implementation of the above-mentioned work processes and make corresponding changes according to the specific operation of the system;
Check the usage of database space and assist the planning and management of database space
Check and analyze system log and trace file, find out and eliminate the hidden trouble of database system, and give written report.
Check the integrity of database backups
Monitoring database Performance
Check the efficiency of the database, whether there is a security risk, whether the backup method is reasonable, backup data can be restored
Based on the database operation, it is recommended that Oracle's new patches are required and the patch installed;
Check the growth of your system's storage space and provide an estimate of your storage space growth needs. Assist staff to monitor the rapid growth of space anomalies. and provide a written report on each quarter's space growth;
Evaluates database performance, provides system performance tuning, and warns of possible potential problems;
Check database security and user management, and eliminate potential database security risks;
After the inspection work, submit the user "System inspection report", analyze the errors, propose solutions and preventive measures.
Provide database inspection report within 2 working days. 4 rounds of inspection are provided within one year.

8. Performance Tuning (quarterly)
As the user application system is put into use longer, the Oracle database will degrade the performance of the database due to increased data volume or increased number of users or modifications to the application. Reduced database performance will result in slow application response, a longer statistical or report calculation time, and difficult maintenance.
1. Analyze the user's application type and user behavior;
Evaluate and modify the parameter settings of Oracle database;
Evaluate and adjust the data distribution of Oracle database;
Evaluate the use of hardware and systems and make recommendations;
Implementation of database Performance tuning with advanced performance tuning tools;
Train users on the concept of performance tuning;
Provides user-complete performance tuning reports and workarounds.
2. Provide our technical personnel system deployment after installation of the pressure test plan (for the current technical environment)
Database performance monitoring and tuning recommendations and implementation
Database Security and user management recommendations and implementation
Monitoring and management of system resources recommendations and implementation
Backup and restore of databases recommendations and implementation
Database Space management recommendations and implementation
According to our technical personnel proposed the structure design, the data plan, the technical plan and so on carries on the analysis, and puts forward the suggestion.
DBA's job responsibilities and maintenance of daily database system
Training users on performance tuning skills;
2 working days to provide database optimization analysis report, analyze the user's application type and user behavior, evaluate and modify the parameter setting of Oracle database, evaluate and adjust the data distribution of Oracle database, evaluate the use of hardware and system, and make suggestions. ; Using advanced performance tuning tools to implement database performance tuning;
For our technical staff to adjust the results of the analysis, the feasibility of judgment and recommendations. Provides 4 performance optimizations in a year.

Oracle Maintenance Services Oracle Solutions Oracle Service

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