Oracle Optimization-modify the number of Oracle processes [processes] and number of sessions [sessions]

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1. Modify through sqlplusThe relationship between Oracle sessions and processes is sessions = 1.1 * processes + 5 using sys and logging on with sysdba permissions: SQL> show parameter processes; name type value values ----------- export aq_tm_processes integer 1 db_writer_processes integer 1 job_queue_processes integer 10 log_archive_max_processes integer 1 processes integer 150sql> alter system set processes = 400 scope = SPFI Le; the system has been changed. SQL> show parameter Processes; Name type value =----------- export aq_tm_processes integer 1 db_writer_processes integer 1 job_queue_processes integer 10 then integer 1 processes integer 150 SQL> Create pfile from spfile; the file has been created. Restart the database. OK! [Note: sessions is a derived value, determined by the processes value. formula sessions = 1.1 * process + 5] 2. Modify Oracle Modify the configuration fileModify the processes value in the spfileorcl. ora file. 8.1.5 is the init. ora file. Modifying the init. ora file in 9i is invalid. Because this file is a binary file, it cannot be opened directly by using notepad editor. Otherwise the error ORA-27101 shared memory realm does not exist is reported. Use the ultraedit or editplus editor that can edit the binary file to open this file (directly edit the binary file), and then restart the Oracle server in the Windows service.
3. Use the Oracle Enterprise Manager Console to modify
A. log in as a system administrator
B. Enter the database routine-configuration-General Information-all initialization parameters
C. Modify the value of processes.
D. The sessions value is derived from the formula sessions = 1.1 * process + 5.
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