Oracle password loss Solution

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This article uses two methods to solve this problem when I often encounter password loss when I use Oracle.

One method:

       sqlplus "/ as sysdba"
SQL>alter user system identified by root123;

If sqlplus "/as sysdba" cannot be accessed, enter the password. If I cannot enter the original password or the modified password, modify the unix environment:

1. $ ORACLE_HOME/network/admin/SQLNET. ORA is:


After restarting the database/listener service, you can use the operating system to authenticate sqlplus "/as sysdba" to access your database, so that you can easily deal with your database.


       sqlplus /nolog 
sql>connect /as sysdba

Method 2:

The detailed steps are as follows:

1. query view V $ PWFILE_USERS: select * from V $ PWFILE_USERS; records the user information with SYSOPER/SYSDBA system permissions.

2. Shut down the database shutdown immediate.

3. Delete the password file. The file path is ORACLE_HOME \ DATABASE and the file name is PWD. ORA.

4. Create a password file:


5. Add a user to the password file:

Connect sys/internal_user_passsword as sysdba;

Start the database instance and open the database. Create a corresponding user account and GRANT permissions TO it: grant sysdba to user_name (if the previous database only has sysdba permissions, skip this step ).

6. Change the password file status. The default password file status is shared. Set REMOTE_LOGIN_PASSWORDFILE in the initialization parameter to EXCLUSIVE.

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