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Chapter 1: developer Quick Development Guide

As a developer, if you are going to build a webcenter portal application, you need a good road map to guide you from where to start and provide initialization experience; this chapter first solves the problem of setting the development environment and provides specific practices and tips;

Tip: if you are a beginner, read section 1.1 "webcenter portal developer's FAQ" first"

This chapter includes the following chapters:


• 1.1 webcenter portal developer's FAQ

• 1.2, installing Required Software

• 1.3, preparing for team development

• 1.4. Creating a New webcenter portal application

• 1.5, preparing for iterative development

• 1.6. Creating Application resource connections

• 1.7. Planning the portal Layout

• 1.8, working with skins

• 1.9, preparing for round-trip Development

• 1.10, What configuration files shoshould I know about?

• 1.11. Installing database schemas


1.1 webcenter portal developer's FAQ

Table1-1 is the basic problem encountered in the process of development:

Tip: before designing and developing the webcenter portal application, you are advised to go to Chapter 1: "Understanding webcenter

Portal applications. This chapter describes the "portal framework" Overview and provides tips and more details;


Table 1-1 webcenter portal developer's FAQ

Question Answer

What software should I install before starting development?

The minimum requirement is to install jdeveloper and webcenter extension bundle (A jdeveloper add-in that includes des webcenter functionality ). typical portal portals include databases, content knowledge bases, and search engine installation. please refer to 1.2, "installing required software."

What should I do for team resource control (source code control?

Jdeveloper can integrate various resource control systems. For details, refer to 1.3, "Preparing for team development ."

How can we improve team productivity?

The best way to improve team productivity is to achieve iterative development. With the iterative development function, you only need to refresh the page to see the changes to the portal file. See 1.5, "Preparing for iterative development ."

How to create a new portal application?

Webcenter provides an out-of-the-box template that pre-configures a portal application for you. this basic portal application contains all the features of starting a portal: Default Page, ready-to-use Page Template and navigation; see 1.4 "Creating a New webcenter portal application."

Can I remove the default portal application files and feature attributes that are not intended to be used?

Can be removed. You can add and remove portal application components. For more information, see 6.1 "manually indexing A webcenter application with technology scopes ."

How do I connect to databases and knowledge bases?

Jdeveloper provides the link wizard for you to create these types of links. these links can be seamlessly integrated with specific components used in the portal, such as the content provider task flow. for details, see chapter 26th "indexing content repository connections."

I want to create a customizable navigation UI for the portal. Is it possible?

Yes. You can use the API provided by webcenter to control all aspects of the navigation UI rendering. A popular technology is to use el to customize the rendering of the navigation UI. for example, you can hide a specific link based on a user role or change the appearance based on a specified standard. for more information, see Chapter 13th "Visualizing your portal navigation."

How is the portal security configuration defaulted?

A webcenter portal application is configured by default using the ADF security. The default username and password automatically created are WebLogic/weblogic1. You can use this username and password to immediately perform a test. See Chapter 63rd "securing your webcenter portal application ."

How can I customize the content displayed on the portal?

A common technology is to use content presenter task flow. content presenter allows you to add content to the page and customize the display by template. for more information, see Chapter 25th "Introduction to integrating and publishing content."

How to create a uniform layout page in the portal?

The page template allows you to create a layout and share it on any page of the portal. in addition, based on the page layout, you can also add features like navigation user interfaces to the template. see section 1.7 "planning the portal layout."

There are many ADF components. How do I know who are using them?

Webcenter provides the webcenter portal catalog. The modified catalog contains a common set of components used to build portals. For more information, see Chapter 15th "creating and managing resource catalogs ."

How can I change the default skin?

The skin defines the appearance of the portal. webcenter provides a portal skin that can be easily edited in jdeveloper. For more information, see 1.8 "working with skins ."

Can developers publish modified or newly added attribute features to the production environment?

Webcenter provides a two-way development solution for development. Please refer to 1.9 "Preparing for round-trip development ."

What operations do I need to upgrade the portal from the development environment to the test environment and production environment?

The portal life cycle describes a method from the development environment to the test environment, test environment, and demonstration environment, and finally to the production environment; for more detailed portal lifecycle management, see Chapter 9th "Understanding the portal life cycle."

Where can we obtain basic information during webcenter portal development?

We recommend that you review chapter 8th "Understanding webcenter portal applications." This chapter provides an overview of the portal framework and provides prompts and links for more details.



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