Oracle Note One, Oracle installation, sqlplus use

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1, first you have to install the Oracle database server and client software, in the installation process to be aware of, select the Oracle installation directory, remember not to use the Chinese directory or a directory with spaces.


2, after the installation, you will be prompted to remember something. That is, some URLs, which is also important. Here is the information for my Oracle tips:

Enterprise Manager Database Control URL-(Oracle):
The database configuration file is already installed to D:, and the other selected installation components are already installed to D:\Oracle.
The Isql*plus URL is:
The Isql*plus DBA URL is:

Where hoojo-pc is my computer name, you can switch to localhost or instead.

Http://hoojo-pc:5560/isqlplus This is the web version of Sqlplus, if you do not have Oracle installed, but you attach or you can connect to, access to the machine has installed Oracle, you can use the http://ip:5560/ Isqlplus to access the sqlplus of this machine. This is useful and can be used without the need for installation.

DBA is the database administrator, EM is the database enterprise management

3, wait for the installation to complete, in your Start menu will have the following menu:

Application development is one of our most common, and also is the configuration and Migration tool in the net Configuration Assistant is also more commonly used to add the remote database link instance.

4, the following introduction of the use of Sqlplus, sqlplus in window can be operated with DOS command. such as: Enter Sqlplus in the run can also start it. Then complete the database operation inside;

There are also Oracle-provided sqlplus that can also be used

The best is the BS version of the Sqlplus, just described above, in the browser request Http://localhost:5560/isqlplus can see

Enter a user name, password to have a query area

5. Then look at the usual services

The last Oracleserviceoracle service is the most important service, all of which are open to the service.

And then the second-to-last service listener is a monitoring, mainly used for logging operation monitoring, do not open this service will not be able to login

The third Isqlplus is the BS version of the Sqlplus service, if you use the web version of the Sqlplus will open this service

Recommendation: PC services are set to manual (otherwise memory consumption is large)

Oracle Note One, Oracle installation, sqlplus use

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